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Nicholas K.


Austin, TX 78723

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Pre-Medicine Polymath: A Tutor For All

The ultimate purpose of an education is to cultivate your intellectual capabilities so that you may create the opportunities for your own self-fulfillment. Thus, an educational experience is one in which you are provided a challenging environment to explore, inquire, and achieve in your own way. My objective then as your tutor is to construct such an environment wherein these abilities may be maximally developed so that you are empowered to accomplish your specific goals. In doing so, I will... [more]

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Kaden T.


Austin, TX 78745

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Well-traveled Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Tutor

I obtained TEFL certification in 2015 and spent two years teaching English as a second language in Taiwan to students, aged 3-15. I was employed by Hess International Education Group. Hi there, I love teaching! My subject specialties are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, English, and ESL. There's nothing like the rush of putting foreign language skills to the test in real-time conversation. I used Spanish every day during my semester abroad in Argentina, which is where I learned the importance of active practice when learning a foreign language. After Argentina, I went to China to improve my M [more]

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Catherine N.


Austin, TX 78731

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Experienced tutor in languages, government, social sciences, writing

Want to improve your grades? Interested in learning a new language? I've been told I have a talent for teaching along with patience, tenacity and a sense of humor. I use the analytical and communication skills I honed in law school to break down information and explain it in simple, easy to understand language. I follow the traditional teaching method using explanations, examples and demonstrations but I also believe in the Socratic method. That is I like to guide the student through his own ... [more]

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Norma B.


Austin, TX 78745

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Spanish & ESL certified Teacher / Piano & Pilates Instruction

I am certified ESL Teacher/Instructor. As part of my certification I moved to Guatemala to teach English as second language in a large and very prestigious English School named IGA. I worked with students of all ages from 5 to 18 and also with adults. I really enjoy working with students of different nationalities and backgrounds and I try to make the class fun for my students regardless of their English level. I learn so much from my students and their culture, but I also try to teach them the cultural part that comes with English as a language. If you are looking to improve your English [more]

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Elizabeth E.


Austin, TX 78757

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English language teacher -- Adult ESL/ESOL

Hello, I would like to help you with your English language goals. I love relating to people of varied cultures all over the world. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Emory University. Currently, I am a graduate student at Texas State getting a Master's degree in teaching adults ESL/ESOL. I have also had the English forward training of the Literacy Coalition of Austin. I have one year of experience teaching in Austin at community centers. I have taught adults at a very begi... [more]

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Victor P.


Austin, TX 78730

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A surgeon who is fun, patient, experienced and loves teaching!

Learning English as a second language is a unique endeavor for both children and adults which makes it unlike any other subject. This is because there are subtle, but very important cultural and every-day factors that must be considered when learning English *after* having arrived to the United States. I lived this extraordinary experience when I was 11 years old and we moved from Mexico to the U.S. I didn't know more than 3 or 4 sentences and didn't understand most of the English I heard or read. With the help of a dedicated ESL teacher and much hard work I was able to fully integrate mys [more]

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Ken S.


Austin, TX 78746

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Enthusiastic Tutor to Help with Writing , Grammar and Special Subjects

I am here to help you learn what you want to learn. I will do it professionally but I will also always bring an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Learning should be fun as well as rewarding! I can help with reading, writing and grammar for both English and non-English speakers. I have a TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language.... [more]

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Krissy E.


Austin, TX 78751

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Experienced, TEFL certified English tutor

Hello! I am an experienced English teacher. I have over 2 years of experience teaching English in Japan and China. In Japan, I taught with Interac and at a private international school in Tokyo. In China, I was a teacher with English First. I strive to help my students improve in a fun and engaging environment. At English First, I won the best new teacher award. I also have a TEFL certification. I am available for tutoring starting in January 2018. I would love to meet you and help yo... [more]

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Sharon K.


Austin, TX 78728

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Experienced High School Tutor Specializing in teaching ESL

Experienced English as a Second Language teacher. Taught ESL 13 years at elementary, Middle School and High School. Would like to help others learn and speak English with ease and confidence. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Teaching of English as a Second Language. I have 13 years of experience teaching all levels, from Kindergarten to college. I have been awarded as Best Teacher of the year by the students in my school and have received Best Teacher Award from the Education Agency in my state. Learning English should always be fun, engaging, comprehensible, and that is what I try to [more]

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Kai N.


Austin, TX 78741

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Experienced English Tutor with ESL Experience

I have been helping non-native English speakers understand English for over 4 years. I have the most experience working with students from Asian countries, such as native Chinese, Japanese, and Korean speakers and from Spanish speaking countries such as Puerto Rico, Honduras, and Mexico. I have also been help to students who learned English and Spanish at the same time and need help improving their English. I also speak Japanese at a conversational level. Hi there! My name is Kai, and I graduated summa cum laude from Saint Michael's College in 2017. I have always enjoyed school and especially [more]