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Jessica G.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92101

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Understand Math and Science with an Experienced and Committed Tutor

Physics has always come naturally to me and I have taken several years of physics in high school and college. For physics I have tutored students from 9th-12th grade, primarily in mechanics but also in electricity and magnetism, across all levels (intro, college prep, honors, ap), and for classes with or without calculus. I am a successful physics tutor because I deeply understand these topics, but can also explain and show my students how to visualize what is going on. While "Physics" covers a lot of ground (from mechanics, to electrostatics, to magnetism), I have found a lot of equations an [more]

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Zach O.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92104

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Tutoring that focuses on building learning skills and confidence

I have a strong background in Physics through earning a BS in Civil Engineering and working as a bridge design engineer. As an instructor I have a broad set of experiences both in terms of subject matter, group size, and age of students. My first teaching experience came at the University of Kansas as a college algebra instructor and tutor. Each semester I had a class of approximately 20 students and tutored roughly 10 hours a week. The majority of this tutoring was one-on-one; however, when it proved advantageous, I would tutor small groups of 3-4 students. Later in my undergraduate degree, I [more]

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Roman S.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92139

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Mathematics and Science Guru, Enthusiast, and Human Calculator

I am finishing my 3rd and final semester of physics this upcoming Spring, which explains with Waves and Optics is not listed in my subject title. However, being the resident physics tutor at my former tutoring locations, having hands on experience for almost one year with current physics curricula keeps my mind even more fresh and ready to impart knowledge. Not to mention I have a multitude of physics course work, textbook work, reference books, and "for fun" books, I can provide (with confirmation/corroboration) as much additional work for students as needed. [more]

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Daniel M.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92102

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Math, Science and More! Let's Enjoy the Learning Process.

My name is Daniel, and I love helping students to improve in Math and Science. I attended U.C. Santa Barbara, ranked 33rd in the World's Top 200 Universities, and graduated with a degree in Communication. I've been tutoring for the past 9 years and have worked with students at many different levels. My unique approach to tutoring involves working with each student according to their learning style, while also introducing new mental methods when appropriate. My background in communication all... [more]

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Sarah W.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92101

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Math Tutor (Elem - College)

My experience in Physics I includes the following topics: Motion in plane, Kinematics (Motion Equations for Constant Acceleration Forces and Equilibrium), 2-D Kinematics (Vector Addition & Subtraction, Projectile Motion), Force and Newton's Laws of Motion (Inertia, Concept of a System, Symmetry in Forces), Uniform Circular Motion & Gravitation, Linear Momentum and Collisions, Conservation Laws, Work and Potential Energy, Rigid Bodies and Rotational Dynamics, Statics & Torques, Thermodynamics, Speed of Sound, Frequency & Wavelength, Electric Charge & Electric Field, Magnetism, Geometric & Wave [more]

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Shashidhar R.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92103

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Experienced PhD tutor in mathematics and basic sciences

My goal is to empower my students to succeed in understanding basic and advanced concepts within the fields of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. I have an extensive background in tutoring and mentoring students of all ages. Most recently, I have worked with a number of students in the areas in the basic sciences and mathematics. My education background is broad and includes a PhD in theoretical chemistry at the Indian Institute of Sciences as well as a post-doctoral fellowship at ... [more]

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Aleksey S.

Physics Tutor

Chula Vista, CA 91911

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Efficient, experienced, long term focused guidance in GRE and SAT

My primary focus are students (online students - I have 8 years of online teaching experience and will happily accommodate you) who require in-depth help with standardized tests, namely the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, LSAT, SAT, and ACT (my scores are below). Having written hundreds of graduate-level coursework, I also teach advanced composition thesis construction (this is strongly recommended for younger students students to ensure that incorrect fundamentals are caught early; however, I am more tha... [more]

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Rolando R.

Physics Tutor

La Mesa, CA 91942

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Best Tutor in West Hartford

Physics is one of the sciences I enjoyed the most. It contains a lot of math theories and uses many equations to explain natural laws all around us. Understanding the math is not nearly as important as understanding the science behind it all. Every student is different and has different needs. As an experienced Math Professor, I am able to utilize several different methods to help any student learn the material, which translates very well for in person tutoring. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctorate in Philosophy of Math Education at ASU. I do my best to stay current with the best teachi [more]

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Lauren G.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92161

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Need help in math and science? Ask a physicist!

I got a 5 on the AP Physics B exam, and over 750 on the SAT II Physics exam. I got A's in all intro physics classes in college. I now work as a neutrino physicist, and am a physics major at a university consistently rated in the top five in the world for physics. I have previously done physics research for Stanford, Caltech, and UCSD. I am currently working on a paper on cosmological limits for sterile neutrinos with Dr. George Fuller (UCSD), Dr. Christian Ott (Caltech), and Evan Grohs (UCSD), as well as working on a electron neutrino flux study for MINERvA at FNAL. [more]

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Johnny S.

Physics Tutor

San Diego, CA 92161

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Engineering Physics Student at UCSD

An Engineering Physics undergraduate student at UCSD. Started at Saddleback College with an interest in Physics and Computer Science. I have taken AP Physics B and C in high school (Physics B was the predecessor to AP Physics 1 & 2). Also have taken all introductory physics and many computer science courses at Saddleback. At Saddleback I was both a computer science lab tutor and a physics tutor in my school's tutoring center. I love to see when other students understand physics and computer... [more]