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Korin A.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32246

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Application Leads To Actualization

After taking the class twice, I feel I have enough experience in the subject to tutor it. I have grown to love differential equations. I retook the course in Fall '16 and maintained an A/A- throughout the whole semester. I have my notes and am still studying to hopefully get a perfect score on my final. I have worked with students in my class on group quizzes and groupwork, and we always received an A. I would love to tutor this subject, and I feel it would also help me prepare to take my final as well. [more]

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Robert B.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32205

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Experienced (10+ years), Patient, Effective.

Differential equations are used to describe every phenomena observed in the universe, and more! Solving DE's represents a natural step one would take after having learned the first elements of calculus. As a tutor and pure math major at the Math Lab at UCF, I was the "go-to guy" when it came to DE's and the more advanced PDE courses. If you're looking for a DE tutor with several years experience, I'm the guy for the job, and I won't let you down. I've been a private tutor for over 10 years. As an undergraduate at University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!), I worked part-time as a tutor i [more]

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Nicholas P.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32257

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Patient and Knowledgeable Math Tutor specializing in ACT and SAT tests

I have a University degree with a BS in Mathematics and postgraduate MATH courses towards an MS, including Differential Equations. I am qualified to teach the subject. I am a holder of BS, MCP, MSE, IEEE and University degrees with double major in MATH and Electron Physics from Roosevelt University of Chicago and have completed 26 credit-hour postgraduate work in Mathematics, Electron Physics and Electronics at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. I have received an official Status of Eligibility to teach Mathematics (grades 5-9) and (grades 6-12) from the Florida Department of Educa [more]

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Ryan C.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Electrical Engineering Graduate

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (presently working on my MSEE degree). We dealt with Linear Time Invariant systems, which consists of using Laplace Transforms to solve that class of ODEs. We also used computational methods to solve DEs. We also took ODE. It all started for me at a local library because I had no idea how to spend my time. It started with popular science. It continued onto trying to figure out this math stuff. And then a few years later, I'm graduating from the University of North Florida with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. I graduated Cum Laude with t [more]

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Miraz I.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Learning Math with real-life events makes it much easier.

I have taught Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) at University level for 3 years in Bangladesh. Even after coming in the USA, I got grade A (96% marks ) in PDE (Partial Differential Equations). I always got highest marks at UNF among all students in my last semester. Hi there, This is Miraz having two Masters in Math. The first one in Pure Mathematics from Bangladesh and the 2nd one in Applied Mathematics from University of North Florida, USA. I am tutoring from my Undergraduate level, the year 2003. After finishing my first Master's degree, I have taught 3 years at a University. As I was [more]

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Mark O.

Differential Equations Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Intuitive and Patient Math Tutor.

As stated in my profile, I am a junior engineering student at University of North Florida. I have taken all Math courses including differential equations. Differential equations was one of my best Math course other than calculus 1,2 and 3. I did extremely well and enjoyed the course. Starting from first order differential equations to second order, Laplace transform, Eigen vectors, and so on. I am confident that I am fully equipped to teach this course, as I even taught my colleagues while I took this course about 2 semester's ago. [more]