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Jennifer G.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, IL 62703

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Mandarin Chinese made easy, and ESL for all!

It's amazing what having the right study skills can do to improve grades and knowledge retention. Having a "plan of attack" before going to a lecture or reading a textbook chapter can help you stay organized and focused during learning. Study skills are also critical for practice and review of learned material. Some tried and true study methods I'm a fan of include knowing how to make efficient use of reference materials such as dictionaries, glossaries, bibliographies, and online sources; breaking down material into chunks or timelines by doing chapter outlines and bullet lists; making flashc [more]

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Jeffrey L.

Study Skills Tutor

Louisville, KY 40205

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Insightful, Results-Oriented Harvard Grad Specializing in Test Prep

My study skills were quite poor when I entered Harvard University as an undergraduate, because I had always focused my energies on subject-related preparation, rather than overall organization. I learned very quickly, however, as a freshman, that passion for knowledge would be insufficient to get me through four years of competition with my Harvard peers. I took two extensive Study Skills seminars-- one for the Humanities and one for the Sciences--and learned from honors students precisely how to organize my time, my ideas, and my efforts to ensure best results. As a tutor, I have shared these [more]

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Rachel S.

Study Skills Tutor

Mount Juliet, TN 37122

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Patient + Experienced in Math, Science, English, Test Prep, Portuguese

I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Ecological Restoration and a double major in Forestry. I have always excelled at science, math, and English. In college, I worked for three years as a tutor for the athletics department, tutoring in multiple math subjects, biology, chemistry, ecology, botany, history, English, and forestry. I spent one semester working in the writing lab, helping students write and edit their essays. I also worked as a teaching assistant for two years, creating my ow... [more]

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Mariana S.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46217

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Most recommended tutor (100+) SAT,ACT,PRAXIS, SSAT,TOEFL,GRE...

I have been full-time tutoring for over 18 years, and I know that study skills are as important as knowledge. In my practice, I always coach on daily routines, too, since learning is a process, not an occurrence. Together with the student, we map out the way to achieve our goals and at this point, I take an individual approach with everyone. So far, I have been working with students of ages ranging from 3 to 70+, so am sensitive to the individual's organizational skills, comprehending, learning speed, and simply habits which vary from a person to another person. I don't promise miracles, I jus [more]

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Alan K.

Study Skills Tutor

Louisville, KY 40206

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Experienced & effective writing, test prep, math, language tutor

Having been a tutor since 2010, and having worked with students of all ages and ability levels in that time, I'm pretty familiar with the various issues that students (and especially parents) are referring to when they speak about study skills. The first of these tends actually to be time management skills, which tends to be related to the second, which is focus and attention management issues. Of course, many are actually asking about the specific skills related to studying, such as how to read and take notes from textbooks, how to study for a test from notes, and how to organize one's though [more]

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Kate T.

Study Skills Tutor

Hopkinsville, KY 42240

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Certified Teacher for Praxis and ACT test prep!

I am KY and TN state certified in middle school math. I am a tutor and test prep coach. For 20 years, I have worked with elementary and high school students, college students, and non-traditional students. Tutoring often begins with teaching the student how to study. In particular, annotation, time management, and organization are needed skills for successful study. In addition, techniques can be taught to improve both reading comprehension and reading speed. Learning when and how to take notes is an often needed yet overlooked skill. Test takers benefit from learning ways to maximize short te [more]

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Phyllis P.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46234

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Individualized Strength Based Tutoring

I was delighted this week when one of my students said "I like working with you because you make learning fun!" That is my goal in working with a student - to make it fun, because that is when learning surges forward. My individualized tutoring uses lesson plans based on the individual learner?s strengths and interests. I use early sessions getting to know the learner and doing some basic assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses. We build upon the strengths to address weakne... [more]

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Linda K.

Study Skills Tutor

Bowling Green, KY 42104

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Experienced Teacher, K-6 Tutor

When I began teaching 3rd grade, I quickly became aware of the importance of teaching study skills, due to the marked difference between the reading levels of 2nd grade and 3rd grade social studies and science texts. I employed the use of flash cards to review vocabulary. I designed review worksheets for each lesson and required the students to correct any mistakes before moving on. We constantly reviewed previous material instead of waiting until the end of a chapter. I am interested in tutoring students from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. My strengths are in reading, phonics, writing [more]

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Wesley H.

Study Skills Tutor

Louisville, KY 40220

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HS and College Math Tutor

Study skills are one of the things that I have promoted as a teacher, professor, and tutor. I have utilized many study strategies including: Reading Strategies, Mathematical Methods, and Study Team Strategies. I also studied this intensively while getting a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education. I tutor occasionally in the Louisville area for fun and for a reasonable rate. Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Business Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Discrete Math, Applied Math, Number Theory, [more]

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Charles N.

Study Skills Tutor

Louisville, KY 40291

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American and African-American History Expert

Study skills are important and I have worked with college and graduate school students to help them organize their course material by color-coding their daily notes, how to read text chapters or articles by focusing on the important sentences in a paragraph and how to read assignment instructions to make sure everything is covered. Serving as a Wyz-Ant tutor with an MBA student, we work on organizing her notes and class assignments on a weekly basis. With my assistance, she earned an ?A? in the first course I worked with her on and is on her way to the same grade with the current course in w [more]