8 Physics Tutors Found Near West Palm Beach, FL

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Timothy F.

Physics Tutor

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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$65 per hour.

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PhD scientist available for help with math, science, and economics

I have had the good fortune of tutoring several high school and college students in math, science, and economics over the years. When I first start tutoring someone, s/he is often frustrated and discouraged, so my first objective is to get his/her confidence back. That is even more important than the subject matter, as important as that is. Once the person's confidence returns, then s/he will be more receptive to what I am teaching, and significant improvement will follow. One person came ... [more]

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Loc T.

Physics Tutor

Lake Worth, FL 33463

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$35 per hour.

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Math, Science, Engineering, From Ls to As

Hello! I have recently graduated from Suncoast Community High (SHS), and I am now on my journey toward a college degree at the University of Florida; with the memories of high school still fresh in my mind, I am confident with my ability to aid students with the preparation needed in order to successfully graduate high school and enroll in a college. I was part of the Math, Science, and Engineering Program (MSE) offered at SHS; through out my four years as a rigorous participant in MSE, I h... [more]

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Vanessa H.

Physics Tutor

West Palm Beach, FL 33414

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$60 per hour.

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Upper level math tutor w/10+ yrs experience and certification

I have experience tutoring students in physics, explaining all aspects to solving a problem. I also help the student develop several study skills to achieve success in the course. The student needs to understand the meaning of a formula and learn how to apply the formula, how to read and comprehend the described scenario, how to visualize the geometrical relationships and make an accurate diagram to represent them, and how to keep track of the units in each quantity. So as part of my instructional strategy, I work to break down each piece of understanding and work process, to uncover which iss [more]

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Charles M.

Physics Tutor

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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$36 per hour.

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Insight, Understanding, and Improvement

I minored in physics and majored in applied mathematics. I worked as a Research Physicist in a leading industrial research laboratory and as a Product Program Manager in a leading technology company. Special strengths include radiometry and photometrology (of x-ray, gamma ray, ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation), measurement systems and information technology (including computer programming, measurement system calibration and use, decision technologies, communication technologies, coding methods, compression methods), imaging technologies (digital and analog, electronic and chemica [more]

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Christopher B.

Physics Tutor

Lake Worth, FL 33462

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$60 per hour.

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Current Physics major

My name is Chris and I am a current undergraduate physics major. I have worked with other students on my campus and helped them with both physics and calculus. I am working towards a B.S. in physics, and love the subject. I have been able to help some students be able to get better grades, and would be glad if I were able to help more to succeed in the subject. I began tutoring other students that needed help with math and physics in my freshman year of college. I would say that my approa... [more]

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Marc V.

Physics Tutor

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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$40 per hour.

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C++, Math, Science, MS Office, SPSS, Computer, TEAS, Programming

Are you struggling, don't understand the subject matter? It is probably because you are missing the one-on-one attention you deserve! I have 13 years of tutoring experience with a dynamic teaching style that can fit your learning curve. I understand one style of teaching does not fit all. Let me help you discover your learning pattern and pass your subject matter without struggling. Math, Statistic, Science, MS Office, SPSS, Computer Applications, Programming language: C++, C#, C,C soubd, Ja... [more]

Photo: Paul F.

Paul F.

Physics Tutor

Lake Worth, FL 33467

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$50 per hour.

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Highly Experienced Physics and STEM Calculus Math Tutor

Physics Qualifications BSEE and MSEE degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute I spent 15 years working in Nuclear Physics at atom smashers [particle beam accelerators ] At The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, CA. I was an electronics engineer on the team that supported the discovery of Element 106 of The Periodic Table, Seaborgium. 5 years classroom experience teaching Physics at the High School Level. 6 years experience tutoring Physics for International Baccalaureate Curriculum; Subtopics taught include Mechanics, Waves, Harmonic Motion, Fluid Statics, Atomic Physics, Thermal [more]

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Vesna S.

Physics Tutor

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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$50 per hour.

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Science or math classes will become your favorite show

I began my tutoring career as a college student. At the beginning it was only my part time job. However, the more I taught the more I enjoyed since the success of my students made me very happy. It was such a fulfillment seeing students reaching their goals with my help. During my graduate school I continued to tutor college students with the same enthusiasm and passion. Now I have time again to go back to my passion - tutoring. I always preferred to teach one student at the time because ... [more]