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Scott S.

Calculus Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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$45 per hour.

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Energetic instructor (high school, OU, test prep) makes physics fun!

I tutor calculus all the time, and business calc occasionally. Most colleges split this series into four courses over one and a half to two years. Here's my rundown of each course. Calc 1: derivatives. You already know how to get the slope of a line; this course teaches you how to get the instantaneous slope of a curve like a parabola, whose slope is always changing. The most important concept you should know for Calc 1 is the limit. What's the limit as x approaches infinity of (5x + 3)/(6x - 1)? Calc 2: integrals. You already know how to find the area under the graph of the line y = 2x + 3 [more]

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Ross T.

Calculus Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Tutoring in College and High School Math

I have taught both AP and College Calculus in several schools (including OCCC, University of Walerloo). I have over 8 years of tutoring experience in Calculus for both High School and College students. I received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics in 1978, and later a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics in 1981, both from the University of Waterloo in Canada. During my Master's program, I was a teaching assistant for both the Calculus and Algebra divisions of the Department of Applied Mathematics, and became the head teaching assistant for the Calculus division. This involved running [more]

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Terry B.

Calculus Tutor

Yukon, OK 73099

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Terry's Profile Page

Physics makes extensive use of both differential and integral calculus. My experience in this field means that I can offer students practical perspectives in the applications of the subject as well as the mechanics of problem solving. I am a retired university professor with 27 years experience teaching lower and upper division physics and physical science for non-majors. When tutoring, I work with students to solve problems as a team, drawing from them whenever possible the relevant knowledge they need to solve the problem. This enables students to build on what they already know and helps [more]

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Larissa R.

Calculus Tutor

Norman, OK 73071

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OU PhD Candidate for Math, Science, and Programming Tutoring

I earned my BS in Meteorology from OU with minors in Mathematics and Hydrology in 2009, my MS from OU in Meteorology in 2012, and my PhD in Meteorology at OU in 2017. I also have 3 years of experience teaching elementary and advanced Meteorology Laboratory classes at OU. I currently work at the university as a Research scientist. In my time teaching, I truly enjoy the joy that I see in students when they finally solve a problem or reach a goal that they've been working very hard to solve or... [more]

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Sean B.

Calculus Tutor

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

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Math, SAT, and GRE Tutoring for everyone!

Calculus is perhaps my favorite subject to tutor. I first took calculus as a sophomore in high school, when I scored a perfect 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam. The next year I took multivariable calculus, including a semester with USA IMO Math Coach Zuming Feng. I frequently tutor OU students in calculus, including Business Calculus I and Business Calculus II. I have perfect scores on the GRE Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning sections (170's), the SAT Math & Reading Sections (800's), and the SAT Math II Subject Test (800). I also have 5's on the AP BC Calculus Exam and both Physics C exams (M [more]

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Michael T.

Calculus Tutor

Oklahoma City, OK 73110

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$40 per hour.

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Patient, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Math Tutor

As a graduate student I taught and graded for the full sequence of calculus courses. Let me know if you have any further questions I can address. Hello, I'm Michael! I completed my Masters in Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma in the Fall of 2017. For my undergraduate I double majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. My passion for these subjects was inspired by excellent professors that I've sought to emulate. Their clarity of exposition and commitment to their students' success was a major factor in my success and I have worked hard to continue that tradition with my students. I [more]

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Stephen L.

Calculus Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Math Tutor

Hello, my name is Stephen! I am a student at the University of Tulsa studying Mathematics and Economics. I have experience as a tutor and would love to help you out with any subject from elementary math to algebra to calculus (and anything in between). My hours are generally flexible I am more than willing to travel to meet with you. I am very patient and easy-going, and I am willing to adjust my tutoring methods based on what works best for you. As a tutor, I strive to make math both easier ... [more]