13 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Dayton, OH

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Elizabeth J.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45458

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$60 per hour.

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Experienced K-12 Tutor (including ACT Prep)

I have honed my study skills through undergraduate and graduate education. I received a 3.7 in undergrad, 4.0 in my Master's program, and 3.96 in 80 hours of a Ph.D. program. I'd like to share the study skills I have acquired throughout my educational career to help students in in k-12 and college. Are you looking for tutoring for one-month, one-year or not sure? I offer individualized, one-on-one tutoring based on your child's unique needs and goals. We'll talk over what your needs are and come up with a plan! For over 15 years, I have been tutoring independently and for learning centers, in- [more]

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Trish W.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45429

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$50 per hour.

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Tutor2Success-Test Prep Specialist! Math/Reading/English -Success!

As a lead curriculum specialist and staff trainer for a college readiness program, I have developed a variety of curriculum pieces and workshop offerings that are delivered to middle school, high school and college students. One of the primary areas that we work in is study skills and time management. Typically students can experience greater success and lessened anxiety when they are coached on study skills. Experience! Enthusiasm! Excellence! I guarantee all 3! I am an EXPERIENCED classroom teacher at the middle school and high school levels and tutor for students from grade 3 to colleg [more]

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Kathy M.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45431

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$40 per hour.

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History and ELA Tutor

Are you looking for help in English/Literature/Grammar or History/Social Studies? I am a certified substitute teacher in the Beavercreek School District with in-classroom experience tutoring in these subject areas. Prior to substitute teaching for Beavercreek, I worked as an instructional aide at a charter school helping struggling ELA/ Social Studies students. I am passionate about helping struggling students understand and thrive in the classroom! I love tutoring in these subjects a... [more]

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Kristen E.

Study Skills Tutor

Fairborn, OH 45324

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$60 per hour.

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One on One - Individualized Support for your Child

As a teacher for a local school district, I have taught Study Skills to students during after school tutoring for the (prior) OAA standardized state test in order to prepare for the test. Such study skills were taught in tutoring sessions 3x a week after school along with study skills pamphlets sent home to aide the parents to work with their children. I am a certified K-6 teacher, who specializes in Special Education. I have taught for 14 years all around the world as a military spouse. I am a local teacher, and have a multitude of experience with students who have disabilities such as Learni [more]

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Charlotte C.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45420

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$30 per hour.

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Patient Language Arts Tutor specializing in Reading and ESL

I have 2 years experience teaching students about developing study skills. Students take three assessments in order to better assist them in improving their study skills. The first assessment determines the student's learning style. The second assessment helps the student find out about their study habits and attitudes. The third assessment evaluates the places they study. Once students have this information they are able to develop their own study plan based on their results. Students who have participated in my workshops gain a better understanding of how their learning style and study [more]

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Katharine M.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45459

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$45 per hour.

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Experienced Teacher Looking to Tutor

I have been teaching grades 3-8 for 17 years in the Dayton Public Schools. I have had my own classroom with 22-30 students in an urban environment for my entire career. In addition, I tutor part time at the University of Dayton with the Athletics Department. In each of my job capacities there is a high focus on study and test taking skills. I have a degree in Elementary Education from University of Dayton and I'm working toward my Masters from Wright State University. I have been teaching grades 3-8 for 17 years in the Dayton Public Schools. I also work part time for the University of Dayton A [more]

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Madeline M.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45434

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$45 per hour.

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Experience Standardized Test Tutor

Hi guys I'm Maddie! I just graduated cum laude in May with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavior. I will be beginning medical school in July 2019 and am currently spending my year in between working as a English Education Assistant in Honduras - and of course, tutoring you! Although I received pretty high grades in high school and college, I know that being a good tutor requires more than just good grades. I think it is very important to be able to communicate with my students ... [more]

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Anthony B.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45449

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$30 per hour.

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Award-Winning Tutor with 5+ Years of Professional Experience

Having completed close to 5,000 tutoring sessions over the last four years, my hypothesis is that most people who need tutoring are tactile learners, especially since classrooms tend to favor visual and auditory learners more. I use neuro-linguistic programming analysis to determine each student's learning style preference and then adapt my approach accordingly. Also, I teach students how to study most effectively according to their learning style preference. With respect to educational background, I pull from my child development and counseling courses to conduct assessments and analysis. Bec [more]

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Sabrina D.

Study Skills Tutor

Fairborn, OH 45324

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$15 per hour.

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Experienced in Multiple Areas: English, ASL, and More!

Greetings! Thank you for "visiting"! I have had dreams of being an educator since I was 13, and there is yet a sign of it waning. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, but don't let that fool you, I have experience in all grade levels. I love teaching or tutoring in small groups of from one to three or four the most because I can work more closely with the student(s) in need of additional assistance. I have a Certificate of Deaf Studies, I am conversational in A... [more]

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Holly M.

Study Skills Tutor

Dayton, OH 45439

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$40 per hour.

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Patient, creative teacher who matches lesson to person's needs

My experience helping families improve study skills was that they felt improvement when using an environment they considered conducive to studying, at routine times. Conducive to studying would typically include a lack of interruptions, a place to write, and everything one needed. The general need for nutrition and sleep and exercise and even fun, though, is essential. The presence of someone near enough to get a question answered, without interrupting, intimidating, or helping too much is helpful, as is adequate lighting and a comfortable place to sit, stand, or walk. Study skills, thems [more]