14 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Fort Worth, TX

Photo: Kem L.

Kem L.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76109

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$50 per hour.

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Beginning to Advanced Japanese and More!

I have extensive experience improving the study skills of all types of students. More specifically, I have had several very long-term assignments working with both home-schoolers & those pursuing degrees from rigorous private schools. Strong study skills are necessary for long term success in school. I believe learning can and should be fun and is a lifelong process. We can all enhance our lives by continuing to seek knowledge. I love to meet people, and will work to determine the learning style that works best for you. I have experience in teaching pre-K through adult level classes. My [more]

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William E.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76110

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$75 per hour.

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Helping You Achieve in English, Writing, Grammar, Math, & More!

I have three degrees: Master's, Bachelor's and Associate's. In all three cases, I was an adult responsible for supporting myself, and with the last two I was married with children, so I had to develop and practice good study habits in order to succeed. As I did so with honors, I believe I can help others develop good skills as well. I have 3 degrees (Master's, Bachelor's & Associate's), and was an honor student all the way through my higher education. I am especially adept in English, writing, reading, grammar, math (though I do not tutor calculus or higher), history and theology. I have tea [more]

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Debbie A.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76112

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$50 per hour.

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Former counselor and teacher with caring and patient attitude

I taught study skills as part of our curriculum in elementary school for grades K-5 for 7 years. It was part of our daily routine. I challenged the students to love it as much I as did! I explained how it would always be a part of their lives. I have a Master's degree in Education/Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in elementary/special education. I am passionate about Education and love to assist others to gain self-confidence, set goals, and succeed. My greatest satisfaction is seeing a beautiful smile on a child/young adult's face when they have accomplished a goal. I am responsible, [more]

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Brigitte S.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76112

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Certified Teacher, European M.A. specialized in foreign Languages

I hold a Teacher Certification combined with After School Care and I was Classroom Teacher for 9 years. The curriculum of the certification was focused on Development psychology. It included the skills to teach social, cognitive and motor skills, how to promote confidence in one's learning style and study skills as key criteria for later success at every academic level. I am a German and French native speaker from Switzerland with the Texas Educator certifications for Latin, German, French and Italian. I currently teach at the public school. I am a member of the Junior Classical Leagues, membe [more]

Photo: Gloria B.

Gloria B.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76118

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$65 per hour.

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Special Education Tutor for Elementary Students

I find that there is an art to studying and it can be difficult and frustrating if the right strategies are not used. Repetition and visual clues are a few strategies I used to motivate the learner. When the student is able to read and understand what he/she is reading could also make studying less challenging. My students have been successful and were able to move to a regular education curriculum instead of special education. I qualify to tutor this subject because of my intense background in the developmental courses. I am currently working on study skills with students in grades K-6 alo [more]

Photo: Jennifer L.

Jennifer L.

Study Skills Tutor

Arlington, TX 76016

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Elementary Tutor including special needs

I struggled with study skills while I was a student in elementary and middle school. It was even worse when I was in high school. No one was there to teach me. So I took classes. I found mentors, and I found tutors. I have read book after book on how to study properly. I have a Master's Degree in Education and graduated with a 4.0. I have study skills down pat now. I have helped countless students learn methods that work for them. Kids are not the same and one method never works for all kids. [more]

Photo: Debra T.

Debra T.

Study Skills Tutor

Arlington, TX 76016

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$40 per hour.

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Reading/English/ESL Tutor ? Retired Teacher

I?m happy to offer my services as a Reading/English/ESL tutor. I?m a retired public school teacher specializing in Increasing students scores on standardized tests, increasing reading and writing fluency, and building a love of reading. My last year of teaching, I had 92.8% of my reading improvement students succeed on the STAAR 8th grade reading test, after having failed the test in 7th grade. My previous years teaching were just as successful The majority of my experience is at the mid... [more]

Photo: Katherine W.

Katherine W.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76107

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Certified Spanish Educator EC-12, 7+ years teaching experience

?Hola estudiantes! My name is Katy, and one of my passions is sharing my love for the Spanish language and culture! I enjoy connecting one-on-one professionally with students and getting to know their interests. I have over seven years of certified teaching experience in junior high and high school settings. I received my Bachelor of Science in Education at Baylor University, and I am certified to teach Spanish EC-12. I enjoy making lessons relevant and exciting for students by incorpor... [more]

Photo: Phillip G.

Phillip G.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76179

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$35 per hour.

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Master English Tutor- STAAR experience

I maintained a 3.5 with over 150 undergraduate hours. I have taken college classes from a combat zone (Baghdad, Iraq), and I have 44 hours of law school, which requires no less than a 3-1 ratio of studying. I have honed study skills through very difficult environments and performed well under those environments. I have a Master Tutor Certification from the College Reading and Learning Association, and a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing (and 44 hours of law school). Do research papers cause arguments at home? Are spelling words a source of frustration and anxiety? I can help. Often poo [more]

Photo: Camelia B.

Camelia B.

Study Skills Tutor

Fort Worth, TX 76148

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$50 per hour.

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Experienced and highly qualified tutor

I have a 3 years diploma in Biblical studies, a 2 years diploma in Cross-cultural studies, a BA in French and ESL and a MA in Biblical studies and linguistics. During these 11 years of post high school studies I worked hard and had to perfect my study skills in order to complete my degrees. I have learned how to best structure my studies and to keep them time efficient. The strategies I've learned and developed I love to pass on to others. I love teaching and especially private tutoring as it gives me the possibility to invest more and focus more on fewer students at a time. I have several yea [more]