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Maran G.

Phonics Tutor

Rockville, MD 20852

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Individualized Instruction Is the Key to Success

As part of my ESOL teaching experience (10 years), I have worked with phonics materials both for spelling and pronunciation. In addition, phonics training was part of my original undergraduate degree in education. Dear Student, As an enthusiastic and highly experienced educator, it has been my privilege to work with students of all ages on many different subjects in a wide variety of settings. Helping each of them to succeed has given me great satisfaction, and I would very much like to work with you to help you meet your educational goals. Some of my particular strengths includ [more]

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Rebecca G.

Phonics Tutor

Alexandria, VA 22312

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Ivy League Grad - ACT, Math, English, Writing, Reading Tutor

I have taught students preparing for entry into kindergarten how to read as well as students that were behind their grade level. My methods include starting with sounding out vowels, both short and long, then moving to words with single consonants before and after, beginning words, words that rhyme, alphabet puzzles, word maps, and picture/letter association. Single consonants are introduced, then sight words. Reading aloud is needed all along the way to make sure that the student understands the individual letter sounds, as well as the groups of letters that make up words and sentences. [more]

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Darla S.

Phonics Tutor

Washington, DC 20018

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Statistics, Psychology, and Elementary Subject Areas

As a developmental psychologist specializing in cognitive development, I have extensive training in helping students to develop phonemic awareness which serve as the building blocks for reading. Essentially, these tutorial sessions will help learner begin to sound out words and thereby strengthen their reading fluency and comprehension skills. Greetings! I have years of experience teaching statistics, psychology courses, and using SPSS. With a doctoral degree, I can use my years of academic training to help you! Since I was in high school, I have tutored and enjoyed helping students to und [more]

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Kaitlin M.

Phonics Tutor

Mc Lean, VA 22101

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Certified Teacher-Elementary School Tutor

I have experience working with students in first through fourth grade work on their phonics. I have designed a curriculum that works on students phonemic awareness and asks them to manipulate words and sounds. I have researched the different stages of phonemic awareness and have many resources to help students reach success. Hi! My name is Kaitlin and I have a passion for engaging students and motivating them to learn! I have several years of experience in both public and private schools, teaching first, third, and fourth grade . Prior to that, I graduated from the University of Kentucky and a [more]

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Lindsay H.

Phonics Tutor

Washington, DC 20002

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Afraid of the summer slump? I can help!

We all know that kids should spend their summer months playing and exploring. However, we also know children tend to lose important skills over the summer months that will help them succeed in school. As a teacher, I see this first hand. Many kids come back to school in August or September forgetting skills they learned the previous year. So instead of moving forward and building on what they learned last year, we have to step back and relearn those skills. I want to help your child retain re... [more]

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Linda Z.

Phonics Tutor

Washington, DC 20006

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EFL/TESOL, Chinese, Music

I learned phonics and IPA as a part of my training to teach ESL in rural China. My students learn to use phonics to help their pronunciation and spelling. I incorporate phonics regularly into my spoken English lessons. I'll always appreciate my teachers for introducing me to new subjects and for opening new doors for me. I believe that good teaching is giving back, which is why I've been tutoring since college. As a Teach for China Fellow, I have experience teaching English to beginning and intermediate English with a focus on pronunciation. I teach both IPA and phonics. I am fluent in Mandari [more]

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Aurora M.

Phonics Tutor

Washington, DC 20009

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Former Teacher, Forever Educator

I am a lifelong teacher and educator with a total of 24 years of experience teaching/working with children ages 6 weeks through elementary school. I grew up in a family that deeply valued education and knew the opportunities a quality education would provide. I developed a love of reading very early which was inspired by my family. My grandfather had scores of books and they were everywhere and my mom was a voracious reader. This love for reading and learning led me to become a teacher. I kne... [more]

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Anna C.

Phonics Tutor

Bethesda, MD 20814

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SAT/ACT Prep Expert

I hold a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, which included a course in literacy teaching methods. This course covered different methods of teaching phonics and integrating phonics into the literacy curriculum. I also completed a portion of my student teaching in a first grade classroom, where I taught phonics daily during guided reading and individual instruction. I also have experience designing individualized instruction for students using phonics to improve both their fluency and comprehension. [more]

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Jeanne L.

Phonics Tutor

Arlington, VA 22201

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Enthusiastic Educator

I've been teaching for 4 years in DC, and have experience teaching 1st-4th grade students in ELA and Math. I have a dual Master's degree in Elementary Education (1-6) and Special Education (K-8). I love working with students to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and adapting the curriculum so all students can reach their academic and personal goals. Differentiated styles of Math (Eureka Math) K-6 English Language Arts Decoding and encoding strategies with Fundations ... [more]

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Heidi K.

Phonics Tutor

Rockville, MD 20852

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Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist

I emphasize phonics in all my instruction in teaching students to read and write. I am a Reading Specialist with twenty years of classroom experience in both private and public education. I teach graphemes, phonemes, blends, digraphs, common word chunks, and have been trained in the Wilson Reading program and have taken classes in the Orton Gillingham reading program. I have taken classes in the Lindamood Bell reading program and am certified to teach reading. I have trained tons of students in the past seven years to learn to read and write. Many parents have been thrilled with my approa [more]