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James G.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78748

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$90 per hour.

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Professional Engineer For Advanced Math and Science Tutoring

I'm a professional mechanical engineer with years of experience in physics and chemistry. I specialize in advanced math, science, and engineering subjects at the college-level but also teach English, writing, and music. My experience as a teacher spans over 15 years with a strong track record for success. I believe everyone, and I mean everyone, has the capacity to learn, and I do my best to take the subject material and make it as easy to understand and retain as possible. Unlike most teachers, I have strong industry experience, and therefore actually know how math and science ar... [more]

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Nicholas K.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78723

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Pre-Medicine Polymath: A Multidisciplinary Academic Tutor

Perhaps, the most important piece of advice I received from my university instructor in Principles of Chemistry I was to make the periodic table my friend. In other words, she implored my fellow classmates and me to not only become familiar with the structure and arrangement of the periodic table but to fully understand the reasons why the periodic table is structured and arranged in such a way. Once the reasons are understood, you can then derive and predict the properties (e.g., electronegativity, ionization energy, and atomic radii, etc.) of each element. Whether you need assistance in conf [more]

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Vernon G.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78748

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Mathematics tutor (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)

I have been a math tutor for five years. I also worked as a middle school math teacher in a high needs school for one year. I believe in the UPS - check method of solving problems. That is: U - Understand the problem - what is being asked P - Plan how you are going to solve the problem S - Solve the problem Check - Check your solution, particularly for reasonableness I believe in giving the students the background so that they can understand how and why certain solution methods work. This... [more]

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Joe D.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78726

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$75 per hour.

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The Best Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry Tutor in the Business

Chemistry requires lots of shortcuts and practice to do well. Easily on of the most poorly-taught classes in the country (I was one of the lucky ones), teachers often hide the shortcuts and tricks that help you achieve success and proficiency quickly. They drown you in useless details and confusing jargon, making it difficult to know where and how to start. I reverse the typical teaching method by starting you off simply- showing you the tricks first, building you up so that you can then consistently get the right answer, and then later do the heavy lifting on your own. To do this, I draw from [more]

Photo: Connor P.

Connor P.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78751

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$30 per hour.

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Tutor Focusing on Biology and Math

Hi, I'm Connor. I graduated Magna cum laude with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry from the University of Southern California. I also have a year's worth of graduate coursework in biochemistry from UT Austin. In classes I've taken I always try to focus on the concepts before facts. Especially in biology courses it can feel like the class is one long barrage of facts to memorize, but I hope that I can help students take a step back to frame the facts, and in doing so make it easier to remem... [more]

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Marilyn H.

Chemistry Tutor

Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Math and Science Tutor

I've been a tutor ever since I was in high school, which inspired me to become a high school teacher. I used to volunteer tutor and then became a paid tutor at the University of Texas at Austin. I graduated from University of Texas at Austin in Dec. 2007 with a degree in Chemistry and also completed the UTeach program to become a certified Texas Science Grades 8-12 teacher. I taught Regular and Pre-AP Chemistry, Regular and AP Environmental Science, and Aquatic Science at Hyde Park Baptist... [more]

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Corine R.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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Expert Educator - Math and Science Grades 4-14

I completed college coursework at UT Austin in chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, towards my minor in chemistry. I taught high school level chemistry for over 8 years. Additionally, I taught a dual-credit chemistry course to seniors in high school, which allowed students to earn credit for CH304K and CH305 at UT Austin. I've been teaching for 13+ years in Austin ISD. I taught high school science for 12 years and I am currently teaching middle school math. I love finding ways to bring challenging content to students. I am an expert at breaking down highly technical information and [more]

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Rowan M.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78705

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Knowledgeable UT Student and Math, Science, ELA Tutor

I have taken college-level Chemistry I and II at UT and during high school, I achieved all A's in both Introductory Chemistry and AP Chemistry and passed the AP Chemistry exam. I have a good understanding of the subject, and with about 3 years of education in Chemistry, I have developed lots of tips and tricks to learn chemistry faster and with more ease. Additionally, as a Neuroscience student at UT, I have studied many sciences that relate to chemistry, and as a result, I have a much more holistic and broad understanding of the subject than is offered at the high-school level. [more]

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Sanjana S.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78758

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Enthusiastic and Experienced Tutor for K-12 Age Groups

I am Sanjana, and I am currently a student at UT Austin studying Biomedical Engineering. I believe that as future leaders of the world, children should be provided with strong foundations and equal access to as many resources as possible. I know how frustrating it can be for students when they are struggling in a particular area, and my hope is to help students overcome such frustrations by facilitating the material in an approachable and patient way. I once had a tutor that, through their pa... [more]

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Stephen F.

Chemistry Tutor

Austin, TX 78741

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$35 per hour.

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Experienced College Teaching Assistant

Hi, I'm Stephen! I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology. In college, I had to try many different learning methods in order to perform well and often went to office hours to master content. Due to my experiences as a student who frequented office hours, I've realized what kind of teaching methods were most effective and helpful. I'll go through various teaching styles to convey information in order to find one that fits ... [more]