50 Algebra 1 Tutors Found Near Nashville, TN

Photo: William W.

William W.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Brentwood, TN 37027

Will travel 30 miles

$39 per hour.

4.97 403 ratings

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Lifelong educator with proven excellence and tremendous results!

With over two decades of experience in mathematical instruction, I have achieved amazing results with my students. In the classroom, my state and national test scores rank among the highest in the state of Tennessee. For every type of algebra question, I am able to guide students through the most efficient and effective path of problem solving while significantly boosting the student's confidence. I have spent twenty three years educating young people as a middle school and high school mathematics instructor, specializing in calculus but capable of instructing all levels of math. My students' [more]

Photo: Karen S.

Karen S.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37221

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$65 per hour.

4.96 414 ratings

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Math and Economics Tutor with prior college teaching experience

Algebra has always been one of my favorite subjects to do and teach. There are always so many different ways to find the value of an unknown variable and I love that all of them always come to the same conclusion. My students always tell me that I am very good at breaking down a complex problem into small steps, and the process of solving an algebra problem lends itself well to exactly this method. I look forward to helping you or your student with their algebra skills. I am a Vanderbilt University college graduate with a Master's degree in Economics, a Certificate in College Teaching, and ove [more]

Photo: Christopher K.

Christopher K.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37206

Will travel 30 miles

$55 per hour.

5.0 5 ratings

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Patient and Encouraging Math and English Tutor from Vanderbilt

I am a 25-year-old student of life that graduated on the Dean?s List (GPA 3.5+) from Vanderbilt University in 2014 with a degree in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. I made a 33 on the ACT in high school. My first experience with tutoring came six years ago when I opened a branch of ACT prep tutoring. Since that time, I?ve transitioned to work primarily with college students on Organizational Skills / Time Management, English, Writing, Literature, Entrepreneurship, and Math. I ... [more]

Photo: Jason B.

Jason B.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37212

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$25 per hour.

4.89 35 ratings

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College Sophomore - Algebra & Calculus Tutor

Although I first studied Algebra 1 in eighth grade, I have used it in all of my higher math courses throughout high school and into college. Therefore, the subject has been reinforced time and time again and I believe I have a strong grasp on the material. I am an undergraduate freshman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN majoring in Electrical Engineering. I attended high school at Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda, MD, where I tutored underclassmen in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 as a senior member of the National Honor Society chapter on campus. In addition to tutoring at G [more]

Photo: Michelle S.

Michelle S.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37212

Will travel 10 miles

$38 per hour.

5.0 17 ratings

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Fun and Applicable Learning for Your Child

Algebra is highly applicable in daily life, and my job is to show your child how beneficial and useful it truly is. A typical lesson will include: 1. A video that introduces the concept/applies it in a tangible, useful manner 2. Explanation of concept and doing examples 3. Coming up with mnemonics, songs, or rhymes 4. Guided practice 5. Clarification 6. Independent work It is extremely important to me that the student not only understands how to do the problem, but why the method(s) taught work. [more]

Photo: James S.

James S.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37212

Will travel 30 miles

$40 per hour.

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Experienced Elementary/Middle//High School Math/Trumpet Tutor

I have tutored students in middle school and high school for 3+ years in algebra 1. I have a strong grasp in every area of algebra 1. I have been recognized by my community and applauded for my work with students in algebra 1. Hello I'm James! I am currently in college working on an undergraduate degree in accounting with hopes of pursuing a doctorate in forensic accounting. Throughout high school, I realized there is so much enjoyment in inspiring others by teaching and mentoring. I specialize in two areas of study: Math and Trumpet. I do everything I can to make learning the both subjects en [more]

Photo: Alison O.

Alison O.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37203

Will travel 15 miles

$40 per hour.

4.91 22 ratings

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Knowledgeable and Fun Vandy History Tutor Even When it Repeats Itself

I'm a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University. I dual majored in Human Organizational Development and Political Science as well as minored in Music Literature. I've been tutoring since my freshman year of college for practical learning of the HOD degree which is offered from Vanderbilt's school of education. I've tutored elementary and high school students from charter, magnet, and private schools with much success. Spring Break of my sophomore year of college, I traveled to Oklahoma and t... [more]

Photo: Tom W.

Tom W.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37211

Will travel 10 miles

$40 per hour.

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Biology, Chemistry, Math, Pharmacy - STEM Tutoring

I am a graduate student at Lipscomb University working on my Pharm.D. and Master of Health Care Informatics degrees. I was a biochemistry major as an undergrad. I have informally tutored students before, and I am excited to help anyone learn and succeed. I am comfortable and familiar with many STEM topics such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Calculus, Algebraic Physics, Programming, Pharmacology, and Pharmacotherapy. I have a love of... [more]

Photo: Sina D.

Sina D.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Brentwood, TN 37027

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$45 per hour.

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Math & Science Tutor

I tutored algebra for 5 years. This subject is a ton of fun because it's all about your formulas. If you know how to use your formulas, it's all PEMDAS from there. Hey! I'm Sina. I am a recent graduate of Washington University. I love education. It is the building blocks and foundation of anyone who wants to be a somebody. It's your tool and key to becoming the professional that you want to be. Life is short. Why not be the best you can be? It's cool to be smart these day. Smart = money. Furthermore, I have volunteered over the years in which I worked with Homework Hotline, Big Brothers Bi [more]

Photo: Bryan H.

Bryan H.

Algebra 1 Tutor

Nashville, TN 37215

Will travel 10 miles

$50 per hour.

4.94 54 ratings

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The Tutor Guru: ACT, SAT, and GRE

There's a moment that happens at least once (maybe twice or more) times throughout every tutoring session I lead. A breakthrough. A light bulb moment. A student smile. "I get it now..." These moments are precisely why I love tutoring. These tiny epiphanies change students' mindsets about learning, and if you have enough of them, they change your score. And if you boost your ACT or SAT score, that could mean new scholarship offers in your mailbox or a new set of college or university options.... [more]