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Catherine N.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78731

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Experienced tutor in languages, government, social sciences, writing

I feel I am qualified to help students with the subject of study skills for the following reasons: 1. I graduated from college Cum Laude and in the top 10% of my class. 2. I graduated from Baylor Law School and passed the Texas Bar Exam. 3. I taught 3rd and 4th grades for 2 years for the Nacogdoches Independent School District. 4. I have tutored with WyzAnt for more than 3 years for over 900 hours in several subjects with successful results. I have accomplished the above because I know how to study effectively and get well-organized when it comes to academic subjects. I know I have been su [more]

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Victor P.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78730

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A surgeon who is fun, patient, experienced and loves teaching!

I have rarely been one of those students who seem to sail through courses effortlessly. Therefore I have had to rely on solid study habits, discipline, and diligence to complete my Biology degree, my senior thesis (which was recognized by Sigma Xi, the science honor society), my subsequent medical degree, and gain my post-graduate qualification as a member of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (of England, Scotland and Ireland). Study skills are usually learned by much trial and error which can be awfully time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes downright discouraging. I can can put my many ye [more]

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Kyle M.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78728

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Certified Educator with Masters, Tutoring 3rd Grade Through College

A long-time certified all-levels educator with advanced pedagogy training, I performed well in both undergraduate and graduate courses and learned much about how students best learn at every stage of development. In particular, my coursework in Secondary Curriculum and Methods, Classroom Management, Human Growth and Development, Philosophical Foundations of Education, Strategies of Secondary Teaching, Evaluative Techniques, and courses in teaching reading in both elementary and secondary schools prepared me to use a variety of current rigorous and relevant techniques to help students organize [more]

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Alexa Q.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78744

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Bio Grad with effective study skills

I have tutored elementary, middle school and college students in how to prepare for exams by showing students how to create outlines, find key details in readings, how to properly take notes and how to best utilize his or her time studying. I graduated with a degree in biology that required me to learn how to take quality notes and use my time to study for exams in the more efficient way possible. I have used these skills to help show students how to overcome learning gaps by strengthening their confidence in the subject and teaching strong study skills. These skills include pre classroom p [more]

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Carol D.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78752

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Experienced teacher with a creative, encouraging,and supportive heart!

I have worked with teaching study skills at various times through my teaching career. I have taught both middle school, and high school using organizational tools, having the right study environment, setting goals, having the will and motivation, and learning styles, time management, not procrastinating, listening in class, note taking (shorthand), textbook reading, library research, concentration, and stress management. With the above topics, I have taught skills that will help students organize lessons, homework, keeping track of grades, how to plan doing work at home to get good grades, h [more]

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Chuck Y.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78749

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Patient and Understanding Former High School Math Teacher

The best way to begin teaching study skills by first determining how a student learns. Although there are several methods that will accomplish this step, the easiest is to find the student?s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?. From that starting point, a variety of techniques can be crafted to assist the student in learning study skills, improving their acquisition of knowledge, which ultimately leads to better grades. I acquired the knowledge and skills to tutor students in study skills while working on my M.A. with a major in Developmental and Adult Education. I practiced the study skills that I [more]

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Douglas L.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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Veteran Elementary and Middle School Teacher!

I am a teacher with six years of experience working in elementary and middle school classrooms. While my certification is in music education, I have assisted and covered classes at all age levels in study skills, particularly with organization and memory tools. I'm a music educator with years of experience teaching music in NJ schools. I've helped students improve their instrumental playing as well as reinforced skills in music theory, history, composition, and song writing. As a school teacher, I have also spent time tutoring students in elementary math and language arts classrooms. I am p [more]

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Michael L.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78751

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Michael: Expert in English and Art (also pretty ok at math)

I am a college graduate with a track record of success on tests of both the standardized and class variety. Constructing effective systems for studying has been very important for me. I will help students to find the right system for them because there's no single method that works across the board. I grew up in DC and went to school in New York. Those cities may be close together, but they're awfully different. There was only one thing that stayed the same for me between the two cities. That was myself. Since I was in middle school I've been actively involved in tutoring, teaching and helping [more]

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Thomas L.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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A friendly, professional Tutor for the Austin Area!

I'm a certified instructor for a very effective study technology, called "Learn How To Learn" and the "Basic Study Manual" by L.Ron Hubbard. We never learned in school how to study. This outstanding technology is teaching the existing three main study barriers a child or an adult can run into and how to resolve and overcome these problems properly and efficiently. Knowing these tools, one is completely able to study any major subject with success. There is no other technology available like that. Since many years is this technology already recognized also by the State of Texas as a full fu [more]

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Kate P.

Study Skills Tutor

Austin, TX 78753

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Music educator, Elementary teacher, English fanatic, and more!

I graduated from college in May 2012 with a 3.63 GPA (cum laude). If it were not for my study skills and organization habits, I would not have been as successful. I will help you organize each subject in a way that makes sense to you (once we figure out how your mind organizes!). Separate binders, key words, etc. all prepare you to study. When one is organized, one's mind is at peace and can obtain knowledge for efficiently. I will then teach you memory tricks and help you find educational tools online to make studying easier(flashcard generators, note-taking development, testing anxiet [more]