17 Phonics Tutors Found Near Austin, TX

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Kaden T.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78745

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Well-traveled Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Tutor

I have taught phonics lessons to groups of students in a classroom setting for almost two years. I have taught ABC's to preschoolers and more complex phonics to elementary school students. I focus on student speaking time, repetition, recognition, and practice, sometimes including games in the lesson. Hi there, I love teaching! My subject specialties are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, English, and ESL. There's nothing like the rush of putting foreign language skills to the test in real-time conversation. I used Spanish every day during my semester abroad in Argentina, which is where I learned [more]

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Alissa M.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78727

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Certified Special Education Teacher

Hi, my name is Alissa! I have an undergraduate degree in Special Education and a Masters degree in Social Work. I worked in foster care for 5 years, before returning to teaching. I have EC-6 Generalist and EC-12 Special Education certifications. I am also a Licensed Master Social Worker. I love working with children and seeing their growth and excitement as they learn. This is my 4th year teaching in a Special Education classroom. I have worked with students from Kindergarten through... [more]

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Carol D.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78752

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Experienced teacher with a creative, encouraging,and supportive heart!

I have worked with teaching phonics and phonetic skills to hearing impaired children for 28 years. I have in-depth understanding of the development of a child's brain in learning sound of letters, chunking sounds together, and eventually combining sounds to make words. I have worked with various programs that assist students learn how to produce letter sounds in the mouth and how to use those skills to eventually produce words. Hello there! I am a retired teacher of 33 years, still working in the education field. I have worked with hearing impaired students my entire career, and can sig [more]

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Thomas L.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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A friendly, professional Tutor for the Austin Area!

It is an intense - but fun learning ! - in a child's reality, with recognizing letters, sounds, pictures, flash cards, words and also building letters in clay. Problems with the English language are mainly based on a non-comprehension or not correctly understanding of the Phonics. This is why it so important for every child, to get sufficiently enough trained on this subject. I can either deliver the entire Phonics Program from the beginning, or I can also do several reading exams on a child to find out, which is the correct reading level, we have to start with. I got certified for deliver [more]

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Susan D.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78748

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Specializing in Elementary Math and Reading Skills

To begin to teach reading using phonics, I would first do a quick evaluation to see how much the child already knows. At that point, we will work with level-appropriate manipulatives and/or flashcards, practicing letters, blends, and beyond. Dr. Seuss books are great tools for this! I have 8 years of experience teaching and tutoring students. I have 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring students up to 8th grade. I especially enjoy tutoring grades 3 - 5, ensuring that their math and reading skills are at grade level or above so that they have a smooth and happy transition into the upp [more]

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Kate P.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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Music educator, Elementary teacher, English fanatic, and more!

As a specialist in voice, I was required to take diction courses in college that cover English, French, German and Italian. I have an in-depth understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet and know how to break down a language in such a way that it will make sense for reading comprehension and verbal recitation of literature. I received A's in all of my diction courses, and I am constantly complimented on my pronunciation. I have taught phonics rules to several children with success. I am a recent graduate of Abilene Christian University. Receiving cum laude honors, I graduated with my [more]

Photo: Teresa E.

Teresa E.

Phonics Tutor

Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Phonics is as essential as word meaning. Phonics is a great way to learn adding music to the lesson. Learning the sound of words is a major factor in learning to write as well. The more confident the student feels in the pronunciation the more the student can write and create better communication. It starts at the lower level but can be also used for other language acquisition. I use phonics when teaching Spanish and it can be reversed and used for English or any language as well. I am a passionate tutor and believe everyone has the power to learn, given the chance and proper tools to lea [more]

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Kathleen A.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78723

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Katie, Literacy Tutor in Austin, TX

I have taught all academic subjects at an elementary level. My bachelor's and master's degrees are in Education with a specialization in language and literacy studies. My teacher certifications included the following: grades EC-8, English as a Second Language Supplemental and a Master Reading Teacher certification for grades EC-12. I entered the noble field of teaching because I believe change begins with education. As a dyslexia teacher and reading interventionist, I provide daily, intense, student-centered interventions to help readers achieve grade level expectations. I teach reading and [more]

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Nola E.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78745

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Learning your way

I have worked as an elementary school teacher for 10 years. Phonics was one of the subjects taught. Also, I worked with bilingual students where teaching phonics was essential. I have worked in the public school system for 14 years as a teacher's assistant, bilingual kindergarten teacher, first grade bilingual teacher, counselor, and behavior intervention teacher. As a teacher I have found that people learn in many different ways. My approach is to find your learning style and teach your way, not mine. One of my favorite quotes is: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day... Teach a [more]

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Laura C.

Phonics Tutor

Austin, TX 78703

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31-years of Literacy and Teaching Expertise

Whether working with students after school or at school during the day, I have several years of tutoring and one-to-one intervention experience. I have a Masters and Doctorate in Education, specifically in Curriculum and Instruction with a special emphasis in Language and Literacy Studies. In addition, I have lifetime teaching certification (Texas) for grades 1-8. Literacy, both reading and writing, is my passion, and I am certified in the Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia remediation method. In ... [more]