10 Phonics Tutors Found Near Indianapolis, IN

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Mariana S.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46217

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Most recommended tutor (100+) SAT,ACT,PRAXIS, SSAT,TOEFL,GRE...

The phonics teaching method enhances the ability to hear, distinguish, and operate with phonemes (the basic units of a language?s phenology). It assists the reader in sounding out written words and realizing how the sounds blend together in spelling patterns. In my work I use this method to help the student develop phonemic awareness of the special English phonemes. The fact that the letter names and the letter sounds are different in English makes reading challenging for both children and adults ? far not only for ESL students. I have worked with elementary school students who are native Eng [more]

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Cathy K.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46218

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Geographer, Writer, Tutor in Many Subjects

For two years I worked at the Huntington Learning Center, where phonics was an integral part of learning center programs. Specifically, I gained experience using the "Explode the Code" phonics materials and the "Beyond the Code" reading materials with students of a wide variety of ages (5-17); I've also used the Sullivan Adult Reader series in association with phonics programs. Since leaving Huntington last June, I've continued to use these materials in my own private tutoring work, and use the "Explode the Code" diagnostic testing materials to place students within phonics and reading prog [more]

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Phyllis P.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46234

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Individualized Strength Based Tutoring

In addition to my extensive work with children, I have tutored adult learners for ten years using a multi-sensory phonics based approach. I am currently using the Orton Gillingham method with young readers who are struggling. This method is recommended for children who learn differently, especially those identified as dyslexic. Hearing, saying, seeing, and writing are all used to help a child learn basic decoding skills necessary for reading. I use a variety of learning experiences including games and large muscle exercises in addition to "paper and pencil" work. [more]

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Jennifer H.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46224

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I have tutored for 15 years and have 60 hours of OG training.

I have 60 hours of Orton Gillingham training and have been a title 1 aide for 13 years. I have helped students close the gap of their learning with lessons and activities. I have a degree in Social Work from Northern Kentucky University. I have worked in schools for 13 years as a title 1 aide. I enjoy helping children find their place in school. I help them reach their potential and beyond. Struggling students are my specialty. We work together where they are and inch our way up the ladder. I do many learning games where the children don't realize they are learning a skill. We will [more]

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Andrenese M.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46214

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Reach To The Top

I hold a Master's in Education. I have taught primary grades 1 and 2 in Reading. I have used Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels. I know how to use phonemic awareness for example word building and other phonetic strategies. I have taught Reading for my entire teaching career. Hello, I am a retired elementary school teacher. I have 37 years of teaching experience and retired June of 2014. I hold a Master's in Education. I have a superb, zestful attitude towards teaching. I have high expectation and standards for the student's academic success. I easily cultivate trusting [more]

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Roslyn R.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Language Arts/ Love of Reading

I taught First Grade for 27 years and during those years I worked with various Phonemic programs. I taught a phonics lesson daily. I have a strong phonemic background. I also, realize not all students learn using phonemic sounds. I have used a sight word program for those students that struggle with the basic Phonics program. I am a retired public school teacher of 35 years. I spent 27 years at the first grade and have taught in every grade except Kindergarten and 6th. My strength is in my love of reading and literature activities. I enjoy taking a reading story and using it for the ba [more]

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Angela S.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46226

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A Very Patient Tutor Specializing in Reteaching & Refreshing!

I have take Levels I & II of Orton-Gillingham Multi Level Phonics. I also have all student resources and materials from each course. Hello students & parents, As a licensed Special Education Teacher and K-12 Building Administrator, I truly believe that everyone can learn and can overcome any challenges. Let me begin by asking a few questions. *** Does your classroom teacher go too fast when teaching a lesson? *** Are you easily distracted? Do you have trouble staying focused in school? *** Do you still have questions at the end of class after being taught a new concept? *** Do you c [more]

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Charlene R.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46221

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Experienced and Knowledgeable ESL & JSL Language Arts Tutor

Growing up in Scotland, phonetics was a substantial part of our school training. I prefer the word phonetics to phonics, and I believe strongly in tying the 'phonics' to reading and to elocution (working on the phonics out loud). I use some of the same techniques I use in ESL. I should be able not only to help your child, but enable you to help him/her. Phonics should be fun, because language should be fun. Phonics should help your child's pronunciation as well as visual reading skills. My goal would be to help you put your child ahead of his class reading level. But the methods would be [more]

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Dawn L.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46229

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Dawn, Patient Reading tutor, Effective Phonic teacher

My name is Dawn L., and I am an elementary teacher in the city of Indianapolis. I have been around education for about 11 years. I am a mother of a large family, and I also am the grandmother of a large family. I have also done administration work through a charter network in here in the city. I love working with children. My educational background is in psychology, and my Masters which I am currently sitting for is k-12 education with teacher instruction and social studies. In my spare time... [more]

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Laura P.

Phonics Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46250

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Former Elementary educator skilled in math and spelling tutoring

Hello! My name is Laura P. and I have a Multiple Subjects Credential/Elementary Credential for Indiana and California. I have ELL/ESL training and have taught students of all abilities. My experience is primarily with 5th and 6th grade students, but I am willing to work with any age. When I tutor, I start with seeing what my student already knows, what they need to know, and what they want to know. I look at patterns in their answers to determine comprehension and use that to direct our nex... [more]