7 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Indianapolis, IN

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Mariana S.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46217

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$66 per hour.

5.0 2847 ratings

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Most recommended tutor (100+) SAT,ACT,PRAXIS, SSAT,TOEFL,GRE...

I have been full-time tutoring for over 18 years, and I know that study skills are as important as knowledge. In my practice, I always coach on daily routines, too, since learning is a process, not an occurrence. Together with the student, we map out the way to achieve our goals and at this point, I take an individual approach with everyone. So far, I have been working with students of ages ranging from 3 to 70+, so am sensitive to the individual's organizational skills, comprehending, learning speed, and simply habits which vary from a person to another person. I don't promise miracles, I jus [more]

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Phyllis P.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46234

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$30 per hour.

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Individualized Strength Based Tutoring

I was delighted this week when one of my students said "I like working with you because you make learning fun!" That is my goal in working with a student - to make it fun, because that is when learning surges forward. My individualized tutoring uses lesson plans based on the individual learner?s strengths and interests. I use early sessions getting to know the learner and doing some basic assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses. We build upon the strengths to address weakne... [more]

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Kathleen B.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46260

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$55 per hour.

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Experienced educator and college administrator in liberal arts

I hold a Ph.D., a D.Min. in addition to an Indiana Life teaching license. I have been both a college professor and an academic dean. Of the many courses I have taught, one of them was in study skills and student success at the university level. I have been engaged in education for over twenty-five years. I hold a Ph. D. in English, philosophy and religious studies and a D. Min. with specialization in theology and social ethics. My degrees, including a B. A. and M.A., qualify me to teach in just about all areas of the humanities. Holding an Indiana Life Teaching License, I taught in Indian [more]

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Andrenese M.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46214

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$60 per hour.

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Reach To The Top

Having taught for 37 years, I have study strategies for learning. I can teach organizational skills and habits for studying. The primary student's study skills would be somewhat different than an intermediate learner. Hello, I am a retired elementary school teacher. I have 37 years of teaching experience and retired June of 2014. I hold a Master's in Education. I have a superb, zestful attitude towards teaching. I have high expectation and standards for the student's academic success. I easily cultivate trusting and productive relationship with student and parents. Commu [more]

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Angela S.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46226

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$23 per hour.

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A Very Patient Tutor Specializing in Reteaching & Refreshing!

Study skills require organization and tools in order to be successful. I have implemented two different types of study and organizational skills with my students as well as my own children. 1. Keep a daily log/calendar of each task that needs to be completed. 2. Prioritize each item by importance as well as date. 3. Solicit the assistance of a peer and/or an adult to accomplish goal/task. I strongly encourage all my students to keep an electronic copy of their tasks as well. To additionally keep student organized, I encourage a binder/folder for each subject. This allows the student t [more]

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Charlene R.

Study Skills Tutor

Indianapolis, IN 46221

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$45 per hour.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable ESL & JSL Language Arts Tutor

I have taught English as a Second Language for over 25 years. So, I have had to address myself repeatedly to the matter of study skills relevant to my students and their varied backgrounds. I have dealt with the kinds of fears which keep people from learning, to the kind of student who must be challenged to keep his boredom level from defeating him. I have also had to deal with study skills myself in an unusual way and this has taught me a lot. My dad was military and we were constantly moving. I was either ahead or behind at every school I attended, so had to learn quickly how to catch [more]

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Alaina C.

Study Skills Tutor

Beech Grove, IN 46107

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$45 per hour.

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Butler Grad Specializing in Science and Math

With every single student I tutor I work with them on their study skills. I believe teaching students proper study skills is a number one priority in making students successful. This helps them learn how to manage their time and use it more wisely. With every student I tutor in any subject I always work with them on their study skills while working on the core subject they need help with. Because of this I have been tutoring in study skills during my entire tutoring career. Hello, I graduated from Westfield High School with a 4.0. I received a full tuition Eli Lilly scholarship to Butler [more]