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Sara S.

Study Skills Tutor

Clearwater, FL 33759

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Experience + Expertise + Patience = Measurable Learning

I completed 300 hours of teacher training in reading instruction to add the Reading Endorsement to my Professional Educator's Certification issued by the Florida Department of Education. This training included extensive study of strategies for teaching reading comprehension, as it is one of the five key areas of Reading instruction. Also, as a member of the AVID site team at my school, I attended a weeklong AVID training on note-taking, study, and reading skills and used them with my students. As a teacher of remedial and advanced Reading curricula, I taught students how to read, note-take, a [more]

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Rich C.

Study Skills Tutor

Clearwater, FL 33755

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Rich C. Retired Master Teacher Middle School through Adult

Study skills are an important part of student success. As a veteran teacher, I know that students need to learn how to study. They need a quiet place to study. They need to be focused, and organized. And they need guidance. While teaching Middle School, I spent many a morning and afternoon, both before and after school, teaching students HOW to organize their time and space to study. After 20 years of teaching, I moved to Florida to be closer to family. Of course, I didn't start out teaching. I was a Private Investigator, a store clerk, and a substitute teacher. While subbing , I found [more]

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Dennis R.

Study Skills Tutor

Largo, FL 33771

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Professor of Education

I am a Graduate Professor of Literacy and focus on integrating literacy in the content area. I am an expert on close reading and utilize the gradual release of responsibility framework in helping students comprehend textual material by using graphic organizers and specific study skills. I am a Graduate Professor of Education and teach Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Education and Literacy Education. I work training teachers and student teachers. I am also a consultant for Florida State Education Department helping design the teacher literacy assessment. I retired as the Reading Coor [more]

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Beverly F.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Petersburg, FL 33708

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Successful veteran educator with doctorate available to tutor.

I have taught study skills for many years and currently include it in my college courses. I have taught study skills in grades 7-12. I have a valid permanent teaching license in Ohio for Communications/Speech, Reading, Reading Supervisor, and High School Principal. I am Dr. Beverly F. I have been a successful teacher, high school principal, and college professor for nearly 35 years. My expertise is in reading, writing and study skills. I have taught all levels from elementary through graduate school. I have had great success in helping students to become better students. I know that there is n [more]

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Lucy F.

Study Skills Tutor

Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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Help your child succeed in language arts, writing and literature.

How do you study? It's important to recognize the different styles of learning when you're looking at "study skills". Some people are auditory learners; some are visual learners and others might be tactile learners who need a "hands on" approach. Discovering the type of learner a person is will determine what method of learning will work best. Taping a lesson may be helpful for auditory learners; using flash cards and doing outlines works well for visual learners and being able to manipulate objects helps to crystallize learning for the "hands on" child. We will also look at routines, set [more]

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Avery H.

Study Skills Tutor

Largo, FL 33770

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experienced tutor and teacher

I have an M.Ed. Much of the work a tutor has to do with a student is to help them improve their study habits by modeling various exercises and demonstrating ways to assist students to retain information related to subject matter on a more consistent basis. Improving reading comprehension skills by increasing a person's vocabulary will play a crucial role in helping a person develop better study habits I have worked for an in-home tutoring company for the past four years and have seven years of teaching experience. I have an M.Ed. I've accepted a position to teach a Saturday Class at a chart [more]

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Mark O.

Study Skills Tutor

Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

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Project-Based Learning in STEM Initiatives

My educational background includes a PhD in Educational Leadership and a Master's in Management Information Systems, which has supported my efforts in training and mentoring students. Project management plays a vital role in how effective students learn and how efficient they are in comprehending subject matter. My training services in study skills include subject management, school agenda organization, effective note taking, time management, task prioritization and testing strategies. The objective is to develop beneficial study habits with the objective of improving student grades. I have ta [more]

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Cindy R.

Study Skills Tutor

Clearwater, FL 33763

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Education opens the door

I have been tutoring elementary students for 4 years. I have 3 years experience tutoring students in study skills, a set of abilities that include note taking, test taking, and time management. My students understand that these skills must be practiced step by step to achieve success in all areas of study. I have an Associates degree with an emphasis in childhood education. Education is one of the most important things in life. Having a good education can transform your life and open new doors for you. In today?s world, the classroom teacher cannot touch each individual student like a tutor ca [more]

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Emily G.

Study Skills Tutor

Clearwater, FL 33759

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Experienced Educator and Attorney

Study skills include the ability to learn, remember, understand and apply concepts. It is important when studying that a students knows the difference between agreeing with something in a book and actually learning how to internalize the concept for later application. The first thing to learn as a study skill is just to be able to sit down and study for a significant period of time. Then, the student can focus on understanding, remembering and practicing application. Hi, how are you doing? I taught Business Law as a part-time faculty member at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the F [more]

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Debora H.

Study Skills Tutor

Clearwater, FL 33765

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Professional Teacher teaches Writing and English

As a Teacher, I teach one study skill each day as a part of my morning class, as a transition activity, or at the end of my class. It is effective and not to time-consuming. I teach my students good study habits about organization, homework, and how to focus while you work. I am a professional teacher and counselor who has worked in the school system since 1993. I taught middle school and elementary. I also taught college for a few years. My extensive background in education has led me to many opportunities such as writing and publishing my first book. I enjoy teaching and helping students ach [more]