50 SAT Math Tutors Found Near Orlando, FL

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Stephen K.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32835

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$40 per hour.

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Physics PhD experienced in teaching undergraduates

The SAT tests are designed to assess both a students knowledge as well as the student's ability to reason and analyze. The very nature of these tests can present challenges for students who are not comfortable with the multiple choice testing or word problem format. The test covers a wide range of material, from prealgebra through algebra 2, as well as geometry and trigonometry. Careful attention needs to be paid to the wording of the questions and to distinguish between similar possible answer choices to determine the correct response. I can help you develop the reasoning skill necessary [more]

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Caroline P.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32825

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$40 per hour.

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*Experienced~ Math/ Reading/ ACT/ SAT Tutor and More For All Ages*

The SAT is an important test for college admission and remains a very coachable test for which students must prepare for. I have found that students who start preparing for this test early feel more comfortable with the test's structure and demands overtime. The Math section tests basic Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2 and geometry concepts. I will provide you with the foundation skills needed before moving on to more complex ones. The key to being successful is to practice, practice, practice. In a one-on-one setting, you will reinforce foundation skills using worksheets, you will practice test que [more]

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Christopher L.

SAT Math Tutor

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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$60 per hour.

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Professional Tutor for What Really Matters to You.

Hello. I'm a professional tutor for the greater Orlando area with years of experience. A lot of people do this on the side. This is my profession. My only job is to prepare you to meet your goals. I have a flexible teaching style that I can adapt to your needs. Do you want to truly master your subject? No problem! Do you need to get your grade and pass your class so you can get on with what you're really interested in? Also not a problem. I have the broadest subject certification of... [more]

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Susan L.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32807

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$45 per hour.

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Everyone CAN get it! Math isn't hard when it's explained right.

Orlando Area Software Developer (15+ yrs) I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I've been tutoring people of all ages in many subjects since I had these same courses in High School & College. I especially enjoy helping others with Math. So many people have had bad experiences with Math ... and it is an amazing feeling when they go from hating math, to actually enjoying taking challenging math courses. I've had students that hated math when I met them, and after we worked tog... [more]

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Diana E.

SAT Math Tutor

Casselberry, FL 32707

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$40 per hour.

4.87 230 ratings

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Experienced, Caring Math Tutor with High Rate of Success

To me, the two most important subjects are math and reading. Those are used every day in everything we do. That is why I choose to tutor and to help students of all ages to be better able to communicate and function in their daily lives. With over 25 years of experience in tutoring all ages and all levels of math, from basics to Algebra I & II and Geometry, I find great pleasure in "making the light bulb go on" for a student. My students have a high rate of success; many go from failing t... [more]

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Ephraim J.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32839

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$69 per hour.

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Columbia Engineering BSCE / NYU MBA. Math - Physics - Finance Teacher.

I graduated from Columbia Engineering where I took advanced courses in mathematics. I scored 760 out of 800 on the Math SAT. I have strong knowledge of mathematics covering all areas of the SAT which include algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, word problems, and equations. I have tutored many students for the SAT. I am patient and communicate well and will do my best to help you master the material. I teach intuitively, providing examples and explanations. Using proprietary techniques, I can help my students score higher with practice. [more]

Photo: Tim T.

Tim T.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32821

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$65 per hour.

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Patient Mathematics Tutor: K-12th grade to Advanced Calculus

I have tutored SAT prep mathematics for about seven years now and ongoing! The importance of the SAT is to test a students ability to think critically in mathematics. I make sure to provide a step by step process towards solving mathematics problems dealing with this examination. I am going to keep it simple. My tutoring business is all about showing the step-by-step process for solving any kind of mathematics problems. I have 10+ years of experience tutoring K-12 grade and university level students. I noticed over time that many teachers and professors do not show all necessary steps in math [more]

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Ryan C.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32828

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$40 per hour.

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Get expert math help!

I attended the University of Central Florida, originally studying Engineering. I eventually studied Mathematical Economics for a couple years before finally deciding on Economics as my major. While Attending UCF I also worked as a Math Tutor at Mathnasium. I was one of the Oviedo Center's very first employees and was there on day 1. I very much enjoy tutoring. I get a sense of fulfillment when a student who has been struggling with a concept to finally understand it and then master it. A l... [more]

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Amy W.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32817

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$60 per hour.

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Patient and Enthusiastic with 10 Years of Tutoring Experience

SAT questions are almost written in their own language, which I can help you decipher. I have a ton of time-saving tips, and special SAT strategies for maximizing your score. I also have a deep passion for math that sparks creative ways of explaining it to students. I can break down the process into simpler steps to make every question easier. I've been tutoring math for 10 years, and I find it very rewarding. I am patient and enthusiastic, and I have a deep understanding of the material I teach. I always strive to guide students to the answer using student-centered leading questions, rather t [more]

Photo: Abigail W.

Abigail W.

SAT Math Tutor

Orlando, FL 32822

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$80 per hour.

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Enthusiastic Math and Physics Tutor, Teacher, and Professor!

You're probably trying to find a tutor who stands out from the rest. You're looking for someone who knows what she's teaching. In high school Abigail earned the National Merit scholarship through her exemplary SAT scores. She then went on to graduate from the Georgia Tech with a degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Economics. She went through college at an accelerated pace of 3 years instead of 4, while maintaining her HOPE scholarship. She even studied abroad in Ireland during tho... [more]