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Henry I.

Proofreading Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98665

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$45 per hour.

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Experienced, Patient Math and English teacher

I have assisted high school and college students in proofreading both school assignments and newspaper stories for approximately 30 years. In addition to teaching regular English classes, I have advised both high school and college newspapers. I have also worked as a newspaper editor-in-chief and desk editor. My free-lance work has included editing a doctoral dissertation. I have more than 30 years' experience teaching at the high school and university levels. I love my students and flourished working in the classroom. Now I am free to give each student the attention that he or she deserv [more]

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Rachel R.

Proofreading Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98686

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$55 per hour.

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Here to Help You Learn

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I love to help students understand what they're learning in school. As a graduate of Biola University, I have found myself in a position to help students with what they do not understand. While at college, I spent some of my free time (when not working at the campus bookstore and doing my own homework) tutoring students in the local community. Since then, I have had the opportunity to regularly help students both with their homework and to help them learn concepts t... [more]

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Graham T.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97209

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$65 per hour.

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Dedicated Tutor for Math, English, and Study Skills

My entire life I have enjoyed teaching and helping others. Throughout high school and college, friends came to me for help in all subject areas; my teachers even grouped me with struggling students so that I could help them through difficult concepts and class work. After high school I attended the University of Oregon for a B.A. in Economics, with a minor in Mathematics, and a GPA of 3.67. In tutoring, I first focus on understanding exactly what a student is having trouble with, then use a ... [more]

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Heather S.

Proofreading Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98684

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$40 per hour.

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Knowledgeable MFA Specializing in Writing

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing, have been published, and am a former Associate Editor of The Pitkin Review. I have 7 years of experience in academic writing and editing and enjoy helping students with essays. My love of writing and encouraging others is perfect for anyone in need of a little help with everything from a quick proofread to an extensive guidance session. I graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College where I was an Associate Editor of The Pitkin Review, was a guest on a popular writing blog, and have various works published in literary journals. During my [more]

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Nathan F.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97211

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$30 per hour.

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Language Arts Wizard

One of my duties as a university writing tutor was to help students work on their proofreading. One strategy suggested to make students active in catching their own mistakes was asking them to read their piece aloud. Students would also mark up their writing themselves. For nine months, I worked as a tutor at the MTSU Writing Center. My goal as a tutor is to help learners succeed by useful strategies for reading and writing. I believe that revising and editing skills are vital to the writer. It is rare that a first draft of any piece of writing will ever be "complete," and as a tutor, I enjoy [more]

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Elizabeth M.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97212

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Experienced Writer

I recently graduated with my MA in Rhetoric and Writing and moved to Portland shortly after, looking for both a career and lifestyle change. I've found the lifestyle change I hoped for but as of yet am stuck on the career part, so I thought I'd try my hand at online tutoring. While I don't have much formal tutoring experience, I have younger siblings and cousins I have tutored in addition to peer mentoring in college. While in high school, I was a member of the Teen Leadership Corps. Part... [more]

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Joseph F.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97210

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Experienced writing instructor, journalist, published author

Proofreading requires accurate knowledge of the conventions of the language, ability to recognize voice and style, familiarity with the AP style manual, an awareness of changing linguistic patterns and close, careful reading skills. All writers need to learn proofreading skills and be able to apply them to their own writings. This not only means developing an ability to read for editing errors but for organization, purpose, rhythm, flow, detail, development and rhetorical surprises. A certain pride should come from successful proofreading. As a newspaper journalist for over twenty years, I ho [more]

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Brian E.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97203

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Tutor in Philosophy, English, and German

Diverse experience of proofreading my own monographs and journal articles written by others for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals. I have also produced translations from German into English for academic article volumes. I am originally from Chester, England and completed by my first degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. In the mid 1990s I studied philosophy, English, and German for four years at the University of Freiburg at the heart of Germany's Black Forest. From 1998 to 2008 I taught at different universities in Scotland, Ireland. Since settling in Oregon I have t [more]

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David W.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97214

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Music Business/Business Law

I have 27 years experience in the music industry and 16 years teaching at the college and university level in the areas of business law, entrepreneurship and music business subjects. I have been awarded 5 platinum records and 1 gold record for work done on behalf of my clients or their record companies. I am recognized expert in the area of the music industry.... [more]

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Grace S.

Proofreading Tutor

Portland, OR 97209

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$40 per hour.

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Excellent English tutor for writing; research; grammar; literature

I have taught high school English at both public schools (in Gary, Indiana) and a private Waldorf high school in Northridge, California. My degree is from Indiana University with majors in literature and creative writing (minors in comparative literature and psychology). I've worked as a social worker, practiced as a Gestalt therapist, and served as a "literary therapist" and editor for various writers, including Jimmy Komack (who once had seven shows on television at once). Most of all, h... [more]