Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is TutorBowl?

A. TutorBowl was started with one purpose in mind: to make it as easy as possible for students to find their perfect tutor. Tutoring is a very personal experience and it's important that students find a good fit in a tutor to get the most out of each lesson. With over 48,733 qualified tutors, TutorBowl makes it easy for students to find that perfect tutor.

Q. How do I find a tutor using TutorBowl?

A. To find a tutor, simply enter the subject for which you need a tutor and your zip code. You will see a list of all tutors who match your criteria. Click on a tutor's name to learn more and to contact a tutor directly.

Q. What kind of credentials do the tutors have?

A. Tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and include certified teachers, industry professionals, graduate and undergraduate students and more. All tutors have been reviewed by staff and passed subject proficiency exams in the subjects that they teach. Many tutors feature verified background checks and you may order an up-to-date background check on any tutor.

Q. What age groups or grades do you tutor?

A. We have tutors for all age groups and grades.

Q. Do you have standardized test preparation tutors?

A. Yes, we have tutors who help preparing for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, PSAT, SSAT, SAS, SOL, MCAT, AFOQT, ASVAB, GED, ISEE, IELTS, CFA, MCSA, CLAST, MTLE, COOP/HSPT, STAAR, TAKS, TEAS, and other types of exams.

Q. Do you have tutors that specialize in helping children with learning disabilities?

A. Yes. We have tutors with experience in ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia to name a few. You can try searching for tutors using these keywords in the subject field.

Q. How much do lessons cost?

A. Tutors are able to set their own hourly rate, typically between $30-$50/hr. You are not required to make a payment until after a lesson takes place and you are never required to commit to a minimum number of lessons. Similar to making a reservation at a hotel, a form of payment is required prior to beginning lessons so that you may be billed after your lesson takes place.

Q. How do I pay for lessons?

A. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal after lessons take place or by check if paid in advance. After a lesson occurs, your tutor will report the time along with a detailed lesson review. Payment will be processed and your receipt sent via email.

Q. Where does the tutoring take place?

A. You and your tutor are free to choose any convenient location for lessons. Many students choose to have lessons in their homes, while others prefer to meet in a public location such as a library or coffee shop. Some tutors also offer online tutoring for additional help in between lessons or in lieu of in-person lessons.