7 Microbiology Tutors Found Near Pittsburgh, PA

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Scott G.

Microbiology Tutor

Leechburg, PA 15656

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$40 per hour.

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Scott G. Kiski Valley High School teacher of 30+ years.

I have taught High School Biology for 30+ years. Courses taught include AP Bio, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and of course the General Bio. courses which precede them. I have tutored college students for years in a variety of Bio. courses ranging from Gen. Bio. to Botany, Zoology, Micro., Anatomy & Physiology, etc. During my career of 32 years I have taught a variety of courses which deal with the biological sciences. Among them have been AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, and General Biology. Not only have I taught during the regular school year but I also was employed by [more]

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Thomas M.

Microbiology Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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Experienced college TA and passionate about Biology

Hi, I'm Tom, and first and foremost I am a complete Bio nerd. I received my Bachelor's degree in Biological Science with Neuroscience and my Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I have a wealth of experience in all facets of biology and love sharing my passion and knowledge with others. In college and graduate school, I discovered that the best way to learn was through interaction with others and frequently studied alongside friends and colleagues. I also learned that a stu... [more]

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Robert F.

Microbiology Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Certified Biology Tutor: Keystone and College Experience

I have taught Microbiology for 5+ years for Pre-Nursing and Allied Health students as well as for fulfillment of prerequisite courses to various medical fields. My approach is to build a strong foundation of microbiological terminology and concepts to connect and develop a cohesive understanding of classic experiments and lab procedures. Use of pictures, diagrams/flowcharts and laboratory allow students to explain their understanding of the ubiquity and significance of microbiological organisms. [more]

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Andrea H.

Microbiology Tutor

Trafford, PA 15085

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Veterinarian with strong science & math skills to help you

As a practicing veterinarian, math and science are a part of my daily routine. To get to where I'm at now, though, I had to start with the basics. Math from the elementary to college level and biological sciences (including anatomy, physiology, genetics) are my preferred areas to tutor. I regularly led study groups for the entire duration of my college career at both the University of Findlay and Iowa State University. During school, I would often find that making flashcards and developin... [more]

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Whitney L.

Microbiology Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Experienced and Patient PhD Student for Bio and Chem Tutoring

Biology is fascinating. It's clever, it's beautiful, and it never stops surprising us. I love learning about biology because it is, after all, the science of us - how we work, how we behave, how we interact with our world - and how all other organisms do the same. It's amazing to me that a newt can shed its tail to avoid a predator, and then completely re-grow it, while a single mutation in the wrong gene can create a devastating disease. Studies in biology ask why these things happen, an... [more]

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Mustafa A.

Microbiology Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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I have alot of experience as a tutor at an school and privately!

I have my Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh one of the highest ranked schools in the USA. I graduated with an honers GPA of 3.5+. I have been a biology tutor for over four years. I have also taken a graduate level medical Microbiology course. I have written numerous reports on Microbiology from rabies in rural American areas to HIV and tuberculosis in Africa. I have been teaching all my life really my family immigrated here when I was young and I started school knowing no English so growing up I had to teach my little sisters and brother the language. Growing up I d [more]

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Aris A.

Microbiology Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

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Medical Student at University of Pittsburg, Tutoring Sciences and Math

Hello, my name is Aris. I am a medical student at University of Pittsburgh. I have tutored Biology and Chemistry extensively during the past few years. I have tutored high school AP students as well as college students. I consider tutoring to be a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience. With the right approach, the teaching and learning process can be both informative and and joyful. That is the way I approach tutoring. Biology is my major and I have extensive tutoring experienc... [more]