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MaryLynne W.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Positive, patient tutor, focused on your getting results easily

I have been working daily for the past two years with kindergarten students helping them learn phonics. I start with the basic sounds of the alphabet, move into working with blends and then expanding into CVC word families. We use worksheets, word wheels and games; using as many senses as possible to anchor the learning more quickly. I moved to the Charlotte area from Arizona at the end of 2013 and have been helping students with my skills, knowledge and experience. My love and appreciation for working with children of all ages began with studying for my master's degree in Early Childhood Dev [more]

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Cynthia C.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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TTT (Teacher Turned Tutor)

When I began my teaching career, I taught first grade and we used a programmed reading program which taught phonics. I believe in students being able to "sound out" words, to give them some basics from which they can learn to read. I realize the pendulum switched to "whole language", but I personally believe phonics is a better base from which to start. I would teach the student the sounds of each vowel and consonant and then go from there. Rhyming and patterns of letters are very helpful in learning how to read. Having a wide vocabulary is also a tremendous aid for all students, but particula [more]

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Donna K.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Test Prep Specialist with a Proven Record of Success-Over 1,500 hours!

I have been certified in the Mae Carden educational system whose reading and spelling curriculum is entirely built upon a structured application of phonics. Students learn spelling through the Carden "controls", a set of rules for deconstructing a word into its basic phonic parts, presented in such a way that the students are able to remember how and why a word is spelled the way it is and to also explain the reasons why certain groupings of letters are pronounced differently. In addition, the controls are accompanied by a vowel chart, which groups sounds into natural phonic clusters. Using [more]

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Cynthia H.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28269

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Learning is an Adventure in Every Way

I am a 30-year veteran teacher. I have taught a variety of phonics programs, including SRA Imagine It Phonics program, Lippincott Reading program, and Daily 5 which has a strong word work component. I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I am certified to teach kindergarten through 8th grade. I have experience teaching throughout these grade levels as well as working with individual and small group tutoring sessions. Tutoring gives me the opportunity to work individually with various types of students. As an educator, I know that different students have different learning styles and learning [more]

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Jill C.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28269

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I am an experienced teacher, with 10 years of teaching experience. I hold professional teaching certification in (K-12) ESOL, (K-12) Spanish, (K-6) General Education. I received my multiple degrees from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where I graduated with honors. I have taught (and tutored) in many schools environments. I have experience working with students of many age levels and at different stages of reading and writing development (beginning to advanced). I have experience teaching: phonics, ESOL, English, Spanish (various levels), language arts, reading, phonemic awarenes [more]

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Maryanne H.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28202

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Experienced Tutor and Teacher

I'm Maryanne! I grew up in Florida and in high school developed an interest in working with kids. I attended the University of Florida where I received a Bachelor's Degree with cum laude honors and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education K-6. I also have a Reading Endorsement and ESOL Endorsement. I began tutoring in college, first through independent connections then through America Reads, a national reading tutoring program. I am a certified teacher with both North Carolina and Florida li... [more]

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Davis P.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Patient, kind, & creative: I make learning interesting

Coursework for my BS Ed and M Ed included classes in the teaching of reading. Emphasis on a phonics approached has ebbed and flowed during the years of my career. Yet, during the times phonics was in the scope and sequence of language instruction, it proved to be greatly helpful to the learners. My experience teaching phonics will be useful for families desiring this approach. Are you seeking a tutor who can help based on your own learning style and needs? Do you want a tutor who will map out a plan to help you master content and skills? Since you want to improve your academic achieveme [more]

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Danielle W.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28278

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Experienced tutor with extensive education

I have been formally trained on phonics lessons from my current job position as a behavior therapist that focuses on academic school work as well as behavioral issues. I am currently fulfilling my Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis which looks at how to best teach children new skills and how to abolish unwanted behaviors. I am a young professional with an extensive background in child development. I fulfilled my Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis which looks at how to best teach children new skills and how to abolish unwanted behaviors. I have been formally trained on phonics lessons [more]

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Correy H.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28216

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I am a highly successful teacher with 10 years experience.

I teach effective phonics using explicit, systematic instruction and practice. Students must learn to match a unit of sound (a phoneme) to the letter or letters that make the sound (a grapheme). Separating the written word into its individual sounds and blending the individual sounds of letters to make words is the foundation of reading. I have been a teacher all my life and became certified in 1991 in New York. I have taught second grade and fifth grade in NYC and special education in Denver for two years while I worked on by Masters in special education. I am currently a first grade teacher [more]

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Betty B.

Phonics Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28215

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Betty B. Elementary Reading, Grammar, Math

I am a certified teacher in grades K-6. I teach systematic phonics instruction, and I am very passionate about teaching reading skills. With the methodology I use I have watched students jump two grade levels in reading. I have had the privilege of teaching children from four years old and beyond to read. My four year old students were reading at second grade level when they entered kindergarten, because of phonics. After my teaching, all students were reading at their grade level or above. I teach students skills to decode words using phonics, along with most common sight words in the E [more]