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Skyler H.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73071

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Specialized Techniques in Physics and Chemistry

Most physics students have the most difficulty knowing where to start. My physics students learn a problem solving strategy that not only helps then know how to start the problem, but also keeps work organized and greatly helps them catch errors before declaring a final answer. This strategy is valid for any level of physics whether it's kinematics, electricity & magnetism or quantum mechanics. It has also been useful for engineers taking statics and dynamics classes. I used this technique throughout many of my physics classes. Most notably, I scored top of my class and in the 93 percentile i [more]

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Debra P.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73071

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Tutor with Many Skill Sets

I am a college graduate who was an RN for 17 years. During that time, I home schooled my three boys for eight years, and just completed being my youngest son's learning coach for online school from 2011 to 2013. I have taught science, math, algebra, history, spelling, language, phonics geometry, math analysis, and many other classes. I have also taken the NCLEX in the past. I was also in the military and scored very well on the ASVAB test. I have taken many college level classes in anatom... [more]

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Scott S.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Energetic instructor (high school, OU, test prep) makes physics fun!

My favorite subject of all, and the one I tutor most often, is physics. The way I see it, there are three types of skills involved in doing physics. 1) conceptual skill: what basic principles are involved here? Write a few sentences in English, qualitatively explaining what you expect to happen. Explain the situation to Grandma, or someone who is smart but has never taken physics. 2) analytical skill: break the problem into steps. What will you do first? What will you do second? Will you set two things equal to each other? 3) mathematical skill: can you solve for x in the bottom of a fracti [more]

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Hasan S.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73069

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Physics for all levels

I have been teaching physics discussion sections at the University of Oklahoma since Fall 2010. I worked as a teaching assistant for several professors giving lectures, planning lessons, and grading papers, as well as holding office hours to answer questions for students. I mostly taught Physics for Engineering students, and some physics courses for nonscience majors; the course content included mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. I am a patient teacher and enjoy helping students... [more]

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James C.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Music Theory Professor with Physics/Math background

I love learning and teaching a wide variety of subjects. Music theory is my primary specialty, as I have taught such courses at the college level for the past 14 years, but my other strengths include physics, math, and any other field that requires analytical thinking. During my time as a professor, I covered the entire core music theory curriculum at Eastman School of Music (Theory 1-5, Aural Skills 1-5) and also at Oklahoma City University (Theory 1-4, Aural Skills 1-4), and will bring th... [more]

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Ross T.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73072

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Tutoring in College and High School Math

I have been tutoring Physics and Math for over 10 years. I have also taught Calculus and other Applied Math courses; and have been working in the field of Atmospheric Physics. I will help break it down for you and help you to find the handle on any Physics or Math problem. I received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics in 1978, and later a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics in 1981, both from the University of Waterloo in Canada. During my Master's program, I was a teaching assistant for both the Calculus and Algebra divisions of the Department of Applied Mathematics, and became the [more]

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Amanda K.

Physics Tutor

Norman, OK 73019

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STEM Enthusiast Providing Math and Science Tutoring

While we make our way through the physical world successfully day to day, an understanding of physics is not as intuitive as expected. Besides teaching concepts, I help students approach problems more effectively and analytically by using units and dimensional analysis. A sound understanding of dimensional analysis can help students work their way through difficult problems quickly and with little stress - a skill that becomes very important on test day! I am a mathematician and scientist through and through! I received B.S. degrees in mathematics and atmospheric science from the University [more]