11 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Jacksonville, FL

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Kaye K.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32256

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$39 per hour.

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Every Student Can Succeed in School!

I have earned two undergraduate degrees: A BA and a B.Ed both from the University of Toronto and my Master's Degree at Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary. I am currently working on my PhD. I am a professional teacher and writer and include among my study skill credits the following: I have researched in-depth topics on finance, education, and new technology and these have all resulted in published books; I have received straight A's in all my courses for my Master's Degree including academic writing and research skills; I have a strong background in online research, not only for myself, [more]

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Pieta C.

Study Skills Tutor

Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

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English teacher specializing in test prep, reading, and writing!

Strong study skills help to make students successful. The focus here is on organization, time management, study skills, focus, concentration, content, and communication with teachers. Before beginning with a student, I perform an assessment (interview) of learning modalities and present practices. We then focus on weak areas. I have taught study skills both one-on-one and in workshops. For five years, I taught at-risk middle school students who needed special attention on basic skills and organization skills. We focused on what an intelligent student does to be successful. As a middle and [more]

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Steve M.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Affordable 5-Star Excellence

As a Master of Arts/Teaching (MAT) candidate at Jacksonville University, I completed 9 semester hours of coursework in Andragogy/Pedagogy, Cognitive Dialogue Learning Theory, and ESL/EOSL Training. I am the author of two academic papers, "Effective Learning Tools and Techniques", and "Effective Test Preparation". These two papers were the basis of a series of 2-week courses which I developed for the School Board of Broward County (FL). I taught these courses, with lesson plans and supplemental materials that I derived from the papers, for multiple student groups drawn from the government and m [more]

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Niccola D.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32256

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$35 per hour.

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Passionate about learning and teaching!

My name is Nicky and I am currently an elementary school teacher. I have been tutoring since I was in high school and absolutely love it. It?s a different atmosphere to be able to help students one on one to truly meet needs. In high school, I helped classmates who needed to bring up averages in order to stay in sports teams, as well as students in K-8 through a non profit. I always knew I had a passion for teaching and being a life long learner so when I went to college it was only right... [more]

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Andrew A.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32216

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$35 per hour.

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Mr. A. Social Studies/history and Study Skills

Education is more than just content. Students have access to information from many sources. Students have to be able to learn and use this information and study skills enable a student to do this. I learned study skills from my experience as a student. I tried different methods to help me study and discovered which techniques were effective. My education classes showed me more study skills and how to teach them.I found literary skills the most interesting. I learned more about study skills in my special education classes, which taught me about teaching executive functioning skills, such [more]

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Christine D.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32205

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Professional & patient educator, qualified in multiple subjects.

I've assisted students with improving study skills for 8 years. I also have extensive education and training in learning theory and human/student development. I use my experiences to help students develop skills that allow them to reduce dependency on tutoring and homework assistance over time. I do this with the use of activities that develop focus, hone note-taking techniques, and improve textbook reading comprehension. I just moved to sunny Jacksonville, FL to start a job at small charter school network. I look forward to maintaining a limited tutoring schedule. I enjoy one-to-one and sma [more]

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Tiffany C.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32223

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$45 per hour.

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Innovative & Prescriptive Based Certified Public School Teacher

As a Special Education Middle School Teacher, I have experience teaching Intensive Reading, Intensive Math, and Learning Strategies. During Learning Strategies I work with students to identify their learning style (Kinsthetic, Auditory, Visual) and use their learning style strength to identify positive study skills. With Study Skills I use research based programs such as those created by Kansas State University to teach comprehension strategies that can be transferred to other core academic subjects such as History and Science. We also work towards creating goals for the week and use list m [more]

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Edwina T.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32202

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Patient and Caring Literacy and Study Skills Teacher

I tutor students around the country via the online platform provided through Wyzant. My love for reading began in childhood. I would sit, books all around me, and read for hours. When I was about 10, my mother told me that my great-grandmother was illiterate; I broke down in tears. I asked how she was able to get what she needed from the store and my mother replied, ?She looks at the pictures on the labels.? This moment changed my life. I decided that I would help people learn to read. Fast-... [more]

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Karl Z.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32223

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Calm, concerned, customized attention to your needs.

I have always been a highly-organized individual. Studying calls for strong organizational skills, concentration, and designated study times. During a long career as a journalist, deadlines arose many times a day. To meet them I had to be organized, disciplined and practiced at dealing with stress. I teach that kind of discipline and organization to the students I tutor. Often, a student is bewildered by having to study for several subjects. Also homework varies from day to day and subject to subject. For some students, this leads to confusion, frustration and stress. Organizing study t [more]

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Susan M.

Study Skills Tutor

Jacksonville, FL 32258

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Dedicated Cred. Teacher for Math, Reading and Programs for Dyslexia

I am a Masters level teacher with over 9 years of teaching experience. I have also spent the last five years tutoring students in a variety of grades from kindergarten to eighth grade. One of the main things I work on with my students is their self organization and time management. I help them to organize their binders and provide them with methods so that they know exactly what needs to be completed and most importantly, I provide them with a system so they remember not only to hand it in, but they will also know where it is, so that it can be handed in on time. So often the work was complete [more]