19 Dyslexia Tutors Found Near Knoxville, TN

Photo: Debra R.

Debra R.

Dyslexia Tutor

Asheville, NC 28803

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Multisensory Instruction in Reading and Math

I completed my Orton-Gillingham Basic Level training in July, 2010 and my Advanced Level training the following year. These courses focused on the multisensory techniques developed to teach students with dyslexia and provided essential information about the English language that is often missing from teacher education programs. I taught reading in a public elementary school as a Title 1 reading instructor for 3 years and although I now teach technology in the same public school, I still work with struggling students before and after school. For the past 5 years my emphasis as a private tuto [more]

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Patricia B.

Dyslexia Tutor

Gainesville, GA 30504

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Learning Specialist for Primary Students

When teaching dyslexic students, it is important to use multi-sensory approaches to teach phonics such as Orton Gollingham, S.P.I.R.E., and Wilson so that students have all available learning channels stimulated. It is equally important to review and practice rules for decoding so that they are learned and not forgotten. Dyslexic students need to use fluency programs such as Great Leaps. It is also important to use direct instruction to teach vocabulary in context. Comprehension strategies need to be reinforced through using visual cues such as Story Grammar Marker. Phonological Skills also ne [more]

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Tabitha D.

Dyslexia Tutor

Waterloo, SC 29384

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Passionate Literacy and Reading Tutor

I have been tutoring student with dyslexia for the past 3 years. I have taught students in my class who had dyslexia. I use the Barton Reading and Spelling System with my students. My passion is working with students who are struggling readers. In my career, as an educator, I taught various grades in K-12 for 16 years. I worked in higher education for 3 1/2 years as an Academic Advisor. I have worked with several students who are dyslexic and I have a child that has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. I love the one-on-one tutoring because it allows me to become more familiar with my studen [more]

Photo: Ann S.

Ann S.

Dyslexia Tutor

Blairsville, GA 30512

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An A+ Effective, Experienced, Caring Educator and TEAS Specialist!

Dyslexia typically indicates a learning disability, more specially a reading disability, with processing deficits and diminished ability to read/interpret the written word. Dyslexia, a reading disability, can range from mild to severe and vary significantly from individual to individual. Often a processing deficit occurs as a component of this type disability. It can be characterized by an inability to read and or process the written word. Students can have problems with reversals of letters or even entire words. Intense remediation and review is essential to build important reading skills [more]

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Charity S.

Dyslexia Tutor

Greenville, SC 29615

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Charity S. Educational Therapist/ Reading Interventionist

I am a Certified Dyslexia Therapist, certified through the International Dyslexia Association, and a Professionally Certified NILD Educational Therapist. My educational background includes Orton-Gillingham training, which is a nationally recognized evidence and research-based teaching method for students with dyslexia. I formerly served on the board of directors for the SC branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and I've been teaching students with dyslexia for over thirty years. Charity has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education, with graduate work in Educa [more]

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Deborah M.

Dyslexia Tutor

Blaine, TN 37709

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Experienced Reading and Writing Instructor Ready to Help You Succeed!

I have a master?s degree in special education and 13 years of teaching experience. I am trained in the Wilson Reading System and have taught students with dyslexia using this method in the clssstoon for the past two years. The Wilson Reading System is a research-based and highly effective method of helping students with dyslexia in the areas of reading fluency & comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary acquisition. Hi! I have a bachelor's degree in English Education and a masters degree in Special Education. I am certified in English Language Arts 7-12 and Special Education K-12 in two states. [more]

Photo: Anna P.

Anna P.

Dyslexia Tutor

Ringgold, GA 30736

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Orton-Gillingham Certified Educator

I have taught students how to read for the past 12+ years, both in the classroom and in private tutoring settings. I have been certified in the Orton-Gillingham Approach, which has been studied extensively and is proven to be an effective remediation approach for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalulia. Hi! For the past 12 years, I have been a teacher at a small elementary school in north Georgia. I have taught grades K-3 all subjects, and now I currently teach gifted students in grades 1-5. I am passionate about teaching reading and writing, and I recently completed my Orton-Gil [more]

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Paul L.

Dyslexia Tutor

Fairview, NC 28730

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Tutor for Reading, Writing, Penmanship, and Study Skills

I am currently tutoring 2 children with LD and ADD four days a week. I have had special training in teaching reading to LD students. I have taught special ed courses on the college and grad school levels. I am a retired teacher who taught for 43 years. I am certified in elementary education with special area certification as a reading specialist. I love helping struggling students who really want to improve their reading skills. I would rather be teaching than eating my favorite food which is pinto beans and my wife's delicious cornbread. We have two daughters who are both teachers [more]

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Lee D.

Dyslexia Tutor

Flowery Branch, GA 30542

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Tutoring for students and specialness

I'm a certified special educator in both general and adaptive with 20 years experience. I have experience working with accommodations useful to dyslexic students. I understand the range of needs and can help find accommodations for dyslexia in reading and dyscalcula. I am experienced with multi-modal education. I have over 20 years classroom experience, and that includes both traditional classroom and virtual programs. My teaching certification is current and I recently had a background check done. I can serve elementary students and special needs students. I can also teach writing [more]

Photo: Amanda C.

Amanda C.

Dyslexia Tutor

Erwin, TN 37650

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Resource teacher for reading and math

I have worked with students with specific learning disabilities in reading, which include dyslexia, for the past 9 years. I have also attended several workshops about dyslexia and strategies to teach students with dyslexia reading skills through my school system as well as Middle Tennessee State University which has a large dyslexia instruction program. I have studied strategies for teaching students with dyslexia at length and daily use those programs and strategies with my students. I have an MEd and Communication degree from ETSU. I teach resource reading and math. I am very experienced wit [more]