22 Phonics Tutors Found Near Laredo, TX

Photo: Sandi O.

Sandi O.

Phonics Tutor

Mission, TX 78572

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$30 per hour.

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Certified Teacher with a heart for students

I began to use phonics in teaching reading as a Deaf Ed teacher. We used hand signals to represent sounds to help the children learn to say the words. Now I depend heavily on phonics when teaching reading and writing, helping the child to listen to the sounds they hear to decipher or spell a word. I teach the different rules associated with the sounds as well as the different combinations that can make the same sound. I think phonics are a very useful tool, especially for learning to read and spell. [more]

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Natalia S.

Phonics Tutor

San Antonio, TX 78251

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Compassionate and approachable teaching professional

I am a Texas certified teacher Generalist EC-4 and Generalist 4-8. I currently teach second grade at Houston ISD according to my state certification. I have a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education (graduated with High Honors GPA 3.9), and have earned certification in EC-4, Generalist 4-8, ESL (1-8) and G/T. As a highly compassionate and approachable teaching professional, with over 8 years of hands-on teaching experience in Texas, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable member of your teaching staff. Being a versatile educator, I have taken the opportunity to instruct a [more]

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Julie D.

Phonics Tutor

San Antonio, TX 78250

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Experienced English Teacher with Excellent Grammar/Writing Skills

I am a linguist as well as an English major. I have a strong background in both linguistics and phonetics. I use an approach to reading that employs both phonetics and sight words. I consider it important for students to be able to sound out words using phonetics as well as recognize common words. I, Julie, am an experienced English teacher with a Bachelor's degree in English and French and a Master's degree in English. I have superb grammar, writing, vocabulary, and proofreading and editing skills! I love teaching all subjects within my field. I am passionate about grammar, literature, writin [more]

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Mark A.

Phonics Tutor

Los Fresnos, TX 78566

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Elementary and Middle School Tutor

I've spoken only English my entire life. My own education taught me about the sounds of the letters, blends and digraphs. When I taught first grade, the school used an SRA textbook that focused on phonics as its training the students in learning how to read. As I worked in various teaching duties throughout middle school, I frequently had to help our bilingual students with their pronunciation and/or spelling to aid in their reading the various textbooks. I started my teaching career in 2000. For almost two years, I worked in the third and first grade levels. I then changed to the middle s [more]

Photo: Chelsi H.

Chelsi H.

Phonics Tutor

Converse, TX 78109

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Experienced First Grade Teacher of 6 years!

Hi! I'm Chelsi and I teach first grade. I've taught first grade for six years and coming up on year seven. I love the little ones and challenge them to believe in themselves first and the rest we can do together! I have a passion for reading and incorporate that within my lessons and games. I've been in the classroom and still am till this day. I know which skills tend to give students the most problems. I know what the expectation is for a first grade reader and how to guide them to reac... [more]



Phonics Tutor

Mcallen, TX 78501

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Professional Educator

As an Elementary Educator I have taught successfully K-2nd Grade using Phonics lessons for at-risk students. If you are looking for someone that is dedicated to the success of your child's education, look no further. I have a proven record from the classroom as well as to administration. It is important to have your child prepared for the future but it begins today. It begins with highly qualified and motivated educators. I am here to serve you and your child. I have always been successful with my at-risk students because I teach according to their level of understanding first and then [more]

Photo: Lisa A.

Lisa A.

Phonics Tutor

Corpus Christi, TX 78414

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Let's Have Fun Learning!

I taught phonics for two Vietnamese/English students ages 7 and 9 while teaching at a a learning center in Wuhan, China. For two years I taught basic phonics to two eight year old Chinese students. Additionally, I taught phonics to a five-year old female Chinese student with a small measure of success in that we had some language barriers that made it quite difficult. I used flash cards and phonics activities from several on-line websites with a great deal of success. I am a HUGE believer in the power of learning phonics for advancement in the English language. In my mind, it is an absolute [more]

Photo: Amanda K.

Amanda K.

Phonics Tutor

San Antonio, TX 78209

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Experienced Elementary School Teacher

I am an experienced elementary school teacher who has a Bachelor's degree in Education from Texas A&M University, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. I have experience teaching all subjects in kindergarten through fifth grade in both private and public schools. I take pride in developing relationships with my students, and using multiple approaches to teach to each individual child. I believe that all children are capable of learning, and I love helping children reach th... [more]

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Sandy R.

Phonics Tutor

Hondo, TX 78861

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Certified Teacher: ELAR

I have extensive training in the Spalding method of phonics. I am a seasoned teacher who is very creative. I have extensive knowledge in reading strategies. I have taught PK-7th grade. I have been trained in a recognized phonics program along with training in the 6 Traits writing and Fisher-Reyna writing program. I have been teaching for 35 years and currently teach 4th grade at Hondo ISD. I would be willing to tutor reading and writing. Please give me a call!... [more]

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Celina J. S.

Phonics Tutor

Donna, TX 78537

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Certified Elementary Educator

I am certified in Elementary Education in the state of Texas. I have a Bachelor's degree in Teaching from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. My certification is in core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Reading) grades EC (early childhood) to 6th. I like to work with students on their individual academic needs, goals, and help them track their progress. I love teaching and I like being able to spend more individualized time with students that tutoring has to offer. ... [more]