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Terry B.

Differential Equations Tutor

Yukon, OK 73099

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I have a Ph.D in physics and have taken courses in both ordinary and partial differential equations. Both subjects are used extensively in theoretical physics. Many of the classic methods of solving differential equations are illustrated by specific physical problems such as damped harmonic motion and AC electrical circuits. I am a retired university professor with 27 years experience teaching lower and upper division physics and physical science for non-majors. When tutoring, I work with students to solve problems as a team, drawing from them whenever possible the relevant knowledge they n [more]

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Stacey T.

Differential Equations Tutor

Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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Tutoring Math, Science, Writing and more

I don't tutor this level of math very often, but because I have a degree in engineering I took this course. I ended the course with a solid B despite having a major family crisis in the middle of that semester. Since I have taken that course, I have also been reviewing the material to make sure it is not neglected and that I stay up to speed on it. I attended Oklahoma Christian University to study Mechanical Engineering in 2007. In 2009, I began tutoring in an on-campus tutoring office and fell in love with tutoring. I graduated in December of 2011, but decided to continue pursuing private tut [more]

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Logan D.

Differential Equations Tutor

Oklahoma City, OK 73142

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Supportive and Knowledgeable Math, Physics, and Engineering Tutor

I took and passed Differential Equations when I was an Engineering major in college. I have the most experience teaching differential equations as it relates to the physical sciences, such as engineering physics and classical mechanics. Differential Equations is the study of how a function relates to its derivatives; and the solution to a differential equation is a set of functions, rather than the value of one or more variables. It comes in two major forms: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs), which deal with single variable functions and their derivatives, and Partial Differential Equati [more]

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Maddie C.

Differential Equations Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Experienced High School and College Math and Science Tutor

My bachelors degree from MIT is in math, where differential equations is considered a freshman level course. Ordinary and partial differential equations are mathematical skills I use everyday in my current course of study. Hi! I'm Maddie. I'm currently a grad student in meteorology at OU. I graduated from MIT with a BS in Math and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences in 2012. After that, I joined the Navy and spent four years teaching physics to sailors training to operate nuclear power plants at the Naval Nuclear Power School in South Carolina. I'm originally from Oklahoma and am so hap [more]

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Fatma B.

Differential Equations Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Experienced Math Teacher

I am teaching a course at OU math department this semester on differential equations. Starting from elementary school, I have always been successful at mathematics and won so many math competitions in my home country. My mathematic professor directed me to get higher education at mathematics and I gained a nationwide scholarship to get my PHD education at U.S. For that reason, I choose my carrier at Mathematics. Currently, I am earning a PhD at the University of Oklahoma. I have been teaching different level of mathematics more than 8 years. I really like to work togethe... [more]

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Amanda K.

Differential Equations Tutor

Norman, OK 73019

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STEM Enthusiast Providing Math and Science Tutoring

As a meteorologist and applied mathematician, much of my schoolwork and research uses differential equations. I began tutoring students in ordinary and partial differential equations in June 2010. Since then, I have successfully helped over 10 students achieve higher grades in these subjects and apply the concepts in their fields. When tutoring students in differential equations, I have found that teaching them to recognize patterns greatly helps their comprehension. Differential equations is not a field of math where solutions can be "felt out" as in algebra, calculus, and other subjects. [more]

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Mohammad V. M.

Differential Equations Tutor

Oklahoma City, OK 73159

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University professor with 28 years of Teaching and Research experience

I am a University professor with more than 30 years of Teaching and Research background in the Areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and applied sciences. I have thought s many students in more than 15 subjects in Electrical/Computer Engineering such as 1-Electric Circuit Analysis 1,2 2-Electronics 1,2 3-Logic Circuit Design 4-Computer Architecture 5-Computer Networks 6-Microprocessors 7-Control systems 8-Digital Signal Processing 9-C++ 10-C# 11-Visual Basic 12-Fortran 13-Communication Network 14-Data Compression 15-Encryption and Watermarking 16-Differential Equations 17- [more]