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MaryLynne W.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Positive, patient tutor, focused on your getting results easily

Need help with improving study skills; dealing with test anxiety; getting organized? My father sat me down when I was in fourth grade and taught me how to study. Following his advice, I maintained an 87% to 98% average for all my grades through high school, graduating at the top 5% of 1,500 students in my class. I continued using those study habits as I worked my way through an undergraduate and two graduate degrees from college. I use these same skills when working with students, regardless of their age, grade level and comprehension level. My professional career began in the field of dev [more]

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Cynthia C.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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TTT (Teacher Turned Tutor)

For the last twenty-five plus (25+) years, I have taught elementary school in Alief, and Katy, Texas. Study Skills: In general, being organized helps most students perform better. It's not a hard and fast rule, but the more organized a student is, the easier it is to be in a routine and the regular studying then becomes part of a daily plan. Having a notebook with sections is invaluable for placing homework assignments and later to retrieve them for the passing in the next day. Parents need to provide a quiet place where the child can do his homework each day. The child needs a routine for da [more]

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Correy H.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28216

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I am a highly successful teacher with 10 years experience.

I find that children often struggle with organization, which can create a negative learning experience. I prefer to teach children organizational techniques and routines that they can implement at school and at home. I also feel it is important to set goals and help them organize their time so that successful completion of the assignments occurs. The feeling of success permeates through everything they do; this creates a life-long learner. I have been a teacher all my life and became certified in 1991 in New York. I have taught second grade and fifth grade in NYC and special education in Denve [more]

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Donna O.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Highly Experienced Elementary Reading/Writing Tutor

I have a master's degree in education (K-6) and 12 years classroom teaching experience. Before I could assign homework or tests, I had to teach my students study skills so they could be successful. When I tutor, study skills and organization are typically interwoven into my lessons. I have a Master's degree in Education with a Concentration in Reading: Grades K-6 and 14 years teaching experience. I ran a highly successful after-school reading program for many years. Currently, I teach literacy with 4th and 5th graders. My philosophy is simple: Every child is good at something, so that is where [more]

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Jill C.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28269

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I have professional teaching certification in K-6 general education, (K-12) ESOL, and (K-12) Spanish. I have 10 years of professional teaching experience that has provided me with ample knowledge of best practices and teaching strategies. I graduate from college with honors and I hold degrees in (K-12) education, ESL/English and Spanish. I also have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Spanish with a focus on literature and culture. I have teaching certification in K-6 General Education, (K-12) Spanish, (K-12) ESOL. I have taught ESOL, English, Spanish (various levels), language arts, reading, phonic [more]

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Tara M.

Study Skills Tutor

Matthews, NC 28105

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Experienced Math Educator

At the UNCW Watson College of Education, the program strives to create the best teachers possible. I have spent many years now learning best-practice and how to better all students. By focusing on each students individual needs, I am able to figure out the best learning style. Through working at local high schools I have been able to practice these skills with students. When students are unable to remember a formula or equation in math class I have taught them a new way of thinking about it, either by putting it into a tune or creating a dance. [more]

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Mary S.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28215

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Mary S. Learning is forever!

The way that one studies plays a huge part in one's success or lack thereof. There are many different styles of learning which need to be considered when advising a student how to study. For example, some people need quiet when they study while others need activity or music around them. Then too, there are "tricks" that enhance one's ability to learn. Just one example of such is mnemonics, a great aid for memorization. I enjoyed helping students to learn such skills when I taught a class called Study Skills to middle schoolers. [more]

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Elizabeth J.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Mill, SC 29708

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Seasoned Tutor Wants to Help You Learn English or Spanish!

I have been teaching ESOL for over ten years. My students are adults and the majority are not literate in their native language. These are individuals who, in addition to learning English, must learn basic organizational and study skills in order to progress and lead successful lives in America. In addition, my own educational achievements required a great deal of organizational skills and test-taking strategies. More recently, I have worked with a high school student who has struggled with Spanish. This was, in part, because he is ADHD and needed to work on his organizational and study s [more]

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Madison M.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28262

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Experienced Math, Physics, and Chem Tutor for High School and College

Hello! My name is Madison, and I'm currently a senior undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I'm working toward my B. S. in Physics, along with minors in mathematics and secondary education. Science and math have been my passions for as long as I can remember, and helping others appreciate these subjects follows closely behind. I'm excited to share my love of learning and education with others, and I always look forward to tutoring. I have been teaching and ... [more]

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Tiffany J.

Study Skills Tutor

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Certified Teacher with Creative Methods to Empower Students

I have designed and implemented a study skills workshop, focused on diverse learning styles. I am also a tutor proficient in communication arts, the foundation for all subjects and content areas. Learning is nothing more than making connections to what students already know. As a certified educator for more than 10 years, I possess the ability to take concepts familiar to students and adapt them with creative methods. Reading and writing offer the opportunity for creativity and painting a picture with words. Students will improve written and verbal communication skills and most importantly con [more]