17 Linear Algebra Tutors Found Near Alexandria, VA

Photo: Teddy Z.

Teddy Z.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Arlington, VA 22201

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UChicago Grad Tutoring Math

I am qualified to tutor this subject as I have studied at a collegiate level. I have taken Math 19620 Linear Algebra at the University of Chicago. I also have done considerable reading on the subject on my own. I also have answered questions related to the subject on Math Stack Exchange I have spent many years as both a math tutor and as a college math TA. I graduated in 2018 from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with general and departmental honors. I have experience with algebra, calculus, linear algebra, analysis, abstract algebra, discrete math, complex a [more]

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Bob M.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Arlington, VA 22204

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Math! Arithmetic, algebra, geometry! Math! I can help.

At university, I concentrated on algebraic topics. Linear algebra was one of my strongest subjects. As a graduate student, I taught a 200-level matrix algebra course in place of the graduate department chair, who was traveling overseas. My graduate thesis concerned a specific class of non-square matrices and the undirected graphs that they implied. I am the middle school math teacher at a K-8 school in the Diocese of Arlington. I work with 6th, 7th and 8th graders everyday and I want to work with your child too! I am uniquely qualified to tutor your young learner because I work on these t [more]

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Lewis W.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Washington, DC 20036

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Expert Economics-Math Tutor (W&M/Oxford/LSE/The Fed)(12 Years Credit)

My linear algebra background includes many subjects and applications. In our data-driven age, applications of linear algebra are ubiquitous. Linear algebra applies math to such matrices as any Excel spreadsheet, and using the power of matrices, you can calculate millions of values or solve billions of equations simultaneously. I have used linear algebra in such advanced math classes as Multivariate Calculus 3, Differential Equations, and graduate-level Time-Series Analysis and Cross-Section Analysis. Multivariate Calculus 3 uses the basic operations of Linear Algebra, including dot product [more]

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Jamal N.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Alexandria, VA 22312

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PhD and MA in Applied Math-20 years as Math Teacher-Fulbright Scholar

I have an MA and PhD in Applied Math from Western Michigan University (1990). I have been teaching undergraduate math courses at the college level for more than 15 years. Now I teach at NOVA community college: Calculus I, II and III and Linear algebra. I taught Linear Algebra more than 8 times in the last 15 years. I am currently tutoring a student from University of Maryland in Linear algebra. In addition, I am tutoring Linear Algebra now to a student from Georgetown. I tutored 3 students in linear algebra together 4 months ago from Marymount University and I tutored 5 students online and at [more]

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El Mechry K.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Alexandria, VA 22311

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Statistics Professor & PhD in Economics

I am an economics PhD student at Fordham University. I have finished all my PhD level econometrics courses. I can help students with topics such as Systems of linear equations; Row reduction and echelon forms; Matrix operations; Linear dependence and independence; Subspaces, bases, and dimensions; Orthogonal bases and orthogonal projections; Linear models and least-squares problems; Determinants and their properties; Cramer's Rule; Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; Diagonalization of a matrix; Symmetric matrices; Positive definite matrices; and Singular Value Decomposition. I can provide you with [more]

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Kaitlyn H.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Arlington, VA 22202

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Engineer to tutor in maths/sciences. 10+ years of tutoring

I have a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, which I obtained with an in major GPA or 3.6 and an overall GPA of 3.5. I took Elementary Linear Algebra class, which I got an A in. I also tutored students at Virginia Tech at our math lab in linear algebra for 2 years. Hello! My name is Kaitlyn, and I am an engineer who graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a BA in Economics with a 3.5+ GPA. While in college, I tutored 1-3 students a semester, mostly in business calculus. All of my students received a grade of B or higher, which I am quite proud of [more]

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Eli C.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Washington, DC 20037

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Math and Science Tutor - Physics M.S. and 4 years tutoring experience

This past May (2018) I received an MS in physics from New York University, having received a dual-major BA in math and physics from NYU the previous May (2017). I am currently in the first of a three-year JD program at George Washington University. I have tutored in both a freelance and salaried capacity for over four years now, providing one-on-one lessons to college, high-, and middle-school students in a wide range of subjects (mostly math, physics, and SAT prep), developing intuition and ... [more]