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Colette J.

Reading Tutor

Tampa, FL 33618

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Need Help? You've come to the right place!!

Reading is fun and opens so many avenues in life. From early infancy to our older days, reading means adventure, dreams, hopes and goals. What is life without being able to read? There are no doors that can be opened without reading. If you make this subject fun, it can take on a new meaning of becoming a "must" do as opposed to a "have" to. Reading opens the minds to infinite possibilities and the journey is indescribable. I have traveled the world and helped hundreds of people who needed to learn languages. Whether from English to French, or French to English, or to help those that have l [more]

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Takeisha S.

Reading Tutor

Riverview, FL 33578

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Highly Qualified Teacher & Test Prep Tutor

I am a certified teacher for K-12 English/Language Arts. My strategies include teaching main idea and inference strategies as well as test taking strategies (if applicable) in order to communicate in written form and receive the intended message as a reader. I possess teaching certification in multiple states for English 6-12. I have 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring large groups, small groups, and one-on-one for a many subjects (see subjects list). My coursework for education includes case studies, pedagogy, and adaptations for exceptional and second language learners. I enjoy hel [more]

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Bethany J.

Reading Tutor

Lithia, FL 33547

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Experienced Tutor & Center Director--All Age Groups

Tutoring can make the difference! Focused one-on-one instruction with an experienced tutor can mean the difference between a "C+" and an "A+". Whether in math, reading, writing, or grammar, I can help your child find success academically. I graduated as Valedictorian in high school and Summa Cum Laude in college, and I want to give your child the same opportunity to excel. In addition, I managed a tutoring center of 140 children and have experience with all age groups. For those who have al... [more]

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Richard F.

Reading Tutor

Brandon, FL 33510

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SAT Reading and Writing Expert, Certified English Teacher

Reading over words 2 or 3 times and still not understanding? I can help with a range of activities to help with your comprehension. Read, understand, and be able to discuss what you are reading - that's the level that I want to help get you to. Need to raise those entrance or final exam scores? Wanting to boost your grade in your English or Math class? Could use an extra set of eyes on that essay before you turn it in? Looking to overcome the summer slide? You've come to the right place! As a professional who has worked for a nationally franchised tutoring company, I have experience tutoring [more]

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Shereeka G.

Reading Tutor

Tampa, FL 33619

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Certified Teacher for hire

Greetings! I have 7 years of experience in working with students in grades K-5. I currently work with Elementary school teachers on helping them perfect their literacy skills. I also pull small groups of students to assist with their literacy development. If you are looking for a fun and creative tutor who will get your child to love learning, look no more! I am a certified K-6 elementary school teacher. I am passionate about helping students learn, but most of all, helping them to have fun while they are are learning. Why fun? It is a proven fact that students will always retain more info [more]

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Barbara W.

Reading Tutor

Seffner, FL 33584

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Math Magic EPCOT engineering week presenter

Reading and Phonics go hand-in-hand, especially when students are just learning how to read. I am also certified in Phonics. I have found that there are two main methods for learning how to read. One is phonics, the other is holistic (e.g. memorizing the entire word as the "sound", then extrapolating to other words). I had two children who learned how to read through phonics and one who learned holistically. In both cases, reading aloud will be part of each lesson. I use reading material that has proper English. I try to find Accelerated Reader books that will be of interest to the reader [more]

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Karen J.

Reading Tutor

Riverview, FL 33579

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Elementary Educator M.Ed

I have over 15 years of elementary classroom teacher experience in the grade levels of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. I have trained teachers nationwide on effective and engaging instructional strategies and developed and sold curriculum as well for other companies as well as my own business, Sharpen Young Minds. I absolutely love teaching and finding ways to engage children and help them learn through more hands- on e... [more]

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Althea T.

Reading Tutor

Tampa, FL 33612

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Effective Professor Specializing in Student Success Skills

Students greatly benefit from my reflective, creative and passionate approaches to teaching and learning Reading. For example, they draw on my passion, and become captivated by voice modulation and emotion. As in learning a language, they listen, learn new vocabulary, follow, and then burst out reading. As such, they develop confidence in reading and curiosity for knowledge. I create interesting materials to facilitate vocabulary building, attention to detail, and critical thinking, and choose stimulating readings to sustain attention. They love the opportunity to choose books and passages a [more]

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Sra. S.

Reading Tutor

Valrico, FL 33594

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Extensive Experience as instructor- university, high school

I have taught for over 15 years and worked in education for more than 17 years. I am passionate about education and love to help people succeed. My experience is that people know much more than they think they do! I like to help students realize that and progress in their studies. There are many different types of learners who have varied styles of organization and processing information. It takes work and practice for each individual to understand what works for them. I enjoy helping stude... [more]

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Lisa G.

Reading Tutor

Seffner, FL 33584

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Effective Reading Tutor Specializing in O.G./Spalding Curbs Dyslexia

Teaching and tutoring in Reading always begins with phonics, intensive, and exclusive phonics - no word pictures, memorization of "sight words", or teaching "a-b-c's". The quickest and most effective way is by a special multi-sensory proven method approach. All Language Arts skills are increased through a student-teacher participatory way that students learn "to think to spell", with logic and reason. Build your foundation well, and you will not be hindered in all subjects of learning. Teaching reading well is so important, and this method is a classic! A mastery course of 4 years - a be [more]