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Photo: Derrick E.

Derrick E.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67210

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$35 per hour.

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Math is the language of the universe.

Greetings perspective clients. To adhere to the customs of my culture I will introduce myself in this way. My name is Derrick. My clans are Red Running Into Water, Salt Water, Salt People, and Those Whom Roam Around. These clans are a representation of the lineages from which I hail. I was born and raised in a little town, Many Farms, AZ on the Navajo Reservation. As I progressed through this multitiered system of western education I found that mathematics is the subject I understood the m... [more]

Photo: Johanna R.

Johanna R.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67207

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$24 per hour.

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Part-time Math Tutor Available

Math is and always has been my passion! I'm blessed that understanding math comes so easy to me, so I jump at any opportunity to share my tips and tricks and understanding with others who are struggling with math. There's nothing like helping one progress in something I hold very close to my heart! I was attending Wichita State University majoring in Mathematics but decided to take a break from school to be a stay at home mother and focus on my children until they are in school. I am conside... [more]

Photo: Tanner T.

Tanner T.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67211

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$45 per hour.

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Skilled in maths, sciences, sports, music, and over all well rounded.

Hello, My name is Tanner. I graduated a year ago from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. I thoroughly enjoy the art of teaching. I am and will be a lifelong learner. I seek for things that I don't know so that I can teach myself something new. This characteristic overflows into my teaching others. I have three younger siblings whom I have had the privilege of helping teach through their academic career. I not only love when the student... [more]

Photo: Matt F.

Matt F.

Calculus Tutor

Derby, KS 67037

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$20 per hour.

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Patient and knowledgeable well rounded tutor

As a student, everyone struggles in some areas. Rarely will a teacher find a student that is a natural in every field without effort. If you are reading this right now, you are showing interest in furthering your education in areas you need more help than what you get in a classroom. I am pleased to introduce my experience, approach, and qualifications to help fulfill your quest for learning. When I was a student in high school and later as an adult in college, I struggled in a range of su... [more]

Photo: Arthur E.

Arthur E.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67226

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$40 per hour.

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President of Westminster Swim Club

I love what I do. I swim on my own as well as with the U.S.A. swim team. I have just graduated from Westminster with a major in chemistry, and am now working with the National Geographic educational program, Animal Jam. I am a beekeeper, and my principle role at Animal Jam is to present on camera to produce educational videos about animals, primarily bees and other insects. I have been guided by the International Baccalaureate program, and have traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Pan... [more]

Photo: David M.

David M.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67213

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$20 per hour.

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David - Math & English Focus

Calculus has two side-by-side axioms: "Use it or lose it", and, from East LA Master Teacher Jaime Escalante, Calculus Instructor/Author: [See the movie, "Stand and Deliver" circa 1988] who used to tell his students via a sign at the front of the classroom: "Calculus can not be made easy: it already is!" Also, recognize that Algebra skill sets are as important in Calculus as Arithmetic is to Algebra. The challenge for the student, through much practice of daily assignments, from the start, is to practice, practice, practice, and be sure to get help from your teacher or tutor when you first have [more]

Photo: Michael I.

Michael I.

Calculus Tutor

Wichita, KS 67205

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$40 per hour.

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Accredited Master Tutor

I am presently completing a Master of Arts degree in Economics at Wichita State University and will be graduating in May 2008. For the past seven years I have been tutoring disadvantaged college students in subjects such as Math, Algebra, Business Calculus, Statistics, Economics, to name a few. I have helped many students achieve academic success over the years and want to continue in this vein in the future. ... [more]