7 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Birmingham, AL

Photo: Kristin S.

Kristin S.

Study Skills Tutor

Columbiana, AL 35051

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$45 per hour.

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Writing, math, test prep and much more

Because I have spent nearly twenty years teaching multiple students with varying learning styles, I am well versed at helping students develop study techniques that work for them. Some students are visual, some are aural and some kinestetic. The key to developing good study skills is to figure out which techniques work best for a particular student. Some of the study aids I have employed in the past include flash cards, color coding, mnemonics, and good note taking. I am a magna cum laude graduate of Samford University. I have been educating my own children for the last 20 years and have two c [more]

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Arthur G.

Study Skills Tutor

Pinson, AL 35126

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Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving Strategies

As a special education teacher I often have to help students complete graphic organizers. These organizers are used by the students to separate and/or group information so they can process and understand what they must learn. Along with graphic organizers, I encourage students to regularly make note cards. The note cards cover recent lessons. Not just what the teacher said, but they are encouraged to note things that they consider important. They also note ideas/concepts that confused them. They make the cards regularly and build in time (daily, every few days, weekly) to review them. The rev [more]

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Greg T.

Study Skills Tutor

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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Teach English grammar & writing, government, history, econ, math

I scored in the top 3% of all test takers when I took the ACT and GMAT. I passed the Alabama Bar exam on my first attempt. I have taught basic computer skills at a senior citizens center, where I prepared written materials to supplement the classes. While working as the director of a small college library I completely overhauled the library web presence. I helped create course content in several courses and worked with students to teach information technology skills. I understand how to communicate these skills to other people. [more]

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Samantha C.

Study Skills Tutor

Cottondale, AL 35453

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Reading and writing help from 6th grade up to college!

As a student, I had a 3.7 GPA in undergrad and a 4.0 GPA in grad school. In my six years as a teacher, I have worked with students on improving study skills and strategies. I have been teaching English in some form or fashion for 11 years. I love to teach reading and writing and have experience teaching middle school, community college, and university level English. I have also tutored graduate students and adult learners. My master's degrees are in Secondary Education Language Arts and Literature with a specialization in Early American Literature. I scored in the top 15% on the Praxis II for [more]

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Robert S.

Study Skills Tutor

Birmingham, AL 35235

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ACT; All subjects grades 1-6; Most secondary math & science courses

I have taught numerous Study Skills and Strategies Lab classes, which focus on helping students improve study and test-taking skills. The most exciting and rewarding parts of teaching for me are the moments when a student who has been studying and working hard, but still struggling with a concept or type of problem, has the "Aha!" moment; the moment when I can see that look of understanding and comprehension light up the student's face. I have seen the same look in students of all ages and backgrounds. It is a thrilling moment for the student, of course, but also for me, because I know that th [more]

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Dana B.

Study Skills Tutor

Hanceville, AL 35077

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Learning does not have to be scary or hard!

I have taken a number of education courses that address working with students who require help with study skills, such as Introduction to Teaching and Introduction to the Exceptional Learner. When I taught at a High School, I taught study skills in a course called Educational Support Services Program and worked in a learning lab that complemented the program. I worked after school with students who needed extra help in this area. We would try different strategies such as using a planner and color coding the planner. We organized lockers and backpacks. I tried a little bit of everything to help [more]

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Paul C.

Study Skills Tutor

Birmingham, AL 35243

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"ACE" your Accounting, ACT/GRE/GMAT/SAT, Algebra, Statistics, Chem...

Each of us have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. Some students learn best by SEEING, others learn best by HEARING, and others learn best by a "HANDS-ON" LEARNING approach. I can tailor our lessons to the areas you are stronger in, and help you improve in areas that are not your dominant learning style. This first step will help your general STUDY SKILLS. In addition to that, we can work together to improve general study skills such as organization, time management and scheduling, and TEST TAKING skills. I also help with ways to beat "test anxiety," and help y [more]