23 ESL/ESOL Tutors Found Near Sunrise Manor, NV

Photo: Dyane H.

Dyane H.


Las Vegas, NV 89106

Will travel 20 miles

$40 per hour.

4.85 219 ratings

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Need a multi-purpose tutor? Look no further!

"We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself." -Lloyd Alexander First, Wyzant is filled with exceptional tutors so it's pretty tough to go wrong on here! The art of tutoring is as diverse and unique as the individuals who undertake it. I know tutors who are subject area experts, able to effortlessly and expertly assist students in a select few areas. On the other hand you have tutors that are good at a variety of subje... [more]

Photo: Sebastian M.

Sebastian M.


Las Vegas, NV 89130

Will travel 25 miles

$30 per hour.

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Tutoring in Italian, Public Speaking, Soccer and Swimming.

When I started high school as a foreign student, I learned English by taking ESL classes. The classes helped me build a solid base in English, helping me moving up in levels, and I ended up finishing high school with a high level of English. In college, I started out right away by taking college level English writing classes. I'm happy to help anyone with their ESL classes so that they can improve their English language. Hi there! My name is Sebastian and I work in a PR agency. I majored in public relations and minored in business administration at the California State University, Fullerton. [more]

Photo: Kate-Lynn S.

Kate-Lynn S.


North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Will travel 15 miles

$45 per hour.

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Friendly Elementary School Teacher/Tutor

I achieved my Bachelor's Degree, lectured prospective teachers and went on to teach ESL in South Korea for almost two years. I taught elementary and middle school children at and after school. The following year I taught English in Italy at summer camps around the country for the season. I have experience with cultural differences and those eager to learn a new language. I have also learnt more than one language and can empathize. Hi, my name is Kate. I'm a South African living in the USA, qualified with a Bachelor of Education Degree and Honors in Special Needs Education. I am energetic, easy [more]

Photo: Deneishia J.

Deneishia J.


Las Vegas, NV 89101

Will travel 30 miles

$20 per hour.

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Very Patient English, Writing, Reading and General Education Tutor

Hello, I am a 31-year veteran and published author having written everything from non-fiction biographies, histories and technical books to science fiction, romance and fantasy. I have been a student of the written word since the 3rd grade when I wrote a line in a story that said, The night came over the city like a blanket. My 3rd grade teacher believed it was plagiarized. I did not cheat, I was talented and I needed someone to support my writing. During this time and future years wri... [more]

Photo: Rosanna S.

Rosanna S.


North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Will travel 10 miles

$50 per hour.

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See your improvement in both reading and writing

I am a highly qualified ESL/TESL teacher who has been recognized frequently through RAVE reviews made by students and other colleagues. Last year, I was nominated for a Heart of Education Awards by my principal. My over 25 years of experience tell about my passion for teaching. I have worked with students from different countries to help them achieve competency in both English and Spanish. My students' ages range from 7 to 60 plus years old. Back in Peru, I tutored elementary science and phon... [more]

Photo: David D.

David D.


North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Will travel 20 miles

$50 per hour.

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Portuguese Language Teacher

I spent over 20 years living and working for various organizations, teaching, and consulting in Brazil. I currently teach Portuguese at a college in southern Nevada. My wife and children are Brazilian and Portuguese is the language we speak at home. My goal is to teach Portuguese as well as share insights into Brazilian culture and life in Brazil.... [more]

Photo: Christine W.

Christine W.


Las Vegas, NV 89121

Will travel 10 miles

$55 per hour.

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Accomplished Speaker and Professor Available

When I was in junior high school, members of our high school speech team came to perform and recruit us. I had grown up performing in band and choir, but I had never fully understood the power of just talking to people. I was reeled in and my love affair with public speaking and performance intensified. After more than ten years teaching Communication Skills to thousands of adults in colleges across the country, I decided to change focus. Instead of working within academic institutions, I ha... [more]

Photo: Marlene G.

Marlene G.


Las Vegas, NV 89107

Will travel 20 miles

$60 per hour.

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This is a professor who really cares.

During my years as a college professor, I was known and loved for my ability to both communicate well with my students, and to aid them in pursuing their dream of success in the field they had chosen for themselves. I often spent many hours after class coaching and tutoring my students, enhancing their language and reasoning skills. After retirement, I have been tutoring with a program run by the public library system here in Las Vegas. Here again, my primary interest has been in helping... [more]

Photo: Carol Ann B.

Carol Ann B.


North Las Vegas, NV 89081

Will travel 5 miles

$35 per hour.

4.96 104 ratings

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Adult Reading and ESL tutor

I have taught ESL to small groups in a corrections setting for 7 years. Classes had as many as five native languages. Students were expected to only speak English while in class. I require writing and using words from the lessons in sentences. I also gear my class to teach things that will help each student fulfill their needs and everyday life. I also have done 1 on 1 ESL tutoring. I include reading, writing and applying what you learn in each class. I have run a volunteer adult reading tutoring program where I taught people to read and write, and taught adult English as a Second Langua [more]

Photo: Lee G.

Lee G.


Las Vegas, NV 89107

Will travel 20 miles

$65 per hour.

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Seasoned business professional

My business experience includes, design of one of the first HMO's, vice president of operations for a large insurance conglomerate, multi-specialty physicians groups, and economic advisor to various unions. I have taught business management, marketing and micro economics, both on line and in a classroom setting. I was known for my novel approach to teaching, which emphasized social understanding of business and economics, rather than conventional methods. My management experience be... [more]