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Peter G.

Logic Tutor

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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$50 per hour.

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Success in math and English; Math/Logic Master's; 99th-percentile

I was enrolled for two years in a math graduate program in logic. As an undergraduate I majored in philosophy, with an emphasis on logic. I scored perfect on the GRE quantitative reasoning test. I am driven by the challenge of helping every student to succeed. Most recently I have done this at the secondary level as a public charter school teacher. Prior to that, alongside my own doctoral work in mathematics, I taught and assistant-taught college-level math classes, from remedial Calculus to Multivariate Calculus. Helping students discover math themselves is the subject of the PROMYS program [more]

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Patrick B.

Logic Tutor

Providence, RI 02908

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Math, Science, and SAT Tutor - 20 years teaching!

I was an Applied Math major and was required to take Logic as a precursor to Discrete Math. I received a 100% in this course, have used the material in Discrete Math and Abstract Algebra, and have provided corrections to the answers of our classroom text to the instructor. I use this material when tutoring Discrete Math and Abstract Algebra. I have a degree in Applied Mathematics from Southern New Hampshire University and have been a tutor for 20 years, specializing in standardized tests, high school and college math, high school science, college physics, and tutoring many other subjects inclu [more]

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Jesse G.

Logic Tutor

Providence, RI 02903

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Math Tutor

I have an Associate's Degree in Philosophy from Irvine Valley College. Logic is a type of Philosophy. I know the differences between valid and sound (valid means that if all the premises were true then the conclusion has to be true, and sound means that each statement is true individually) and inductive and deductive. I am able to work with symbolic logic (and, or, if-then) and categorical logic (always, sometimes, not sometimes, never) I am familiar with many logical fallacies (red herring, straw man, ad homenin, post hoc ergo procter hoc, etc.) [more]

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Roger H.

Logic Tutor

West Roxbury, MA 02132

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All-around tutor

Logic is the study of the relationship betwen words and concepts. Exploration begins with understanding the basic ways concepts interact with a special focus on "if, then" statements. Once this is mastered, we begin exploring how mathematics and the natural sciences "reason logically" and how our basic understandings of natural laws develop from basic relationships between words and objects. Hello, my name is Roger H. I have successfully tutored high, middle, and elementary school students in many subjects: Math through calculus History (including US history, Western Civ, and Modern Euro [more]

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Steven C.

Logic Tutor

Sherborn, MA 01770

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Certified teacher. 30 years experience.

I have taught logic at several local colleges and universities. At Northeastern University, I taught it in both the Philosophy Department and the Computer Science Department, with the different emphases required for the very different audiences. My dissertation involved the use of formal logic to clarify subtle issues of linguistic semantics. My published research also involves the use of formal logic in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Certified teacher. 30 years experience. MIT alumnus. UCLA Ph.D. Former Boston University faculty member. Good rapport with individual s [more]

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Bob A.

Logic Tutor

Medfield, MA 02052

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20 Years Making Science and Maths Understandable and Interesting!

Logic is one of my favorite subjects, and my interest in it is what influenced my becoming a computer engineer. I can help you understand and enjoy all types of logic in many disciplines. I studied symbolic logic and predicate and propositional calculus in the philosophy department and I studied digital logic and Boolean algebra in engineering. I spent 20 years in the computer industry where I was a Principal Engineer at companies such as Prime Computer, Digital Computer and used formal logic systems extensively including Boolean algebra and digital logic to design and analyze computer an [more]