10 Japanese Tutors Found Near West Valley City, UT

Photo: Toshi S.

Toshi S.

Japanese Tutor

Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Will travel 15 miles

$35 per hour.

5.0 14 ratings

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Japanese Tutor for Striving Students

If you are interested in learning Japanese, I can help you. I am a native Japanese speaker living in Utah. When I was a college student, I taught a Japanese class for several semesters as a teaching assistant. I enjoy teaching because I can see students' progress. I know that sometimes learning a language takes time and requires patience, but I also know that if you keep practicing and do not give up, you sure can learn the language. I understand that each of you has different goals and pur... [more]

Photo: Yutaka Y.

Yutaka Y.

Japanese Tutor

Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Will travel 15 miles

$25 per hour.

5.0 19 ratings

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Learn Japanese Step by Step!

Interested in learning Japanese, but not sure how to get started?! I can help. I offer practical and interactive tutoring sessions to help you achieve your goal. Prior to our first lesson, unless you are a complete beginner, I will ask you some questions both in English and Japanese to assess your proficiency. I will prepare class materials that are unique to your level and interests unless you already have materials you would like to use (e.g. school homework, work projects, etc.). A ... [more]

Photo: Ashley T.

Ashley T.

Japanese Tutor

West Jordan, UT 84084

Will travel 8 miles

$37 per hour.

5.0 1 ratings

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Learning Japanese with Fun!

Hi! I'm from Hawaii, born and raised. However I lived in Japan for nine years and grew up with a strict house rule of speaking Japanese with my mother and English with my father, which immensely helped me to be a fluent bilingual. I feel that Japanese is a beautiful language and encourage everyone who has the desire to learn, to give it a try. Did you know that Japanese is the only language in the world that does not have swear words? I lived in Japan for nine years where I was immersed in... [more]

Photo: Jesse S.

Jesse S.

Japanese Tutor

Salt Lake City, UT 84129

Will travel 15 miles

$35 per hour.

5.0 36 ratings

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Learned Japanese on an LDS mission. Volunteer ESL teacher for Goeigo.

I spent 2 years as an LDS missionary in Japan. Hobbies, personality and preferences led to a more diverse grasp of the language, and cultural diversity also necessitated our ability to translate in some cases. I served for 2 years in Tokyo as an LDS missionary. As a missionary I had the opportunity to teach English at least once a week, voluntarily, to non-native speakers. Each week I would choose a different movie or book quote to start a discussion before digging into that week's subject. I wanted to share something with the students that I appreciate - movies. Sometimes it was mainly for co [more]

Photo: Brady J.

Brady J.

Japanese Tutor

Sandy, UT 84070

Will travel 12 miles

$30 per hour.

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Japanese speaking college student and ACT tutor

I was born and raised in Utah. I just got back from living in Japan for two years as a missionary. I'm currently a student at Utah Valley University. I love learning and sharing what I learned with others. When I lived in Japan I spent a lot of time tutoring as well as teaching large classes English. I really loved it and appreciated the chance to get to know so many different people and help them improve their knowledge and achieve their learning goals. I scored a 31 on the ACT math porti... [more]

Photo: Rachel T.

Rachel T.

Japanese Tutor

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Will travel 15 miles

$25 per hour.

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Japanese tutor with experience living and teaching in Japan

I began studying Japanese in high school, and studied through college. Through my Japanese minor program, I studied Japanese abroad in Osaka. After graduating with a minor in Japanese in 2015, I was hired to work in Japan for two years. My day-to-day in Japan was entirely Japanese, and before going home I completed the JLPT N3 test. Hi! I'm Rachel. After graduating Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelors in Philosophy and Japanese Language, I was hired through the JET program to teach English in Japan. I just got home after 2 years in Miyagi Prefecture, and I'm excited to do more teaching! I ha [more]

Photo: Noah M.

Noah M.

Japanese Tutor

Sandy, UT 84094

Will travel 20 miles

$50 per hour.

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Excellent Japanese Tutor

I am qualified because I have spent two years in Japan and also teaching several classes, both one on one tutoring and classes up to 25 people of different ages. I am also currently majoring in Japanese at the University of Utah. I use the same teaching methods I used while learning the language and adapt them to help my students learn as well. I'm a college student who wants to help others through the passion I have for the Japanese language! I am outgoing, good-natured, and I make language study fun. I have grown up here in Utah my entire life and living in Japan was my first out-of-country [more]

Photo: DC L.


Japanese Tutor

Sandy, UT 84070

Will travel 3 miles

$40 per hour.

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Experienced Korean Language Teacher

I have twenty-nine years of experience teaching cryptologic linguists and college students. For twenty-five years, I prepared and presented face-to-face language and culture instructions within a formal language environment, or through a mobile training arrangements or online web/video conferencing, with a focus on listening & reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and culture awareness. I also have twenty- three years of experience identifying and using authentic materials to support ... [more]

Photo: Satoko T.

Satoko T.

Japanese Tutor

South Jordan, UT 84095

Will travel 30 miles

$48 per hour.

5.0 79 ratings

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Experienced Native Japanese Tutor

I am a native Japanese speaker. I have experience teaching beginning/intermediate/advance level. I'm a native Japanese speaker, and have been living in the States for over 23 years. I have been teaching Japanese for over 10 years. I love teaching and helping others to learn my native language. My current students' levels range from very beginner to advanced. I will customize my lesson according to your level and your goals. I assign challenging yet not overwhelming homework after every lesson. I will also be available for any questions during the week before your next lesson with no ad... [more]

Photo: Greg M.

Greg M.

Japanese Tutor

Salt Lake City, UT 84081

Will travel 20 miles

$25 per hour.

5.0 7 ratings

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I am easy going and want to help you in anyway I can.

Served as a volunteer in Japan for 2 years. Hi I'm Greg! I am a fun loving guy and like getting to know others. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and I myself had at one time struggled with math then one day it sort of clicked! And it can click with you too! I love to help and educate anyone with the best ability that I can. I have helped many people with math skills and not only got them to get homework done, I educated them to be able to understand the concepts. Let me know if I can also help w... [more]