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Kerri W.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46236

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Stop the Struggle NOW

I am a licensed special education teacher in addition to a math teacher. I have 13 years experience teaching struggling students to be successful in math, with 2 years work specifically with students with Dyslexia and Dyscalcula. Currently, I teach 7th grade math and geometry at the high school, so very comfortable with all content for grades 4 - 11, and especially comfortable helping accelerate the learning of struggling students. I find ways to make the math make sense. If you can have f... [more]

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Mariana S.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46217

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Most recommended tutor (100+) SAT,ACT,PRAXIS, SSAT,TOEFL,GRE...

Prealgebra is the fundamental part of math that lays the basis for a strong understanding of the next academical level. It is a very delicate moment when children take their first steps into more in-depth math, and this time must be used wisely in order to insure success. I have been supporting students through their mathematical journeys for over 16 years and have brought forth tremendous growth in both skills and attitude. Your children have only one chance for education, and they deserve the best! Based on my over 18 years of experience as a full-time tutor of children and adults, I can [more]

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Susan S.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Math teacher looking to help students succeed

I have been a Title 1 Math Resource Teacher at an Accelerated School for 5 years. Also taught Prealgebra class for a few years as part of my job at Marian Heights Academy. I have approximately 30 years experience teaching the entire spectrum of the high school & middle school math curriculum. I am presently teaching adults who are seeking Core 40 high school diplomas. I am interested in helping students grasp the mathematics concepts that they need in order to be successful on standardized tests as well as in their day to day classes and future college or career pursuits.... [more]

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Phyllis P.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46234

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Individualized Strength Based Tutoring

Because I always enjoyed math when I was in school, I have chosen to concentrate my tutoring on helping young learners build the foundational skills for success before going on to algebra. I help them gain competence in basic arithmetic and fractions. I also cover number theory, number lines and graphing, geometric calculations, variable expressions and all other common core skills according to grade level. I was delighted this week when one of my students said "I like working with you because you make learning fun!" That is my goal in working with a student - to make it fun, because that is [more]

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Asok S.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Carmel, IN 46032

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Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, AP Calculus, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

I have been teaching Math for over 20 years. Among the subjects I have taught are algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus. I have also helped students prepare for the SAT and ACT exams. I emphasize both the underlying concepts and problem solving skills. This helps the students understand and retain the material better.... [more]

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Maggie L.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46214

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Cal Poly Grad Specializing in English, History, Sciences, and SAT prep

Hello! My name is Maggie, and I am very excited to join Wyzant as a tutor. I have been tutoring independently on the Monterey Peninsula for about 6 years, and I love it! I have found that it is a great supplement to my income while I am working on my Master's degree through Liberty University. I recently joined Wyzant in order to help more students excel in their classes and on their standardized tests. My favorite subjects to tutor are English and literature, writing, the sciences (es... [more]

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Tom S.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Experienced Math Teacher and Tutor

I have had the pleasure to work with half a dozen middle school students this past year taking Pre-algebra. Pre-algebra is a bridge that links middle school math concepts involving short computations to the more process driven algebraic courses. I work with students to develop habits that will help them to be successful with high school math. Hello. My name is Tom S., and I would like to help you with your math course or college entrance exams. I have had the privilege of tutoring over 90 students this past five years (with much success) in Pre-Calculus, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre- [more]

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Robin C.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46224

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Licensed Indiana Math Educator

I am qualified to teach study skills as that is always part of my curriculum. Teaching students how to study is just as important as what to study. Also, as a student, myself, my study skills are strong. I am a Mom and a teacher. I treat my students as I treat my own kids. I want my students to feel successful and confident. I don't expect that every student will remember the quadratic formula into adulthood, but I do expect that they will remember learning to do something they thought was too complicated or beyond their ability and then realized they could. Teaching is my second career. I [more]

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Maurice G.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46228

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Mr. G's Math and Test Prep Corner

While obtaining my teaching license I was student teacher for Pre-Algebra for a semester in a middle school. As a licensed teacher I taught three years in a high school setting. I taught Algebra I for one year as well as ECA Algebra I review for another year along with Precalculus/Trigonometry (two years), AP Statistics (2 years), and Probability & Statistics (1 year). I have also been tutoring Algebra I for the past two years. I have been successful in helping students to understand the subject material. I am currently working with a seventh and eight grade brother and sister who are ta [more]

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Melanie F.

PreAlgebra Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46254

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Algebra & You & Melanie

I enjoy tutoring in Prealgebra. I have tutor many students in math, Middle School - College. I ask that the student do their part in keeping up the lessons assigned by the instructor and I would like to see the student's attempt in doing the work. My job is to assist in the student's math learning experience while enhancing their math skills. I ask students to come prepared and ready to practice...practice...practice.... [more]