11 Dyslexia Tutors Found Near Duluth, MN

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Heidi L.

Dyslexia Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55102

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Creative Tutor for All Students and Learning Styles

As a resource teacher, I worked with many students, aged pre-school - adult, with diagnoses of both primary and secondary dyslexia. Having personally overcome discalculia, I have first-hand understanding of the emotional, mental and even physical challenges that dyselexia can present to bright, intelligent human beings. Students with dyslexia often hear, "You aren't trying hard enough.", or "If you paid attention, you would know these things." The fact of dyslexia is that a person may be trying with everything he or she has to offer. He or she may be paying perfect attention. Somewh [more]

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Jinjer M.

Dyslexia Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Math and Science Tutor for Active or Artistic Students

I have worked with dyslexic students as a teacher at a high school geared towards students with dyslexia. Dyslexic students can be taught to decode most words through thorough and explicit teaching of the 40 phonemes and all the possible ways to spell them. It is also important to practice the subtle art of separating words into syllables. These techniques can be taught in a variety of ways, from games and sensory activities for small children, to no-nonsense charts and simple tricks for adults, such as using a card with a window cut out of it to isolate a word so that the jumble of words on t [more]

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Diane L.

Dyslexia Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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Dyslexia Therapist

I have been a dyslexia therapist for the past 3 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I went through training for two years and took a national exam to became certified as a Academic Language Therapist or CALT. I am also certified as a dyslexia therapist through the International Dyslexia Association. I am a 25+ year veteran special education and classroom teacher. 10 years ago I moved to Dallas and was hired and trained as a dyslexia teacher. My training was an intense two year program through the June Shelton School with over 700 hours of classroom implementation of an Orton-Gillingham ba [more]

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Victoria S.

Dyslexia Tutor

Kasota, MN 56050

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Dyslexia/Reading/Writing Tutor

I have been trained in Orton-Gillingham (Level 1/K-3) multi-sensory instruction. I have 1 year of hands-on experience and find the program directly aligns to the Guided Reading program. In addition to OG, I have training in Lindamood-Bell, Project Read, Reading First (Colorado), and Saxon Phonics. I am a licensed teacher with 27 years experience in the field of education, and I have a Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction. I have experience teaching all grade levels K-6, plus working with special needs students. I have taught in a one-room schoolhouse on the Nebraska plains, a sma [more]

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Emily M.

Dyslexia Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Professional and Knowledgeable CRLA Certified Writing Tutor

Through my first year of tutoring, I worked a recurring student who reported that she had dyslexia, which I had been trained thoroughly on in my CRLA training before I began tutoring professionally. Through my experiences with this student, I understand that students with dyslexia perform poorly when forced to rely on textual communication, exclusively. Therefore, I learned that this student excelled when she heard her own writing read aloud by another person, and that aside from her inability to learn well via text she was a very good student. I adapted to what the student reported worked bes [more]

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Frances M.

Dyslexia Tutor

Osseo, WI 54758

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Knows All Things Are Possible Tutor

Dyslexia is a language processing disorder that causes difficulty in reading, writing and spelling. It occurs when areas of the brain do not interpret language correctly, but doesn?t interfere with the ability to think or understand complex ideas. Dyslexia might appear by itself or in combination with other learning disabilities and often is hereditary. Research shows that children with Dyslexia usually excel at problem solving, reasoning, seeing the ?big picture?, and creative thinking. Dyslexia is the difficulty with rhyming and separating sounds that make up spoken words which are criti [more]



Dyslexia Tutor

Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

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FreeOnlineClass ExperienceProvenSuccess ReadingFluencyPhonicsSpelling

I am a reading specialist, with a master?s degree in education; many of my students are Dyslexic. I have a unique way of tutoring which is referred to as Brain-Based-Teaching. I use units of sound and smaller intrasyllabic units. I have also used rhyme analogies and blended sounds. I use music along with lights and interactive sound according to their constitution or tolerance to sound, as I engage the student. I work to draw them in through the ocular lobe which is the weak link; music is the tool which will by-pass the compromised area and allow the curriculum to present itself. [more]

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Bruce P.

Dyslexia Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55112

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Patient ADD/ADHD, Elementary Ed. Tutor

I received my Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Degree through the graduate school at Bethel University. Through these courses, there were sessions teaching students with both reading dyslexia and math phobias. My training, education, and teaching experiences have sufficiently given me the qualifications to tutor this subject. Potential clients, As an educator and parent of 3 children--two of special needs, and one of the two with ADD--I understand the frustration and isolation that my child and family have felt through the school system and my child?s own insecurities. As your tutor, I [more]

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Darlis B.

Dyslexia Tutor

Burnsville, MN 55337

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Patient and knowlegeable Licensed K-6 and Spec. ed teacher

I have a minor in elementary special education and can teach K-6. I have worked with special education students diagnosed with Dyslexia in the regular education classroom. I have over 10 years of experience. I have also taken classes on teaching students with dyslexia reading skills. I have over 10 years combined experience as an elementary teacher in grades K-6. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. I have 2 years experience working with EBD students. I have over 10 years of classroom experience, and the desire to provide all students with [more]

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Lori F.

Dyslexia Tutor

Superior, WI 54880

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Superior Educator

I have a 316/317 Reading Specialist license from Wisconsin. My Master's is in Reading and my Bachelors degree is Elementary Education. I have worked with many dyslexic students over my 30 years of teaching. I am currently a Reading Teacher at my local high school. I use Slash and Dash to work on phonics and AIMS web to work on fluency strategies. I have been a teacher for 30 years, and enjoy helping others. I have mostly taught at the elementary level, but for the last couple years, I have been a Reading Teacher at a local high school. I find a way to meet students where they are at aca [more]