6 Organic Chemistry Tutors Found Near Parma, OH

Photo: Will M.

Will M.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Cleveland, OH 44126

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$40 per hour.

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Chemistry tutor who gets that teachers don't get it.

Organic chemistry is the study of compounds containing the element carbon. Typical areas include alkanes/alkenes/alkynes, acids/bases, oxidation/reduction, stereochemistry of compounds, functional groups, nucleophilic substitutions and elimination reactions, NMR/IR/Mass Spec, aromatics, aldehydes, and ketones. My experience in the subject involves the full year sequence of general organic chemistry, as well as a semester in advanced organic chemistry, which is based upon different types of spectroscopy. [more]

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WIlliam H.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Rocky River, OH 44116

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$20 per hour.

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Chemistry Student Specializing in Science and Test Prep

I thoroughly enjoyed Organic Chemistry one and two. While it was one of most challenging college course I have taken I found extremely fulfilling when I grasped each concept. I have 2 semesters experience being a Teacher's Assistant in General Chemistry 1 and 2. I feel like I can apply what I have learned as a TA in Gen. Chem as a tutor of Organic Chemistry. My teaching style relies on understanding of concepts rather than mere memorization and the religious use of flashcards. Hello, My name is Will. I will be a senior B.S. Chemistry Student at the University of Cincinnati. I have Teachers Ass [more]

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Hassan G.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Cleveland, OH 44118

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Tutoring: Math and Sciences

I took Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 at the University of Akron with the associated lab and received A in both lectures and Labs. Although most student find this subject to be challenging, I was able to understand it perfectly. My solid background in this subject will aid me in helping students understand Organic Chemistry. I have tutored Organic Chemistry in the past to college students who showed extraordinary improvement in the subject. Hello Student/Parent My name is Hassan G. I have an Undergrad. Degree in Accounting from the University of Michigan and I had recently moved in to Ohio with [more]

Photo: Lori M.

Lori M.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Independence, OH 44131

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Experienced industry chemist turned professor

I have earned a Master of science degree in Chemistry. My minor area of expertise in graduate school was organic chemistry and organic reactions. I have taught organic chemistry to students at the college level. I'm an advanced degree holding chemist who has spent considerable time in both academia and industry. In industry I have developed paint, cleaning products, aerosols, and lubricants. I have been teaching college level chemistry for nine years as an adjunct professor. I'm also a certified high school science teacher with 3 years experience teaching chemistry and general science. I [more]

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Sophia H.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Cleveland, OH 44106

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$40 per hour.

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CWRU Master's Grad for Math, Science and Spanish Tutoring

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree in chemistry. I have taken 3 Organic Chemistry Classes in college and two organic chemistry lab classes in college. I got A's or B's in all those classes. I tutored my classmates as well. I graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2015, where I was a four year varsity Track and Field Athlete. I primarily pole vaulted and hurdled for Case Western. I have tutored and coached fellow classmates in everything from advanced organic chemistry to hurdle technique. I love sharing my knowledge with others. I am a very active [more]

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Tyler R.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Cleveland, OH 44118

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$25 per hour.

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Tyler R. Professional Tutor at Case Western

While at the University of Akron, I have served as a Learning Assistant to Organic Chemistry. My responsibilities included running two hour review sessions before each exam for all the students. I also held office hours each week in order to help them with their homework. I have done this for over a year now. I have loved to learn since I was in high school. This desire for knowledge continued through college, while attending the University of Akron. While at Akron, I have been a tutor and have already had much enjoyment from teaching students. After working with so many people of all ages, I [more]