21 Linear Algebra Tutors Found Near Oakland, CA

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Tyler D.

Linear Algebra Tutor

San Francisco, CA 94117

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Brown University tutor in math, computer science, and ML

I studied applied mathematics at Brown with courses in linear algebra and abstract algebra. These classes gave me a strong understanding of the theoretical foundations of linear algebra, but I also have direct experience with linear algebra's applications in machine learning, statistics, and information theory. I graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a major in Applied Mathematics and Biology. I have over 5 years of formal experience tutoring science and math at the high school and college levels. I have also served as a teaching assistant for three upper-level college courses ( [more]

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Christian Z.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Berkeley, CA 94704

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Math is my passion and I want to help others love it too!

I was born in Phoenix Arizona to two Filipino American parents. I lived most of my life in Walnut, California near Los Angeles, but I am currently a 4th year at the University of California at Berkeley. My major is Applied Math with a concentration on Education, along with a minor in Computer Science. In my spare time, I like to cook and play my guitar. I have some unpaid tutoring experience with peers, and I have gotten a lot of positive reviews about my helpfulness and ability to break dow... [more]

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William L.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Alameda, CA 94501

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Tutor of Mathematics and Computer Science

During my time at San Francisco State University I took several courses in Linear Algebra including an upper level class. Since I have been tutoring at the College of Alameda I have had several chances to refresh my understanding of the subject. I feel I am very comfortable with the subject. Mathematical concepts have always come easy to me. It is a talent I was born with and enjoyed every subject from arithmetic, to geometry and trig, algebra and calculus, linear algebra and real analysis. It was an easy transition to computer science. My career took me from database programming to web develo [more]

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Samia H.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Oakland, CA 94610

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Friendly Ph.D Willing To Teach Math, English, Economics, and Stats

I graduated with a Masters in Economics from Washington University in St Louis and have a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. The degrees required extensive coursework in advanced mathematics, including a course in linear algebra. Hi, you can call me Sami. I am a Ph.D. student in Economics but am taking a break from my studies. I earned my Masters in Public Policy from Wash U in May 2011 and my Masters in Economics from Wash U in May 2010 and graduated with Honors from the University of California, Berkeley with dual degrees, a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Busines [more]

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Christopher L.

Linear Algebra Tutor

San Francisco, CA 94104

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Science - Physics - Mathematics - Software - AI - Learning Is Fun!

Linear Algebra is all about vector space translations. I have multiple university degrees in advanced mathematics including Linear Algebra) and physics and an extensive 40+ years both studying and using mathematics in every way. Very interesting things in nature all around us can be effectively modeled with these linear algebra space translations. I have an extensive education with separate degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering as well as a diverse (40+ years) industry and research background in all areas of science, which I extend every day. I am also an exception [more]

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Anibhav S.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Albany, CA 94706

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MBA, MFE, CFA2, FRM + 7yrs finance professional

I have an electronics and telecommunication background and have covered linear algebra extensively in my study. I have even taught courses in linear algebra for two years I am a finance professional with 7+ years experience in financial sales and trading across the commodity, FX, interest rate and equity sector. I have an MBA in finance from the top most institute in India and an MFE (Masters in financial engineering ) from Haas School of business UC Berkeley. I am also certified FRM (Both levels) and CFA level2. I have over 200 hours of teaching experience in contact class and online prog [more]

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Borna M.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Berkeley, CA 94702

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UC Berkeley Undergraduate Tutor for Physics and Math

Not only have I taken a full year of linear algebra in both lower and upper division courses, I have also used the subject extensively in my field from mechanics and electromagnetism to quantum mechanics. I am a recent graduate with a B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley. I hope to continue my studies and acquire a PhD in Particle Physics. I have had previous tutoring experience in Physics for high school students, as well as some tutoring in Math. What I appreciate in tutoring is the phenomena where a student understands the insides and outsides of a concept as opposed to just memorizing informat [more]

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Mike A.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Berkeley, CA 94720

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UC Berkeley Math - Very Patient and Knowledgeable Math Tutor

I'm a Math Tutor and lecturer as well as SAT/ACT Math prep tutor. I've been tutoring Math in-person as well as online for more than 5 years. I focus on delivering the intuition and logic behind Math as well as its simplicity and beauty to my students. I was told many times by my students that I'm a "gifted explainer". I'm extremely patient when I tutor as I enjoy tutoring and find my joy when someone says "I got it". There is so much fun and beauty behind Math only when it's taught in a rig... [more]

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Dan S.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Berkeley, CA 94720

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Math and Science Tutor - Dan S.

Linear Algebra (LA) is the study of systems of equations. Specifically LA teaches an approach to solve complex, multivariable equations, starting with an approach called Gaussian elimination. There is a more abstract way of thinking about systems of equations embodied in the notion of vector spaces, which can be thought of as an extension of the euclidean plane into multi-dimensional spaces. LA has a lot of practical applications including statistics, computer science and probability, so a deep knowledge of LA can go a long way. Understanding LA requires some basic mathematical thinking (so [more]

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Arman B.

Linear Algebra Tutor

Berkeley, CA 94720

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UC Berkeley Graduate tutoring Physics, Calculus, and Chemistry

I have completed a linear algebra course at Pasadena City College with a grade of A. I have also completed physics courses which required application of linear algebra, and have successfully completed those courses with a grade of A. I am a UC Berkeley Engineering Physics graduate, and will be a prospective PhD physics candidate in Stanford University the Fall of 2018. I consider myself extremely passionate about what I do, studying and teaching physics and mathematics in particular, and I wish to disseminate this passion to other students and even the general public. Understanding the world a [more]