9 Phonics Tutors Found Near Eugene, OR

Photo: Rebekah B.

Rebekah B.

Phonics Tutor

Salem, OR 97305

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$35 per hour.

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Patiently making sure you understand!

Phonics is a great approach to learning or improving one's reading skills. As a kid, I loved to play with syllables and sounds, and as a teacher I enjoy seeing students catch on to the system and read with greater and greater ease. I have used phonics to aid my 5th/6th graders with spelling, and in tutoring a 2nd grader who was having trouble with reading (decoding words). I have used phonics with my own children in teaching them reading skills, as well. I love to see a person light up when they finally understand that concept that has been a stumbling block for them. In my years of teachi [more]

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Ana S.

Phonics Tutor

Salem, OR 97301

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$40 per hour.

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Tutora de ingles

I have tutored many people (grown ups as well as children) who had trouble with phonics. It takes patience but if I get to know the student then I can usually make it fun. I use many flash cards and supply phonics material. Phonics can be fun. My name is Ana. I love science and reading. I am fluent in Spanish and English. One of my interests is learning about different cultures. I am 33 years old. I have 11 years of experience tutoring individuals with developmental disabilities. I am very patient and have worked with students from different backgrounds. As a child, I was very frustrated when [more]

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Margaret L.

Phonics Tutor

Salem, OR 97301

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Certified ESL Instructor; Certified Writing Instructor

I completed two courses in ESL pronunciation and one course in the structure of language, which covered the International Phonetic Alphabet; North American English vowels and consonants; stress, rhythm, and connected speech; prominence and intonation; and the English sound system as it relates to listening, morphology, and spelling. In addition, I performed a contrastive analysis of English and Spanish; diagnosed a Spanish speaker's individual pronunciation issues by recording, transcribing, and analyzing his speech; and designed learning materials to help him with his specific pronunciation [more]

Photo: Marissa A.

Marissa A.

Phonics Tutor

Eugene, OR 97405

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$40 per hour.

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English as a Second Language Tutor, including TOEFL Preparation

With a BA in Elementary Education and an MA to teach English as a Second Language, I am very qualified to teach phonics. I taught all elementary grades as well as Title One reading and math. I have an MA in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a BA in Elementary Education. For 20 years I have taught language and life skills to adult non-native English speakers as well as academic English to international students at the university level. I enjoy the one-on-one tutoring experience and am reliable and patient. I know enough Spanish to assist a Spanish speaker learning t [more]

Photo: Jill F.

Jill F.

Phonics Tutor

Salem, OR 97317

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English made easy

After teaching kindergarten for five years and teaching my own children to become avid readers, I have acquired effective methods and strategies to help children learn the phonics they need to become successful readers, writers and spellers. I have used several different, widely-accepted phonics methods successfully, such as SRA, Hooked on Phonics, Open Court and Lindamood (previously Auditory Discrimination in Depth). Throughout the many years I have taught reading and phonics, I have developed many strategies to make reading an enjoyable activity for students. [more]

Photo: Bryce I.

Bryce I.

Phonics Tutor

Eugene, OR 97402

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All Age Tutor - 20 Years Experience - Special Education Background

I have been teaching phonics to elementary aged children for over fifteen years. I believe that phonics skills are an important tool, with lifelong applications, which are unfortunately taught ineffectively in many classrooms. I am honest with students about the irregular nature of phonics patterns in a large percentage of English, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of phonemic understanding when decoding the majority of unfamiliar words. Through both reading and writing practice, as well as phonics games, I am able to successfully teach phonics rules to my students, even in cas [more]

Photo: Kathleen P.

Kathleen P.

Phonics Tutor

Stayton, OR 97383

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Retired general ed and special ed teacher available

I taught elementary school for twenty years and have tutored for eleven. While teaching I used several phonics programs, including Vowac and Project Read. I have used those skills with the students I have tutored and been successful. One girl did not know all her letter sounds in second grade but was reading at grade level by the time she reached fifth grade. I have twenty years? teaching experience and extensive training in language acquisition, teaching writing, differentiating learning, and special education. I have taught general and special education in elementary and middle schools, i [more]

Photo: Grace B.

Grace B.

Phonics Tutor

Eugene, OR 97405

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School-based Speech Language Pathologist

I have taken a course on phonology taught by one of the leading researchers in the field of phonetics. I have worked with children who have phonological disorders and have taught phonics to children Elementary-aged. I have conducted research on phonics and have been trained to conduct clinical treatments with children who have phonological disorders and delays. I am currently a Speech Language Pathologist for the Bethel School District in Eugene, Oregon. I work with a caseload of around 40 students ages 5-11. Treatment consists of receptive and expressive language, reading comprehension, artic [more]

Photo: Ari K.

Ari K.

Phonics Tutor

Eugene, OR 97404

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Expert German / English Tutor with 19 Years of Experience in Germany

I enjoy helping students of all ages with basic reading and language skills such as working on recognizing, reading and pronouncing letters (vowels and syllables)alone and in groups. Experience in establishing rapport (especially with young children) and teaching in an intentional yet playful fashion makes tutoring and learning phonics a lot of fun! When working with preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children and limited attention spans, I begin teaching by focusing on their favorite toys and formulating the sounds that make up the proper name for that toy. I do the same with alphabet magnet [more]