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Cameron C.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77005

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Parent Recommended Math, Science, and Test Prep Tutor

I studied differential equations for my undergraduate mathematics degree at the University of St. Thomas. I received a B+ in the course. I have also taken several more advanced courses which require a working knowledge of differential equations. I have been tutoring for over 12 years, working with students to achieve their academic goals. Having been recognized in the past as one of Wyzant's Top 100 tutors, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of students drastically improve their grades, gain admission to the private schools and universities of their choice, and achieve fantastic resul [more]

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William S.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77030

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Mathematics PhD Student for Math Tutoring and Test Prep

I am a PhD student in mathematics at Rice University. I am currently a teaching assistant for a differential equations course and therefore have a thorough knowledge of the course material and related subjects. I am a mathematics PhD student at Rice University with years of experience teaching and tutoring a variety of classes aimed at science and mathematics students at the university and high school level. Having excelled in countless upper division and graduate mathematics classes, I can say, without a doubt, that mathematics is one of the most beautiful subjects a person can explore. I t [more]

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Gerard J.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77007

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A Passion For Success Math and Science Tutor

I have received a BS mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University. I have received a MS mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas. I currently practice mechanical engineering on a daily basis in my industry. I am skilled in ODE and PDE. I am a Stanford University Cum Laude graduate and class President. I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT- Austin and graduated first in my class. Because of thorough knowledge and understanding, I earned straight A?s in Math, Science, Physics, and Engineering courses. I am a seasoned tutor with several years of [more]

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Haitham H.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77042

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10 years of teaching experience in universities

4 years of study at a university to accomplish a Bachelor's degree, 3 years of study at a university to accomplish a Master's degree, and 3 years of study at a university to accomplish the doctorate of philosophy. I taught the DE subject for the sophomore and junior for 5 years. This include the some of the following as an example (but not limited): ? Identify and classify homogeneous and nonhomogeneous equations/systems, autonomous equations/systems, and linear and nonlinear equations/systems. ? Solve first order differential equations using standard methods, such as separation of variables [more]

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Colton C.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77091

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Experienced Chemical Engineering Tutor

I received an A in my differential equations class and thoroughly enjoyed learning the subject. This class, in part, inspired me to continue taking math courses in order to receive a minor in mathematics. I loved applying the Laplace transform technique in my process dynamics and control class. I was a chemistry tutor in high school and a peer tutor in thermodynamics during college albeit only for one semester. I regret not tutoring more people, because it really was a rewarding and fun experience. If it wasn't for chemical engineering taking up a lot of my free time, then I certainly would ha [more]

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Ethan P.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77025

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Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Tutor

I passed MATH 3363: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with an A grade in the Spring of 2010. I have also received grades of A- or better in Solid Mechanics, Intro to Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics I and II which require an understanding of differential equations. In graduate courses, differential equations were emphasized in Methods of Applied Mathematics I and II, Viscous Flow Theory, and Multiphase Flows. My research into the liquid phase of composite processing requires an understanding of differential equations. [more]

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Nima H.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77077

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Math Teacher, Tutor, Instructor, Lecturer (10 years of experience)

I taught Differential Equations to 2 classes at University of Texas at El paso and I know the best way to tutor it so that students can pass their exams easily. I'm Nima. I am a Math Lecturer and Tutor. I started teaching Math to high school and college students back in 2008. In 2010 two of my students won International Mathematics Olympiad gold medal. I have a great experience in teaching math to college students. After each semester I get awesome reviews and feedbacks from my students. I have taught courses like Differential Equations and Calculus 3 at University of Texas at El Paso. And I [more]

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Reginald P.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77040

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Reginald P. Math Teacher

I took advanced calculus with differential equations at Bronx Community College in 1973, Grade B. BS and MS in math, working on a PhD. Used differential equations in most of my math and engineering courses. Certified math and physics teacher. My professional interests are in math and science education, geophysics, applied mathematics, computer programming, and data processing. I currently have a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and I feel that my background will be an advantage to your student. I have taught high school science, algebra, physics, geometry, applied math, honors geometry [more]

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Chijioke A.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77007

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Chemical Engineer. Aspiring Fitness Guru. Huge Math Lover

In college I scored A's on Calculus I, II and III. I am well rounded in differential equations, homogeneous first and second order equations. I understand how to use these equations and apply them to real-world problems such as growth of a population, decay of radioactive material and also free falling of an object. I am a chemical engineering graduate of Drexel University, Class of 2013. Since graduation, I spent about a year enrolled in a voluntary service program that involved teaching kids at middle school. Even though I am currently working full time as an analyst in Pasadena TX, I t [more]

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Noor Z.

Differential Equations Tutor

Houston, TX 77084

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Experienced High School Tutor Specializing in Calculus

I have a degree in engineering which involved solving differential equations. I have also taught differential equations to high school students. I have a Bachelor's in Aeronautical Engineering from the United Kingdom. I am familiar with the American education system since I went to school from K-9. I have also taken the GRE. During my childhood I hated math. Then in high school I met a math teacher who completely changed my perspective on math. She was engaging and always went the extra mile to make sure I understood the content. I try to incorporate her way of teaching into my own. I know not [more]