10 Genetics Tutors Found Near Utica, NY

Photo: Kim C.

Kim C.

Genetics Tutor

Tully, NY 13159

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$60 per hour.

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Compassionate, Experienced Math & Science Tutor, Academic Coach

I was the senior lab instructor for the genetics course at SUNY Cortland for 2 years, so I am very familiar with the genetics course material. I also have a lot of "hands-on" experience having used plant genetics in my work as a research scientist at SUNY ESF and Cornell University. I help students learn how to visualize the material for themselves and solve genetics problems, by engaging each student in describing, with as much detail as possible, what he/she can understand. Then, I fill in the blanks. [more]

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Matt S.

Genetics Tutor

Syracuse, NY 13210

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$30 per hour.

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Patient and enthusiastic about science and math, PhD in Plant Biology

I received a Bachelors of Science in Food Science from the University of Delaware where I learned basic DNA sequencing for foodborne pathogen identification. I later performed undergraduate research where I studied small RNA in Arabidopsis under abiotic stresses. For my graduate work at Penn State, my dissertation was on the identification and mapping of disease resistance genes from wild tomatoes. This involved RRL construction, SNP identification, QTL mapping, and various inheritance studies. During that time, I was a teaching assistant for a class on Plant Breeding and Genetics; my responsi [more]

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Michele G.

Genetics Tutor

Albany, NY 12208

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Michele- College Professor, Ph.D., Genetics and Molecular Biology

I have an M.S. in Genetics from University of California at Davis. I have worked four years as a senior genetic testing scientist for biotechnology companies, and done a fair amount of genetic research as part of my postdoctoral fellowships. I have taught genetics at the college level at both Hudson Valley Community College and Bennington College. I have been teaching advanced high school and college students about the joys of biology for more than 10 years, both as a classroom instructor and as a tutor. My expertise is in Microbiology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology [more]

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Leita P.

Genetics Tutor

Spencer, NY 14883

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$35 per hour.

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Biology Tutor with Experience

I have taken College level Genetics and received an A in the course. Currently, I am the Teaching Assistant for Genetics and Society (for non-majors) which involves tutoring the students and helping them with test-prep and laboratory work. I am taking Molecular Genetics a Graduate level comprehensive class Fall 2013. Hi, my name is Leita, and I am a Elmira College graduate. After graduation I worked briefly as an Organic Chemistry Lab Instructor. Currently I am working in human services as a counselor, and studying to go to law school. My counseling skills are helpful working with younger ki [more]

Photo: Nicole F.

Nicole F.

Genetics Tutor

Latham, NY 12110

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$50 per hour.

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PhD Molecular Biologist and Professor

I have a PhD with an emphasis on Immunology & Microbial Diseases. Additionally, I am a certified Molecular Biologist by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. As part of my certification process, I studied human genetics at an advanced level. I have been tutoring students in science for over 10 years. As a certified Molecular Biologist, I spend a great deal of time in the lab conducting independent research. Additionally, I often teach after school enrichment programs on various scientific topics including forensics, genetics, anatomy, and nanoscale science. I also teach Anatomy & Physio [more]

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Lucas F.

Genetics Tutor

Acra, NY 12405

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Middle School/High School Science

I took an undergraduate course all about Mendelian Genetics, focusing on population genetics. In graduate school I took Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Cell Differentiation and Development. Both classes focused on protein and signal pathways that turn on and off certain genes within the cell. In Cell Diff, it was mostly focusing on how these different genetic pathways were interacted with to cause cells to change from stem cells to a specialized cell. In Evo Devo, it was focusing on what genes link back to ancestors of certain species and how those genes have changed over time. [more]

Photo: Louis S.

Louis S.

Genetics Tutor

Remsen, NY 13438

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Science/ Language assistance

I studied Genetics at Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Levels. I have years of hands on experience in the sciences: Biology, medical sciences, microbiology, anatomy/physiology, pathology as well as prior French and Italian language instruction. In addition to teaching I worked in these disciplines so have both an academic perspective along with experience in the workplace. I offer instruction for all levels ranging from entry to post-graduate and have taught from high school to post medical school graduates. It is my pleasure to help any interested s... [more]

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Devangi D.

Genetics Tutor

Clifton Park, NY 12065

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Knowledgeable tutor specialized in Genetics and Microbiology

In my academic career I have chosen a very dynamic and fast growing field of Biotechnology. I have earned two master's degree: 1) MS in Biotechnology (Nirma Institute of Science & Technology, Ahmedabad, India) 2) MS in Genetics and Genomics (University of Connecticut, Connecticut, USA). In both master's degree I have GPA > 3.6/4. Besides during MS in UCONN, I have taught Biology and Microbiology lab courses. Before entering to MS program in UCONN, I was a visiting faculty in India teaching various courses such as Cell and molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, and Genetic [more]

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Lorena H.

Genetics Tutor

Schenectady, NY 12309

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Learn how to learn, having fun and enjoying Science, Math and Spanish

Genetucs and Molecular Biology is the Science that Studies the genes and its structure and function. The fundaments of genetics were originally discovered and developed by Watson and Crick after his publication and discover of the DNA structure. The molecular biology central dogma is based on the fact that in the cell one gene encodes for one protein. However, in recent years and due to the advance of technology the finding of the introns and non coding DNA is shredding some light in the hypothesis that perhaps more than one protein could be express from a particular gene, due to a difference [more]

Photo: Steven L.

Steven L.

Genetics Tutor

Albany, NY 12208

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Experienced Science, Mathematics, and Standardized Test Tutor

Presently, I am nearing completion of my Master's work where I study the spatial expression pattern of Anoctamin-1, which is to say where this gene is expressed, in the zebrafish gastrointestinal tract using in situ hybridization. This project deals extensively with advanced topics in molecular biology and genetics. My experience in my previous job allowed me to work with many different transgenic mouse models. My coursework has also extensively prepared me for any kind of coursework relating to genetics. [more]