8 Classics Tutors Found Near Newark, NJ

Photo: John M.

John M.

Classics Tutor

New York, NY 10019

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$240 per hour.

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Harvard mentor for math, stats, writing

I've studied Latin extensively as well as foundational Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. Through coursework in ancient historiography and individual study I am familiar with the literature and history of the classics. My tutoring approach is to emphasize translation skills and literary criticism with as full a research understanding as possible of the full context of texts?in terms of cultural politics, and with reference to other texts. I also tutor essay-writing in the classics. I am a writer, programmer, and experienced mentor who loves teaching. Harvard College AB in Physics and Philosophy, Unit [more]

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Jacob W.

Classics Tutor

New York, NY 10005

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$70 per hour.

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Latin Instructor with a Record of Success

I have a BA in Classics, focusing on Latin Literature and Roman Culture. I worked for five years at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, where I taught Latin to nearly a hundred students and achieved excellent results. I have a fun, dynamic teaching style that stresses fundamentals while using cultural and historical context to keep the material engaging. Mastering Latin can enhance academic success for any student: it enriches critical thinking, helps with standardized testing, and impresses elite colleges. That said, it isn?t easy, and even the most gifted students will sometimes nee [more]

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Bert S.

Classics Tutor

New York, NY 10002

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$100 per hour.

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Latin and/or Greek Tutor based in Manhattan

I have a B.A. in Classical Studies from the College of Charleston with a focus on Greek and Latin Literature. My post-baccalaureate certificate from UNC-Chapel Hill was in Classics, again, with a focus on Greek and Latin Literature. I am currently a second semester PhD student at Fordham University for Greek and Latin Literature. I tutor my professor's students in both Greek and Latin when I am needed. I am a first-year PhD student currently enrolled in the Classical Studies department at Fordham University. Before graduate school I received my B.A. Degree in Classical Studies at the College o [more]

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Irene H.

Classics Tutor

New York, NY 10003

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Ancient Greek and Latin Classicist

I am adjunct professor at NYU Gallatin and am currently teaching a course on ancient Greek politics. I obtained by PhD in Classics in June 2017 from UCLA and taught courses in both Greek and Roman History. I wrote my dissertation on Plato and specialize in the Classical period, 5th-4th centuries BCE. I am currently an adjunct professor and specialize in ancient philosophy and political theory (Plato and Aristotle). I obtained my PhD in Classics from UCLA in June 2017 and, while I wrote my dissertation on Plato's political dialogues, my research interests extend into the Roman world: I am worki [more]

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Thomas A.

Classics Tutor

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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$100 per hour.

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Research Scientist, Illustrator & Tutor

It is often required that archaeologists specialize in both a set of methodological approaches (mine is Zooarchaeology, Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology) and in regional and temporal periods. My dissertation involved developing the first draft of the Zooarchaeological Record for Iceland since the Late Viking period to the late 19th century. In my training not only did I concentrate on Medieval and Post Medieval European Archaeology and History I was also required for my PhD to be conversant with Classical Archaeology and the equivalent Classical-Historical sources. Essentially for m [more]

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Christopher B.

Classics Tutor

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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An Exemplary Tutor Worth the Investment

As an undergraduate, most of my classes were taken through the Department of Classical Studies. I translated Herodotus and Homer from Attic Greek, read Genesis in Biblical Hebrew and studied the history, religion and politics of the Classical world. Much of my attention focused upon daily life--from lawsuits against jilted lovers to official duties of land-owning citizens. Finally, much of my work for my philosophy major related to ancient philosophy: Greek, Roman and emerging Rabbinical. Hello, I'm Chris! Thank you for your interest in my tutoring work. If your child needs support for catchin [more]

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Ari Z.

Classics Tutor

Brooklyn, NY 11218

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NYU Classics Ph.D. with Language and Writing Specializations

I'm a 6th year Ph.D. candidate in Classics at New York University. I have taught Latin, Roman history, and designed a course on Latin and Greek texts in translation and Science Fiction at NYU, in addition to TAing several courses on Classical Mythology and Classical reception. Finally, I've delivered a number of academic papers in the U.S. and abroad, primarily on Latin poetry and the early imperial reception of the Ciceronian corpus. I'm currently completing my Ph.D. in Classics at New York University, writing a dissertation that focuses primarily on Latin rhetoric in the early Roman Empire. [more]

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Eli C.

Classics Tutor

New York, NY 10009

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NYU Grad Student For Math and Science Tutoring

I am currently pursuing a Classics major at New York University where, this past spring semester, I completed Intermediate Latin 2: Virgil. I also scored a gold medal (perfect score) on the National Latin Exam, level 3 and a bronze medal for level 4 in high school, both of which assess knowledge in classical mythology as well as simply Latin acuity. I have read translations of Greek classics and, beginning in the fall semester, plan to begin learning ancient Greek as a language. I graduated this past May with a dual BA in math and physics from NYU where I am currently working on an MS in physi [more]