15 MCAT Tutors Found Near Fall River, MA

Photo: Biraaj M.

Biraaj M.

MCAT Tutor

Boston, MA 02118

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$45 per hour.

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Friendly and Patient Science and Test Prep Tutor

I recently took an MCAT prep course and the NEW exam in May of 2015. Being a pre-med student means I have a good handle on the concepts and topics the exam expects students to have mastered. Plus, with the techniques acquired from my own study and preparatory courses I was able to earn a 514 and scored in the 91st percentile. I believe my experience with the subject matter makes me a qualified tutor and will allow me to really help my students earn the score they want. I have had a knack for tutoring all throughout high school. I enjoyed tutoring students in college preparatory and AP Chemistr [more]

Photo: Jowa S.

Jowa S.

MCAT Tutor

Boston, MA 02115

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Accepted Medical School Student

I took the new MCAT exam in 2015 and earned a 519. Specifically, I scored 132 in Chemistry/Physics, 131 in Biology/Biochemistry, 129 in Psychology/Sociology, and 127 in Critical Reading. In college, I majored in Molecular and Cell Biology, and Economics, and was an instructor in organic chemistry and physics. A strong score requires a lot of effort, but it's definitely possible! :) Hi, I'm Jowa and I am starting medical school this summer at Harvard Medical School. In undergrad, I double majored in Molecular and Cell Biology and Economics. I love teaching and was an instructor in organic chemi [more]

Photo: Maltish L.

Maltish L.

MCAT Tutor

Brookline, MA 02446

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$80 per hour.

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Organic Chemist and Harvard Medical Student

I took the MCAT exam, scored very well, and I currently attend Harvard Medical School. I also worked for The Princeton Review, who only hire people with above 90th percentile MCAT scores. I have taught MCAT for The Princeton Review since June 2015 at UCLA, USC, and CSUN. I began my teaching career as an undergraduate at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where I tutored my undergraduate peers in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology. My interest in teaching and mentoring led me to volunteer with Amigos De UCLA, an organization dedicated to the academic enrichment of lo [more]

Photo: Rolvix P.

Rolvix P.

MCAT Tutor

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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Medical student with a passion for teaching and mentoring

I completed medical school prerequisite courses and scored well on the MCAT. Since then, I've done 3/4 of the medical school curriculum and scored highly on both licensing exams (Step 1 and Step 2). Through this work, I've gained an expertise in the sciences that are tested via the MCAT. Hi! I'm a North Carolina native turned Bostonian, and I love teaching, mentoring, and proofreading. Currently, I study medicine and public health at Tufts University, and I plan to be an academic ENT/Head and Neck surgeon as well as a global health researcher and policy practitioner. While I'm based in Boston, [more]

Photo: Michael W.

Michael W.

MCAT Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02138

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Michael MCAT 522 Tutor Cambridge/Boston (Bioengineering Masters)

I have scored in the 99th percentile with a score of 522 (full marks in b/b and c/p). I also tutored at college before for these subjects, and tutor honours high school physics and biology. I am tutoring for the MCAT exam in the updated format! I graduated from Imperial College London with a Masters degree in Engineering from Biomedical Engineering, which combines two of my favorite subjects, physics and biology! While I had a great time with my courses, sometimes the material seemed to be aloof and not very applicable. As a result, if often took me far too long to be able to properly develop [more]

Photo: Alex J.

Alex J.

MCAT Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02139

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Lifelong Student Who Loves to Help Others Reach Their Goals

I took the MCAT in June 2018 and scored in the 99th percentile (130/131/131/129). Soon after, I began working for Kaplan as an MCAT tutor and classroom teacher. I have worked with students one-on-one and received training specific to teaching the MCAT to different kinds of learners. I have experience working for the major test-prep companies as a MCAT and SAT tutor and have score in the 99th percentile on both exams. In college I was both pre-med and a history major, so I can help students study for exams in science, social science, and the humanities. In addition to the MCAT and SAT, I am qua [more]

Photo: Arielle M.

Arielle M.

MCAT Tutor

Boston, MA 02127

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Yale School of Medicine Researcher w/90%ile expertise in MCAT P/S

I love seeing my students succeed on their MCAT! Since I started tutoring, ALL of my students have gained 4 points or more on their P/S section, and over half have met or exceeded a score of 130! I have time- proven strategies to help you do the same IF you?re willing to put in the work :) My subjects of specialty are P/S and B/B (psychology/sociology and biology/biochemistry), where I scored 129+ (90th percentile +) on EVERY exam I took, including my real MCAT. I can also help with C/P and CARS. I also spent nearly three years as a Research Associate at Yale School of Medicine where I had m [more]

Photo: Trudi F.

Trudi F.

MCAT Tutor

Brookline, MA 02446

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Experienced Psychology Professor and College Counselor

I have been a college professor for the past 30 years and and have tutored students for this exam . It is important to note that I work with students to help them learn techniques in test taking on an individual basis. I am a professor at Mass College of Pharmacy and am very active at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Therefore I have a broad knowledge of the current medical field. Dear Students, I have taught Psychology on the college level for the past 30 years! I have an Ed.D from Boston University in Counseling Psychology. We can make Psychology fun and I can help you to study for exams an [more]

Photo: Clark W.

Clark W.

MCAT Tutor

Newton, MA 02458

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Clark W: AP Chem Teacher, General & Organic Chem Tutor

My major was chemistry; I took two semesters of physics, three semesters of math, three semesters of physical chemistry, two semesters of general chemistry, four semesters of organic chemistry, and one semester of biochemistry. So for any math, chemistry, biochemistry and physics on the MCAT, I'm qualified to tutor. I also have six years' experience working in journalism as a writer and editor, and I believe that qualifies me for the verbal section. Regarding general and cell biology, anatomy and the like: These are not my areas of expertise, but MCAT students are often better versed in these [more]

Photo: Laura H.

Laura H.

MCAT Tutor

Westborough, MA 01581

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Brown Univ. Fellow-Educational,consultantSAT,ACT,Reading diagnosis.

I have tutored a number of student at Holy Cross College and Boston College in preparation for the MCATs- and I have all the review materials. I have along and excellent history of being an educational consultant working with students with ADD/H, DYSLEXIA, Autism,learning disabilities,and other issues. As well helping your student succeed on the SSAT/ISSE, SAT or ACT.- which includes a new format, new math and new reading sections with an optional essay section. So I have been trained to give you student the best possible training in the new SAT providing them with higher SAT scores to get in [more]