15 Ear Training Tutors Found Near Richmond, VA

Photo: Rachel K.

Rachel K.

Ear Training Tutor

Carrboro, NC 27510

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$60 per hour.

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Friendly and patient tutor for students of all ages

For my undergraduate degree, I majored in music. Part of the theory component of my degree was ear training. In addition, I have over ten years of experience singing in both classical choirs and pop a cappella groups, and my musical ear has developed during that time. When working with students on ear training, I like to use memorable songs to help them recognize intervals (for example, "Happy Birthday," "Jingle Bells," movie and TV themes), and also use harmony singing and keyboard playing to help illustrate the qualities of different chords. [more]

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Russ A.

Ear Training Tutor

Oxford, NC 27565

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$40 per hour.

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Tutor who specializes in band teaching, music theory and music history

I have a bachelors and masters degree in music education. During these degree programs, 6 classes were taken and completed successfully. I still teach these skills to others and also use this knowledge daily in my practice and performance. Besides being a band director, I also enjoy teaching music theory and music history. I began tutoring during high school helping others with any problems they faced in percussion and theory. During my undergraduate years, I was called upon to answer questions as they arose in theory class. In addition I help lead study groups for upcoming tests and project [more]

Photo: Marcel P.

Marcel P.

Ear Training Tutor

Cary, NC 27511

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$35 per hour.

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Music History, Music Theory, Aural Skills/Sight Singing

I taught ear training for three semesters at Duke University. Are you looking for someone with experience and a passion for teaching to help you increase your musical knowledge? Here I am! With a PhD in musicology from Duke University and experience teaching music history, theory and ear training classes both there and at BYU, I am well suited for the job. Whether you have some proficiency or are just beginning, I can help you learn what you need to know. For music history I tutor general surveys of music but more specialized topics can be addressed ... [more]

Photo: Robyn S.

Robyn S.

Ear Training Tutor

Catonsville, MD 21228

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$65 per hour.

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Music Specialist Offers Voice, Piano, Theory, History & More

Ear-Training is the study of listening for accuracy in the elements of music so that any music once played can be written down, or conversely, read from a sheet of music without previous hearing. In earning three musical degrees, my studies included regular classes in ear-training. While working on my MM degree at the Peabody Conservatory, I was an assistant tutor in this class for students experiencing difficulties. Holding a Bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, a Masters from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins and a Doctorate of Musical [more]

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Ear Training Tutor

Washington, VA 22747

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$45 per hour.

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Univ. Alaska Grad for Biological Science,Math,Study Skills Specialist

As a music student at James Madison University I had to take sight singing and ear training. At exams I was given a piece of music and only a starting pitch. I had to sing the entire classical piece from just having that one tone. My mentor John Cephas taught me ONLY by ear. I have perfect pitch. I understand intervals and can sing a 3rd, 4th 5th etc I can be given a piece of music and a starting pitch and sing the piece from the pitch to it's completion. My Bachelor degree. is from James Madison University with a minor in music composition. I have a post - baccalaureate degree in teacher [more]

Photo: Ian R.

Ian R.

Ear Training Tutor

Richmond, VA 23221

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$50 per hour.

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Musician trained and practiced in variety of genres

In the summers in undergrad, I practiced solfege by sight-reading and learning instrumental parts in full orchestral and oratorio scores. Through much diligence, I've become confident in my skills in my ability to internally hear instruments and intervals within a classical music context, both through conventional keys and atonal practice through the book, Modus Novis. It is an integral part in a musician's arsenal, and I can teach them to hear each note before singing or playing on an instrument. [more]

Photo: Michele B.

Michele B.

Ear Training Tutor

Midlothian, VA 23112

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$60 per hour.

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Let's Achieve Your Learning Goals!

While a candidate for the bachelor of music degree, I was able to pass the equivalent of the final exam in ear training the first week of the first semester with a 100% accuracy rate. Also, while working on my master of music degree, I taught ear training as a graduate assistant, assessing students' progress in their ability to hear isolated intervals and the intervallic structure of compositions. Note: this subject is often taught in the same class with sight-singing and dictation. Continuous learning is a way of life for me, whether it is sharpening abilities in an already-acquired skill, or [more]

Photo: James G.

James G.

Ear Training Tutor

Murfreesboro, NC 27855

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$50 per hour.

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30 Years University Teaching Experience

I have been teaching eartraining at the university level since 1985. Additionally, I studied eartraining for studio mix engineering at the Berklee College of Music in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Professional Certificate in Studio Production. 2016 marks my 30th anniversary as a teacher of theory and composition at the university level. At Louisiana State University I earned the B. MUS. (1982), M. MUS. (1984) and the D.M.A. in 1989. There I studied composition with Dr. Dinos Constantinides, and completed 57 hours of graduate study in music theory. More recently, I graduated [more]

Photo: Sharon B.

Sharon B.

Ear Training Tutor

Richmond, VA 23228

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$60 per hour.

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Experienced Keyboard Performer and Accompanist

I have a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony and Ear Training from the Berklee College of Music. I took a specific class related to ear training which involved extensive learning of solfege to aid in that process. I worked extensively using ear training with my voice as well as the keyboard. Hi - my name is Sharon, and I am very interested in being your music tutor. I have been playing piano for more than 40 years, beginning lessons as a young child, and continuing in private classical training at Virginia Commonwealth University. For most of my career, I have worked full time in healthc [more]

Photo: Bradyn C.

Bradyn C.

Ear Training Tutor

Boydton, VA 23917

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$40 per hour.

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Violin, Piano, and Music Theory/History Teacher

I'm qualified for teaching ear training for many reasons. The first is the fact that I've been studying music for most of my life and therefore have developed an ear for identifying various musical intervals and elements. Also, I am a violinist, and therefore have studied the realm of pitch on a very deep level. I have studied the various temperaments (Equal, Pythagorean, Just, etc.) and there uses. In addition to the study of intervalic relationships I have also studied how to internalize and memorize them, and developed sensitivity to their sound. I studied these various things with private [more]