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Photo: Jacob D.

Jacob D.

Python Tutor

Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462

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Senior Engineer in software industry since 1992

I first taught myself Python in year 2007 for an urgent task to grasp 1000+ file from Web. Since then, I have been using Python a lot in my daily job for tasks like: Web crawler, Algorithm Prototyping, AWS cloud automation etc. I also have given tutors to students and colleagues for quick Python study. I have been working in software company for more than 20 years and I have used different programming languages at different stage for different purposes. I also deliver on-site or on-line training to my current customer. It is usually a whole week training and mainly focusing on IoT domain but [more]

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John M.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02139

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Harvard mentor for math, stats, writing

As a programmer, I use Python extensively for scripting, prototyping, and data mining. I have mentored other programmers in learning Python. I believe it is one of the most practical languages to know at any stage in a programmer's career. My approach is to teach a coding vernacular that suits the programmer's understanding of theoretical CS and adheres to best practices in program design. I am a writer, programmer, and experienced mentor who loves teaching. Harvard College AB in Physics and Philosophy, United States Presidential Scholar, Eagle Scout, 2400 SAT. Building data products has given [more]

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Chad W.

Python Tutor

Belmont, MA 02478

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Experienced and Professional Tutor on a Bicycle

As an engineer and hobbyist, I use Python just about every day. Python is my language of choice, but I've at times combined it with C, Fortran, and HTML. As a supplemental instructor at a community college, I worked in a tutoring center, where I would help students with a range of classes, including introductory programming - usually in Java or C++. Python is AWESOME! I hope you're having a wonderful day. My days are spent exploring the culmination of human knowledge; so I'm always having a good day. I also enjoy riding my bicycle every day. I bring up the bicycle because it does limit my tra [more]

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Anand M.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02141

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The Keys to Understanding a Subject: Fundamentals and Problem Solving

To do part of my job as a software development manager, I taught myself Python, building on other languages and general programming skills. Having taught myself, and then used it extensively, puts me in a good position to tutor others. As a student approaches a subject, there are two major factors to success: a solid foundation in the fundamentals and skills at solving problems. The fundamentals are very important for understanding why aspects of the subject work the way they do and to be able to build on one aspect to understand others. Being able to solve problems means the student can appl [more]

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Matt R.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02138

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Swift, Java, Python, iOS and Macintosh Tutor

I took a Python course in college and have done projects in Python. I have experiencing tutoring Python. I also can teach you to to use the power of the Python language even if you are used to solving problems the way you would in a very different language. I?m Matt. I graduated with a Computer Science Degree from Bunker Hill Community College with a GPA of 3.95. I have a year of experience tutoring developmental math at Bunker Hill Community College. I was lucky enough to receive teaching from incredible teachers. Some were my professors and some were my fellow students. With their help [more]

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Ian T.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02139

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MIT Engineering PhD and Harvard MBA with a Passion for Teaching STEM

I have taken a Python-specific programming course at MIT along with other programming courses, have tutored several students in Python, and am intermediate to advanced in Python programming proficiency. Thank you for considering hiring me as your tutor. As I have mastered (and continue to improve) my tutoring trade with thousands of hours of personalized instruction, you can rest assured that I will provide you with the most rewarding tutoring services you can find. Having already earned four (and working on five) engineering degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School, I am your [more]

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Reet C.

Python Tutor

Brighton, MA 02135

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Computer engineer with a passion for teaching!

As a computer engineer having received my Bachelors through BU and currently working in industry, I've been through the tumultuous process of learning to program. It can be hard, but with guidance from me, I can promise that you'll have a better fundamental understanding of how to write great software! I took these subjects during my undergraduate studies and understand them well. I took these courses during my undergraduate studies and I also was a teaching assistant for EC327 - Introd... [more]

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Sasha R.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02139

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MIT Graduate Pursuing PhD in Political Theory

Hello! I'm a recent graduate from MIT in Computer Science and History. I'm planning to start my PhD in Political Theory this coming Fall. I have experience TA-ing for a variety of classes (physics, computer science, and philosophy) and enjoy teaching. Learning has been and continues to be a huge part of my life and I am excited to help students master the material they are working with and learn to enjoy the process. I struggled with learning Calculus at first but have come to love it... [more]

Photo: Ryan T.

Ryan T.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02141

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Math/CS Graduate with Years of Experience

I am a graduate from the University of Chicago with a BA in Math and an MS in Computer Science. I currently work as a data scientist in Cambridge, which has given me the ability to easily find practical applications or interesting connections for many of the topics I teach. I usually specialize in more technical subjects like math and computer science, but I am equally qualified to tutor the humanities and social sciences. In the past, I have presented papers at graduate-level philosophy conf... [more]

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Siddharth T.

Python Tutor

Cambridge, MA 02142

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student, MIT

I've been using Python as my go-to language for prototyping as well as for production-ready projects for the past 5 years. I've written scripts, programming language preprocessors, neural network libraries, image vision systems, and scientific simulations in Python, and I've advised many of my Peers who want to use Python in their research throughout their learning process as well. I understand not only core language principles but have experience with the most useful libraries, and I am well-versed in the Pythonic guidelines of good code and documentation. [more]