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Charles S.

Differential Equations Tutor

Blacksburg, VA 24061

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Patient Tutor, VT Instructor, Physics, Math, and Engineering Expert

My work in Mechanical Engineering requires extensive use of differential equations. I have a lot of experience in the formulation and solution of differential equations in my dissertation work using closed form and numerical techniques. I have extensive experience tutoring this subject. Math, Physics and Engineering are my main areas and I have a solid record of success helping students as a tutor. Most have improved by two grade points. Recently, I earned a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and won an award from ASME for my dissertation work. I am patient, easy going [more]

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Jacqueline C.

Differential Equations Tutor

Charlottesville, VA 22903

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PhD in Physics tutoring Physics, Math, and Chemistry

I have earned a math minor which required a class in differential equations and also took partial differential equations through the physics department. I feel comfortable with differential equations and received good grades in these classes. Hi everyone! I have over 9 years of tutoring experience in physics, math and chemistry, in addition to TA and lecture teaching experience. I am certified through the Princeton Review. I have received many positive reviews from people whom I have tutored and I hope to be able to help more students achieve their scholastic goals. My university academic bac [more]

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Steve H.

Differential Equations Tutor

Forest, VA 24551

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Mathematician & Educator for 31+ years

I have a Masters in mathematics and have taught Ordinary Differential Equations courses when I was a college faculty member. From an early age I have had a love of mathematics and problem solving. I always knew I would pursue a career in mathematics. After obtaining a B.S. in mathematics with a minor in computer science from Lynchburg College, I completed a M.A. in mathematics from Wake Forest University with additional work in computer science. Fate pushed me into education, where I fell in love with teaching. The first five years of my career was spent teaching college. From there I was [more]

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Anup P.

Differential Equations Tutor

Blacksburg, VA 24060

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Aerospace research scientist with experience in advanced math

I'm a research scientist. I have significant experience in advanced engineering mathematics including calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, computational methods etc. My research areas of expertise are in solid mechanics, dynamics, aircraft structures and strength of materials. I have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on advanced mathematics and mechanics. My research expertise is in analytical and computational mechanics. I have taught, as a tutor and as an instructo... [more]

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Alejandro S.

Differential Equations Tutor

Blacksburg, VA 24060

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Virginia Tech Math Emporium Tutor

I?m double majoring in Physics and Aerospace Engineering. I?ve worked at the Virginia Tech math Emporium for 2.5 years, teaching a variety of math subjects focused on business, architecture, biology, and general math. I?m regularly ranked very high among students and the Math Emporium for my understanding of their different levels of skills. I?m able to put myself in the shoes of the student and explain the material in a way that makes intuitive sense. I have almost five years of experi... [more]

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Brad M.

Differential Equations Tutor

Blacksburg, VA 24060

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Summer Online Finance Specialist: WACC NPV DCF TVM YTM

Recent local tutoring for VT Math 2214 has included ways to separate terms, use partial fractions, change variables, apply Bernoulli substitutions, and employ the integration factor e^kt. Strategies are designed to re-frame problems into more familiar, workable forms. The ODE systems where I'd be most helpful are the 1st- and 2nd-order linear systems that occur in nature. Examples include natural decay, temperature change, free-fall against air drag, capacitor (dis)charge, or a spring-mass oscillation "playing catch" between its two energy forms. Higher-order systems can often simplify in [more]