10 Calculus Tutors Found Near Charlotte, NC

Photo: Alexander S.

Alexander S.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28227

Will travel 25 miles

$50 per hour.

4.96 162 ratings

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Math and Science Tutor for Middle, High, and College Level Courses

Hello! My enthusiasm for teaching and tutoring comes from the simple motto that there is nothing you can't do if you sincerely try. I hold my students to a high standard in class and I expect the same from everyone that I teach. I have had students who had low self-esteem and poor grades completely turn their schooling experience around and outperform some of my high-achievers. I love the feeling when a student says that they understand something for the first time. My goal is to make sure th... [more]

Photo: Steven G.

Steven G.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

Will travel 15 miles

$35 per hour.

4.93 70 ratings

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Communication is Key

Hello! My name is Steve, and I am a (sort of) recent graduate of Penn State University's Master's of Environmental Engineering Program. I attended school on scholarship in exchange for being a teaching / research assistant for various chemistry courses. I can honestly say that being a TA was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I recently moved to the Charlotte area to work as an engineer, but I really miss the rewarding experience of teaching, so I am actively seeking ways to g... [more]

Photo: Tara M.

Tara M.

Calculus Tutor

Matthews, NC 28105

Will travel 30 miles

$40 per hour.

4.72 40 ratings

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Experienced Math Educator

Calculus is the top math that is offered in high school, because of this it is one of the most difficult that required the most recall of information. Pre-Calc is the main course that it used, yet a strong knowledge of algebra is also required. It is important for students to have an understanding of calculus before going to college because all college math (yes, ALL OF THEM!) require basic calculus knowledge. Related coursework: MAT 161 (Calculus w/ Analytical Geometry) MAT 162 (Calculus w/ Analytical Geometry) MAT 261 (Multivariate Calculus) [more]

Photo: Jesse R.

Jesse R.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28223

Will travel 15 miles

$40 per hour.

4.74 35 ratings

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Having trouble with math? I'll sum it up for you!

I enrolled in my first calculus course as a freshman in college; at the end of the course my overall grade was an A. Since then I have been enrolled in calculus 2, 3, and 4. I earned an A average in these courses as well. In addition to the classes I have taken, I have also tutored many calculus students. My junior year in college I was a teacher's assistant for calculus 1 and 2. During my time as a TA I held optional tutoring sessions for all of the students enrolled in those classes three times per week; the student who showed up to these sessions scored above average grades in the course. O [more]

Photo: Rohit A.

Rohit A.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

Will travel 15 miles

$50 per hour.

5.0 16 ratings

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Georgia Tech Engineer, Love to Teach!

Hello! My name is Rohit and I am a Civil Engineering graduate of Georgia Tech (I live in Charlotte). I have experience teaching and a high proficiency in the subjects that I am offering to tutor in. In high school, I tutored elementary and middle school students at Mathnasium and I loved every minute that I worked there. In college, I tutored several people in computer science, which I minored in. I enjoy working with kids of all ages and I'm very friendly, energetic, and easy to talk to. And... [more]

Photo: Jozef D.

Jozef D.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

Will travel 20 miles

$50 per hour.

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Math/Statistics Tutor

I am a retiree from the tire industry, where I worked for 32 years, primarily in engineering/technical functions. I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Akron. I have some experience in tutoring, in-class teaching, and supervision and guidance of Master's degree theses. I specialize in Math and Statistics and would like to offer my services to assist high school and college students who would like to enhance their ... [more]

Photo: Gregory R.

Gregory R.

Calculus Tutor

Indian Trail, NC 28079

Will travel 15 miles

$40 per hour.

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Math/Science Tutor (All Grade Levels) in Morrisville, NC

My educational background is in computer engineering/computer information systems, so I have a strong background in math and science. I'm also fluent in Spanish and very knowledgeable in object-oriented programming (C#, VB), T-SQL and .NET platform. I've had experience in the past as a freelance tutor and have been successful in helping students reach their academic goals. I like to review the subject matter beforehand in order to devise a tutoring strategy to help students understand t... [more]

Photo: Greg N.

Greg N.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28206

Will travel 40 miles

$45 per hour.

5.0 11 ratings

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"That Math Guy!"

Calculus is one of my most popular subject requests for students at the high school and college level. I studied through calculus 3 in college and am very comfortable with the subject material, and it was actually my favorite in school! The applications of calculus are limitless (pun intended) and even in the absence of daily necessity, an understanding of this subject will solidify many other mathematical concepts and ideas. I tutored and graded all through college and found it to be rewarding. I really enjoy the "lightbulb" moment when something finally clicks (even if it's me!) I take t [more]

Photo: Casey H.

Casey H.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28204

Will travel 10 miles

$40 per hour.

4.96 45 ratings

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Casey H. Math, Physics, Chemistry and SAT/ACT/GRE

When I took my first part-time tutoring job in high school, I never expected to fall in love with teaching. From the first student I taught to read and add, my outlook completely changed - tutoring was no longer just a part time job, but a passion of mine. I learned that helping kids achieve goals and reach their fullest potential is extraordinarily rewarding. Ever since, I've sought out numerous tutoring positions. I tutored my peers in high school as a private tutor and was a Physics te... [more]

Photo: Claytonia B.

Claytonia B.

Calculus Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28202

Will travel 10 miles

$48 per hour.

4.95 55 ratings

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Charlotte's Best Math Tutor

When taking Calculus in high school, I maintained an A the entire time, passed the AP exam and didn't have to take Calculus I in college. I can assist you with your understanding of this topic. My name is Claytonia W., and I have years of experience in a wide range of math and science. I have owned my own business for the last 12 years in Charlotte NC. I have been involved in all aspects of the company, including marketing, web design and operations. My expertise is in math and science. I was a pre-med student at the undergraduate level where I received a degree in Biology, and I earned an [more]