10 Classics Tutors Found Near Reading, PA

Photo: Joshua M.

Joshua M.

Classics Tutor

Chalfont, PA 18914

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$75 per hour.

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Wharton School graduate seeks Consulting Assignments in many areas.

During my Ph.D. work, I did extensive work in pre-Socratic studies. I wrote on Plato, Aristotle. I also did a great deal of research on Thales, Parmenides and Hesiod. I have taught graduate courses and high school courses at 10 universities with outstanding success in New York and Philadelphia. I am schooled in History, Marketing, Business History, American History, Philosophy and can work in French & German. I have consulted students at home, in school and have delivered more than seven conferences in various topics to both students and business professionals. I was a consultant to two com [more]

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Margaret B.

Classics Tutor

Newark, DE 19711

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Latin and English tutor

I double majored in college in history and classics. I am certified to teach Latin in Delaware and New Jersey. I took Ancient Greek in college in addition to Latin, and I took culture courses as well. I have taught Latin for six years, and I have prepared students for the National Mythology Exam as well as other classics-based exams. Latin can be tough. As a certified teacher with six years' experience teaching Latin, I can make it easier to understand. My students have scored very well on national exams, including the National Latin Exam, the National Mythology Exam, and the Exploratory Latin [more]

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Leathett J.

Classics Tutor

Philadelphia, PA 19144

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Double Masters: Liberal Arts- Ms. J.

I studied Classical Philosophy for 4 years as an undergraduate student. My Associates Degree is Liberal Arts, major in History and Minor in Philosophy. In addition, my Bachelors degree is Liberal Arts, major in History and Minor in Philosophy. Throughout my education and teaching experiences I have worked with and taught individuals from different countries, socio-cultural backgrounds, socio- economic backgrounds, traditions, and religions. During my study abroad in Poland, I tutored and was tutored by a Polish high school student whose family was moving to Canada in English and she was my Pol [more]

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Steve R.

Classics Tutor

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Experienced Archaeologist and Ancient Historian from Belgium

While I developed my research expertise in recent years in the archaeology and ancient history of the ancient Near East, I possess a broad background with more than fifteen years of study of the history and archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean. At the University of Pennsylvania, I have taught classes in Roman History, Mediterranean Archaeology, and Greek Mythology. I also studied Latin for six years and have read many ancient texts both in translation and the original. I am an archaeologist and ancient historian with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. I specialize in the ancient [more]

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Paul W.

Classics Tutor

Drexel Hill, PA 19026

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Professor Paul - History, Government, and Culture.

My lifelong study of history, including my work in earning a BA in Political Science and a Masters in History, has enabled me to develop a solid understanding of the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome, the foundation of Western Civilization. I have read extensively on and taught about the history of archaic and Classical Greece, the Hellenistic Age, and Republican and Imperial Rome. This includes the various aspects of these civilizations: their social and political orders, their religious beliefs and practices, their economies, their art, architecture, theater, literature, and intelle [more]

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Maggie B.

Classics Tutor

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Archaeology and Classics Professor and PhD Candidate

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Classics at Temple University. I am currently an adjunct professor of Classics and a PhD candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. I have experience teaching both in the classroom and on archaeological excavations, both large groups and one-on-one instruction. I enjoy teaching because I am passionate about ancient history and how the lessons from antiquity resonate in today's world. I have extensive experience working on archaeological excavations, in museums, and laboratories. I am adept at connecting the do... [more]

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Djuna C.

Classics Tutor

Philadelphia, PA 19127

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I am an Art History student with a love for learning!

Although art history is my major, I do devote a lot of my study to classics because I work within the ancient time frame in art history. I am studying ancient Greek, as well as some Latin, and am familiar with authors such as Livvy and Seneca. I am am art history student, but I adore anything related to history/literature/humanities. I moving towards a career in museums, probably in collections and in object management. I am participating in an internship at the University of Pennsylvania Penn Museum this summer, and am looking forward to working towards more opportunities like this. Simply [more]

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Irwin S.

Classics Tutor

Lebanon, PA 17042

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Middle or High School Language Arts and Careers

The classics, while categorized under history, is actually more related to literature. I possess a doctorate, thirty-five years of teaching experience, and have taught English is grades 8-12. focusing on having students read and understand classics, whether they be Beowulf, Great Expectations, or even Greek mythology. I am also a certified teacher. Semi-retired former industry executive, college professor and middle/high school teacher is willing to provide tutoring services in areas relating to primarily to Language Arts. I am also willing to assist as far as career counseling for clients who [more]

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Joshua S.

Classics Tutor

Conshohocken, PA 19428

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Tutor For All Things Languages

I attended a classical liberal arts school for my undergraduate degree, at which we were required to work through primary documents from the Enuma Elish (Babylonian creation story) and the Hammurabi Code down through Locke, Hobbes, and Nietzsche and even to modern thinkers such as Alisdair McIntyre. Moreover, I am a PhD student of "Classics" at Bryn Mawr College, where I am required to read, study, and write about all things Greek and Latin from c. 800 b.c. to 400 a.d., which is often considered the kernel of "Classics" from which the Western Tradition of thought has grown. [more]

Photo: Jeremy S.

Jeremy S.

Classics Tutor

Wynnewood, PA 19096

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Graduate Student, Specializing in Writing and Languages

I minored in Classical Culture and Society at Haverford College. While living in Beit She'an, Israel, I volunteered as a tour guide at Beit She'an National Park, site of Scythopolis -- one of the largest and best-preserved Roman-Byzantine cities anywhere in the world. I am currently a graduate student in classical studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Hi! My name is Jeremy and I'm a graduate student in classical languages at Penn. I'm a passionate learner and teacher and I'm excited to teach students of all ages. I enjoy working closely with students, tailoring my lessons to fit a student [more]