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Photo: Mary Ann L.

Mary Ann L.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77019

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$60 per hour.

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Art History, Humanities,Social Sciences: Writing & Reading

I have over fifteen years of experience coaching students with study skills in all disciplines. I am especially focused on organization and memory related exercises for the student. I have had great success in preparing students for exams, coaching with writing applications for scholarships, and coaching for college interviews. My background encompasses biological sciences, Anatomy and Physiology, social sciences, philosophy, and Art History. I have been a private tutor for almost fifteen years. My students are often college or graduate students with English as their second language. For thes [more]

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Hector M.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77002

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$50 per hour.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable Ivy-League Tutor

With over ten years of experience in tutoring students in a wide variety of subjects, I believe that my biggest strengths as a tutor are my ability to improve my student's problem solving, critical thinking, and studying skills. I am a proponent of active studying techniques, meaning that I will work diligently with my students to continually improve their ability to absorb and to readily recall important concepts to help them to improve within their subject area. Rather than passively engaging with the material, I help my students to make study flash cards, to take better notes when reading [more]

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Henry R.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77007

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$70 per hour.

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Award Winning Educator: Speech & Writing

My doctorate in education (1983) included a slate of educational psychology courses, several of which focused on study skills. I'm a full professor, having taught communication, English, phonics, writing, and much more for the past 37 years. Moreover, between 1990-1997 I designed and taught study skills for entering college freshman, including pedagogical methods in comprehension, synthesis, application, and knowledge. I designed competency based-learning for most of my courses and have won several awards for them. I am exceptional at facilitating, recommending, and teaching a plethora of skil [more]

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William L.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77024

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Digital Design & Art | Reading,Writing, Speaking & Listening

Perhaps the most useful thing you learn at college is to become an auto-didact - to be able to teach yourself. It certainly was where I went to school, and it's something I stress to students in my present capacity, as both a department head and an instructor. Sadly, many of my students arrive at college lacking effective study skills - 'school skills' I call them: active listening, note-taking, the ability to ask a question, managing the assigned reading, their choice of seating. I advise them to dedicate a specific location at home for study, one free of distractions (phone, tablet, TV, s [more]



Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77072

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Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trig.

Through my undergraduate years in college I have developed excellent study skills and organization. I rely on these skills to help me prepare for tests and complete assignments on time and with accuracy, which helped me obtain Cum Laude (3.50+ GPA) upon graduation. I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor?s in Biomedical Engineering. My experience with tutoring comes from helping my younger cousins (ranging from elementary to high school) in their school work. My favorite subjects, and the subjects that I tutor, are math and the sciences because I enjoy working with numbers. [more]

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Katherine Marie F.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77005

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Successful English, French and History tutor with patience and empathy

Learning and how to study, take notes, prepare for tests and organize your work is very important. It is not easy, so I am happy to help in this area because I have helped my students who take tutoring from me for other subjects, and they do better in their classes as a result. With over a decade of experience tutoring English, French and History, I have helped my students overcome their educational hurdles. I teach students to study more efficiently and become more confident in their abilities. I am passionate about my work, and I pass along this enthusiasm. I treat each student individuall [more]

Photo: Eric F.

Eric F.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77018

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Eric F. Sped Elementary Reading and Math Specialist

Teaching successful study skills is both an art form and a science. Every person, every student learns in different ways and I've found from experience that unless that uniqueness is identified and then nurtured, then often times traditional methods simply do not work. I have been trained to and practiced with great success, finding what works best with my students by allowing them to teach me how they learn. Teaching is in my blood. Growing up in a home of educators not only in Texas but across the nation instilled a natural love of learning that has never waned. I earned my Bachelor of Arts [more]

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Kierra G.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77098

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Middle School 5-8 /GED/Special Education

I was a behavioral counselor for 5 years teaching children with behavioral issues how to cope with impulses as well how to conduct themselves in school in order to be academically successful. I am currently a teacher of 7th grade social studies. I tutor middle school age students on Saturday in preparation for state exam. I currently work as a 7th grade Social Studies teacher in Houston Texas. Before teaching I worked as a Mental Health Therapist for 5 years with students who suffered from extreme behavioral issues. My job title has always been to help and support students who struggle academi [more]

Photo: Sarah S.

Sarah S.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77004

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$30 per hour.

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Experienced 5th grade teacher

I attended and graduated from a 4 year university. I am also in graduate school. I finished my undergraduate degree with a 3.7 GPA, this means that I know how to study! My undergraduate degree was teaching, so this means I am also capable of teaching. I am currently in my 3rd year of teaching and I teach my students every day how to study and prepare for quizzes and exams. I can teach students how to make flash cards to how to re-work problems in their notes and see if they come up with the same solutions. I can also help them annotate and take notes on their readings. [more]

Photo: Paula V.

Paula V.

Study Skills Tutor

Houston, TX 77054

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English Teacher- Department of Education License Certification

I currently teach my high school study skills. I teach them organizational skills, time management skills, and getting enough rest at night. I also encourage them to keep an agenda or a to do list where they write tasks that should be completed. I teach them to create a homework list for each class. I also have them to study with the use of flash cards, highlighting class notes effectively, and reading notes aloud to help them with memorization. I'm currently certified to teach English, Science, Geology, History, and Journalism. This is my 9th year teaching in The Little Rock School District. [more]