23 SAT Math Tutors Found Near Surprise, AZ

Photo: Maurice S.

Maurice S.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Will travel 20 miles

$65 per hour.

4.93 805 ratings

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Skilled, effective tutoring the way YOU learn!

Almost every math question on the SAT has a quick, easy way to solve it... if you can find it. Sometimes it is as simple as noticing a hidden multiplication fact, or an algebra rule, or a trigonometric ratio. I can show you what to look for and how to find the correct responses fast enough to finish the test in the time. As an AZ certified high school math teacher, I can help you develop strategies to boost your score on the SAT. I am also qualified as a reading specialist, so I can help with the reading and writing portions as well. [more]

Photo: James S.

James S.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Will travel 15 miles

$50 per hour.

4.97 511 ratings

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Results Driven Algebra Tutor

I am actively seeking to help students having trouble in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Chemistry. I am a very experienced tutor, and I have one of the few 5 star ratings in the Phoenix area. This rating is achieved solely from my student feedback ratings. I have been highly regarded as one of the best math/algebra tutors in Phoenix for over 3 years. I was a teaching assistant for College Algebra at Arizona State University for 4 semesters from 2011 to 2013. I helped hundreds of... [more]

Photo: Mason G.

Mason G.

SAT Math Tutor

Peoria, AZ 85382

Will travel 0 miles

$70 per hour.

4.97 624 ratings

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Online Calculus, Physics, SAT, ACT, English Specialist

I have taught and tutored in many different subjects in various parts of the world. Having benefited from one-on-one and small group instructions myself, I know the value in meeting each student at their level and working with their strengths to generate a command of the subject matter. I don't believe that anyone is "bad" at math or "bad" at English. We all are capable of understanding anything with personalized, careful instruction. I have extensive experience as a TA, as a tutor in math a... [more]

Photo: Randy W.

Randy W.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85023

Will travel 20 miles

$40 per hour.

4.87 55 ratings

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GED Math and Algebra Specialist

Hello! I have recently taught GED Math at Rio Salado Community College in Phoenix, AZ, where my students had a 100% success rate of passing the exam! I am also a current staff member at University of Phoenix, where I have taught undergraduate management courses. About 4 years ago, I taught a College Algebra class to a group of paralegals. I can adjust my tutoring style to fit anyone since I have taught a wide array of individuals. I look forward to hearing from you and serving your Math ... [more]

Photo: Karen A.

Karen A.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Will travel 9 miles

$45 per hour.

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Friendly Mathematics Tutor

I taught math at Texas A&M for 5 years. I was one of the top lecturers so I was one of two lecturers put in charge of helping the other lectures teach. I was a national-merit semi finalist despite graduating from a state with a low ranked school system ( North-Carolina) Despite my experience in the south, I grew up out west, in Central Washington State so I don?t. have an accent. I have a son and daughter who are not good at math, and I help them. So I know I need to be patient and sometimes do the same thing over and over until it sticks. I taught algebra at Gila County Community colleg [more]

Photo: Jessica G.

Jessica G.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Will travel 30 miles

$40 per hour.

4.9 99 ratings

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Passionate STEM Focused Tutor

I have 3 1/2 years experience as a full-time academic tutoring. I am constantly reminded why I love teaching as a private one-on-one academic tutor/teacher. My job allows me to develop and grow as an educator. As I develop and grow, I see the results in my students and their successes. I tutor ages 2-70 across all the major subjects. It makes me smile as I review and teach concepts, all the little Ah-Ha moments I experience as I fill in the gaps in my own knowledge. It inspires me as my depth... [more]

Photo: John P.

John P.

SAT Math Tutor

Surprise, AZ 85379

Will travel 20 miles

$40 per hour.

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High School and Junior High Math Teacher Available

I am a current administrator of an elementary school with 5+ years of math teaching experience. I have taught all high school and middle school subject areas, and have tutored students as young as 5 and as old as college-aged. I thoroughly enjoy the process of teaching and helping students learn at their pace. I am excited to work with you! I have experience tutoring and teaching topics from elementary math to Pre-calculus. I am patient and eager to work at your pace to help you better und... [more]

Photo: Raymond R.

Raymond R.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Will travel 20 miles

$40 per hour.

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Recently graduated physics PhD student offering friendly tutoring

I scored a perfect score on my SAT math section, and I have continued on to get a B.S. and Ph.D. in Physics. I have applied the mathematical skills tested in the SAT for the past decade in an academic and research setting. I have just finished a PhD in physics and astronomy and am excited to help others gain a better understanding (maybe even a love) of math and science. Completing an undergraduate degree in philosophy gave me an appreciation for effective written communication and grammar; two skills I put to good use in my ~250 page thesis and would love to champion in others. I taught f [more]

Photo: Thomas G.

Thomas G.

SAT Math Tutor

Glendale, AZ 85302

Will travel 15 miles

$40 per hour.

4.96 50 ratings

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Tutoring Algebra I & II; Excellent Understanding & Patience

I have a wide range of math skills and work from an excellent text. Will work at the student's level so they know not only how to solve the problems but also the concepts. I am a retired Electrical Engineer with BSEE and AAS degrees. I graduated from DeVry Technical Institute and after working in the Aerospace Industry for a time attended Marquette University for my BSEE. Math was my favorite subject and I obtained straight A's throughout my school years. I am beginning my tutoring with Algebra I&II through Precalculus; but will eventually tutor through Calculus. I have had informal tutoring [more]

Photo: David B.

David B.

SAT Math Tutor

Phoenix, AZ 85018

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$40 per hour.

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High school math, math for kids, ACT/SAT

I taught economics at Miami-Dade College in Miami, a place like the Phoenix Maricopa Community Colleges. I am highly qualified in math in Arizona. I also taught high school here in Phoenix. I have tutored kids from 7 to 17 years old. I'm very good at getting students past their problems to where they don't hate it anymore. I also work with parents and provide them with assistance to understand the problems their children may be having, that they might assist their child in improving their s... [more]